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Play The Money Makers The Money Makers May. 28, 2015
I keep losing progress when i close this game its like it doesnt autosave when I close the game. .
Developer response from cannons

game makes autosaves once a minute, but before you leave you can save manualy (Settings > Save game)

Play The Money Makers The Money Makers May. 25, 2015
if you click too fast you dont get all of your money. This is a gamebreaking bug and you need to fix that.
Play The Rats The Rats May. 25, 2015
The energy system ruins the game.
Play Can tycoon Can tycoon May. 24, 2015
hit save - lost all progress when loaded
Play Deepest Dungeon Deepest Dungeon May. 23, 2015
Why is this tagged idle? This requires manual actions completly.
Play Land of Mazya Land of Mazya May. 18, 2015
you really gotta stop spamming my email
Developer response from MYzK

What'd I do? :(

Play 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart May. 17, 2015
I dont play flash games to read a novel. 3/5 tldr. Autoclicked my way to the easy achievement. No way I am going to sit through it again for the next 4 achievements.
Play Land of Mazya Land of Mazya May. 17, 2015
gold acquisition is a huge pain in the ass now. my pets keep dying, can barely kill anything on their own while im mining. Even stuff way lower level than them.
Developer response from MYzK

Will try and change that in the upcoming update, I felt pet's health was a bit low aswell.

Play Little Bandits Little Bandits May. 14, 2015
the game where rocks are more valuable than treasure chests
Developer response from LittleGuyGames

Such is the world of Little Bandits. (We'll be making changes to this system in a future update)

Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 09, 2015
keep working on this. You've got a great rating for a pre-alpha build. You'll have a successfull game on your hands soon enough as long as you keep updating it.
Play Idle Blacksmith 2 Idle Blacksmith 2 May. 09, 2015
Just let it run for the entire day to see none of my quest have been finished, and nothing has been crafted.
Play Little Bandits Little Bandits May. 07, 2015
Once again - the energy system (Water) ruins any enjoyment in this game. 1/5
Play Idle Healer Idle Healer Apr. 30, 2015
I like the new ui I dont like that my progress was erased. You need to update all of the crap that will erase progress at one time
Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Apr. 29, 2015
You know what i mean
Play Best Five Best Five Apr. 29, 2015
lost interest once i saw the energy system
Developer response from worster

i'm sorry to hear that

Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Apr. 28, 2015
let the game idle for nearly a year. Barely gained any gains. Still didnt create anything. RIP game.
Developer response from Ryu82

That is pretty weird, because the game is only out for 6 months. If you let it idle without adjusting any clones it also doesn't do anything. If you only went offline on your first rebirth then it wasn't really idle but offline and it would be pretty weird, if you would have gotten much from it.

Play Idle Slime RPG Idle Slime RPG Apr. 28, 2015
last update 1 day after the publish date. . This game is dead dont waste your time.
Play Idle Healer Idle Healer Apr. 28, 2015
There's not enough to this game.
Play We're not ants ! We're not ants ! Apr. 28, 2015
really cool concept and game. Not ready for public release though.
Developer response from Plopix

Yes, I'm just an hobbyist with no testing team, but some people offered their help for future games so I hope this will be better in the future. :) But the main problem I had with this game is Kongregate not updating the game files or randomly switching back to old versions.

Play Dream Car Racing Evo Dream Car Racing Evo Apr. 28, 2015
agreed atomic