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Play Bernard Bernard Jul. 25, 2010
not bad at all for a first game. nice job!
Play Darkness 2 Darkness 2 Jul. 23, 2010
ok game, but really repetitive. i agree with jimmy though, it is original. so, 4/5
Play Slimey Slimey Jul. 11, 2010
the random jump thing is supposed to be luck. thats the whole point. listen to discon, its based off an original game. very well executed, i enjoyed it very much. and people, stop complaining, the jump is part of the challenge
Play Aero Acrobat Aero Acrobat Jul. 08, 2010
Play The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave Jul. 03, 2010
i really enjoyed this game. it was pretty easy, i didnt use a spell once except the healing ones. alot of fun, cant wait to see more from this developer.
Play Super mario flash Super mario flash Jun. 30, 2010
stolen much?
Play Little Big Balance Little Big Balance Jun. 29, 2010
i enjoyed it. i agree, though, it needs levels. it would give it more of a game feel, and not a 50s pastime, where you stack stuff for fun. maybe have some obstacles to build around, or enemies to worry about.
Play Suppression 2 Suppression 2 Jun. 27, 2010
4th place!! good game to just play a couple times in your spare time.
Play LEGO Galaxy City Getaway LEGO Galaxy City Getaway Jun. 23, 2010
hard to control and repetitive.
Play Cannon Shot Cannon Shot Jun. 21, 2010
decent idea, but way too easy
Play Information Overload Information Overload Jun. 21, 2010
pretty fun as like a mini game thing!
Play Lightbot 2.0 Lightbot 2.0 Jun. 21, 2010
stoneyslounge: you have to click one of the level options to the right of the main mode icon.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 15, 2010
i really like the concept, great game , im really impressed. 5/5
Play Color Warriors Color Warriors Jun. 14, 2010
good concept, i actually like the statue idea, but its pretty slow, leading to a boring experience.
Play The Flyingstache Maze Game The Flyingstache Maze Game Jun. 14, 2010
how do you not know that song, its awesome???? but anyway, its pork and beans by weezer
Play Maze Maze Jun. 13, 2010
nevermind. beat it, too short. :D
Play Maze Maze Jun. 13, 2010
im stuck at the wow to the hint screen. it was alright up til then
Play Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry Jun. 13, 2010
okay, i sort of figured it out once i figured out i paid more attention to the arrows.
Play Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry Jun. 13, 2010
it loaded fine for me. all i request is maybe a walkthrough tutorial, explaining directions, and how to establish a full working course. im sort of having a hard time grasping how to make a full track.
Play Loondon Loondon Mar. 19, 2010
this isnt a game at all. all i did was click, and it told me when to