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Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Jun. 18, 2011
This game takes forever to load. How hard is it to load a gray box?!
Play Buggle Stars Buggle Stars Jun. 18, 2011
Scott, yeah, that's probably a bug. Sorry.
Play Travel Extravaganza! Travel Extravaganza! Jun. 14, 2011
Oh wait, now it's not.
Play Travel Extravaganza! Travel Extravaganza! Jun. 14, 2011
Why is my comment rated 0 not in the top comments, but the one rated -5 is?
Play Travel Extravaganza! Travel Extravaganza! Jun. 14, 2011
Not smexy enough 1/5
Play Travel Extravaganza! Travel Extravaganza! Jun. 14, 2011
Play DuckLife DuckLife Jun. 13, 2011
Those are liberty spikes? I thought it was just a mohawk.
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Jun. 13, 2011
@ Kanacali, in the top comments: If you read the psychiatrist's report, the guy (Jack) murdered Kathryn.
Play Flight Flight Jun. 12, 2011
Ian, the hedgehog is from Hedgehog Launch, I believe.
Play More Bloons More Bloons Jun. 10, 2011
pieman70: there is one. :/
Play Bloons 2 Bloons 2 Jun. 09, 2011
Mattihew, don't forget Bloons Pop 3 in there somewhere.
Play The Adventures of Red The Adventures of Red Jun. 03, 2011
reinelleb, the clue tells you which one is where. "Emerald first is one too soon" means Emerald is second. "Diamond last is one too late" means Diamond is third. "Amber surely seals your fate" means Amber is last, and therefore Ruby is first.
Play Stunt Crazy Stunt Crazy Jun. 02, 2011
zombieguy3, sonnemuz, It's a joke. Deal with it *puts on sunglasses* comrade.
Play The Dreamerz The Dreamerz May. 22, 2011
Eddiet: You should. It does this so that no matter where you go first, you'll have enough orbs.
Play Doodle Devil Doodle Devil Apr. 28, 2011
Why is human + mushroom nothing? Shouldnt it be stoner or something?
Play Quadrus Quadrus Apr. 24, 2011
@Sulfur: I don't think this game has Kongregate API. Therefore it can't have badges. I would like some htough.
Play I Have 1 Day I Have 1 Day Apr. 18, 2011
Tiki, you use the mop for the water.
Play Depict1 Depict1 Apr. 05, 2011
Radior: his exact quote is: "Listen to me... press space bar to Jump." You can deduce that the J key is jump.
Play Roadkill Revenge Roadkill Revenge Mar. 27, 2011
A better badge name would be "Playing in Traffic" for the easy badge.
Play Reincarnation:  A Taste Of Evil Reincarnation: A Taste Of Evil Mar. 15, 2011