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Play Creeper World: Evermore Creeper World: Evermore Aug. 21, 2013
Play King's Game King's Game Jun. 10, 2012
Please let us use the R key even when we are dying...especially when we are dying. No reason to make us watch our failure =(
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 01, 2012
for a while the save and exit didnt work. then i noticed some achievements weren't registering. After effort and reloading, most of them eventually got granted. I'm down to two left: can you hear me now? good! (unmute the game) and 99%. I know how to unmute the game, but it just won't register.
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Mar. 06, 2012
If I only use one duck for the last battle, and he MUST have 150 in everything...why bother with other ducks at all? There is nothing a single duck at 150 can't win except the battle that requires zero flying. (Oh, and the "go to jump train and buy new hat" trick fixed my jump on the last race)
Play Skinny Skinny Jun. 21, 2011
on the third level, i got up above the blue beam.. Now i'm stuck with just this yellow crystal to keep me company. Interesting, game, though.
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Jun. 14, 2011
I give out 5's to games I really love. It is this type of game that makes me wish they had a super secret reserve "6". I won't belabor the writing, because it's been said and it's amazing. But beyond that, you have one of the best shooters out there. A few more variations in bosses (i liked what you did there in world 3) and seriously...unmatched.
Play Pogo Rampage Pogo Rampage May. 27, 2011
It seems to be missing the "zoom out" function when you go higher that indestructotank had, which allowed you to still see all the little baddies (goodies?) on the ground to keep up your combos. But the starting cash was a nice touch...allowed a jump start on what we'd buy first anyway that allows instant customization.
Play Jacob and the Magic Piano Jacob and the Magic Piano May. 24, 2011
Potential to be my fav game ever. About halfway through, I have two hang-ups. 1) Inventory management is a problem. No good way to compare stuff; i forget where it is; I forget what I'm even looking for. 2) While I love spending time making the songs, once the game starts I feel useless. Sure, i jump around a lot and I'm sure I'm doing damage. It just doesn't *feel* satisfying. I wish I could offer something more helpful than that, but there it is.
Play de Blob 2 Revolution de Blob 2 Revolution Feb. 18, 2011
count me among the people who lose before my guy even shows up because the timer doesn't have the same lag. Bright side? They haven't made a pop-up to ask me to pre-order...yet....
Play Tesla Death Ray Tesla Death Ray Jan. 15, 2011
Going to the menu causes strange things to happen when I return: constant life drain and random lightning bolts (similar to the mini coil, which I hadn't bought yet). Otherwise, all the other things stand too...around day 16/17, I'd bought everything and wasn't that interested in continuing. Great starting point, and I'd love to give it another shot once it goes back for some improvements.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jan. 07, 2011
@Figo: Achievements are for the next chapter (i.e. the sequel).
Play Push'n Snap 2 Push'n Snap 2 Dec. 17, 2010
Just finished level 10, and every board has been symmetrical. While this looks appealing, it means that figuring out half the board means I still need to repeat the same solution on the other half, which is tedious. While I would like to see a reset hotkey, I have more of a problem with "continue?". I know I failed, but if you keep asking me, my answer is more and more likely to be "No".
Play Scrap Metal Heroes Scrap Metal Heroes Dec. 17, 2010
The game recognizes that I have a saved game (as per the warning given by the new game button) but it wont let me hit continue.
Play DuBlox DuBlox Dec. 17, 2010
Nice game. Could use a reset button, one that just pops the level. While it's beautiful at first, after just a few attempts it is grating to wait as the same level gets built one square at a time. Otherwise a decent curve and some fun occasional gameplay.
Play Turbo Santa Turbo Santa Dec. 16, 2010
Good game. Fun game. Would rather that pop-up link not be right next to the power up, but i guess bubblebox is already notorious for poorly placed web links. Also, some kind of "win" message might be nice after 100 presents, but still a good use of 15 minutes of my time.
Play Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Dec. 15, 2010
After I finished, I was hoping it would save so i could continue and just look at my pretty tree, rather than finish it again. Oh well, still had loads of fun.
Play Red Storm Defense Red Storm Defense Dec. 08, 2010
I killed a flyer over my turret. The orb he was carrying disappeared, all the enemies charged off the screen, and I auto-failed about 3 seconds later. I really want to like this game, and I think I will once some of the other issues are addressed (as mentioned
Play Spectromancer: League Of Heroes Spectromancer: League Of Heroes Dec. 08, 2010
The "W" key results in auto win. Debugger left in or intentional? Also, when you win two cards, you can't just hit "ok" but need to select a card first.
Play Warlords 2: Rise of Demons Warlords 2: Rise of Demons Nov. 24, 2010
Ignoring the childish sponsor comments, this is a long awaited sequel that, while still a very solid game, I feel didn't really *improve* on anything other than some visuals. The siege attacks were pretty easy since units in extra lanes were really "wasted, while defending sieges got boring since you could only hope to wait out the timer. I liked the idea, including the fact that they attacked back, I just felt it could have been implemented better. The few savagely powered units towards the end of the game is the same as the first, really, so no new complaint there. Still, like I said, solid game worth a few hours of play, and no where near deserving all the whining.
Play Belial Chapter 2 Belial Chapter 2 Nov. 17, 2010
Great game. loved both of them......@Forgedelver: watch the end credits, the name of all the songs are there.