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Play Elements Elements Dec. 08, 2013
The game seems unable to connect to my kongregate account.
Play Gibbets 3 Gibbets 3 Dec. 06, 2011
After a mysterious stranger released Matthew from hanging, the mass murderer has claimed over a dozen victims in the last hour, more details coming soon.
Play One and One Story One and One Story Oct. 20, 2011
new pick-up lines!
Play Fisher-Diver Fisher-Diver Oct. 16, 2011
i want a surivival mode, where there is a limited speace of water, and eventually it fills up wiht more creatures until your bitten to death, but you want to survive for the longest.
Play Fisher-Diver Fisher-Diver Oct. 15, 2011
how do i go to free session? it mentioned typying something about free in the main menu but i don't get it.
Play Infestor Infestor Aug. 31, 2011
too easy
Play The Book of Living Magic The Book of Living Magic Aug. 21, 2011
This tree is quite sinister, it ate a colony of termites for breakfast. Sinister indeed.
Play Reincarnation:  The Evil Next Door Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door Jul. 27, 2011
after playing the game through i rated it a four, and after noticing the link in the acievment description and reading the article i came back and rated it a 5.
Play Dude and Zombies Dude and Zombies Jul. 26, 2011
i only clicked this because of the pixelesque icon.
Play Tetris 64k Tetris 64k Jul. 17, 2011
the only game thats crashes my flash, instead of crashing itself, nice.
Play TETRIS'D: The Game TETRIS'D: The Game Jul. 17, 2011
theres a glitch where you get squished mid-air while performing a wall jump
Play Snailiad Snailiad Jul. 05, 2011
based off of homer's iliad?
Play Dungeon Defender Dungeon Defender Jun. 19, 2011
when did this game get achievements?
Play Hungry Sumo Hungry Sumo Jun. 12, 2011
i've crushed hundreds of Shredder's ninjas under my pink japanese speedos
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Jun. 09, 2011
i only play this for the plot
Play Kongregate Avatar Creator CONTEST Kongregate Avatar Creator CONTEST May. 29, 2011
Hey guys there is an art&music section on kongregate with waaaay better art. check in 'community' under the kongregate logo.
Play World Of Marvin World Of Marvin May. 29, 2011
The storyline could've been better, but in all it was a good game with good coding but the art could be improved on, and for the clouds in the game up high you could add some vector particles in there, like snow.
Play Steelcurse Steelcurse Apr. 01, 2011
this game is just brilliant! well done combat, some interesting and great areas, nice art in some places. but however i would've liked to have seen a stronger story plot, or a companion for the hero and some more diverse music.
Play Kill Justin Beaver Kill Justin Beaver Mar. 22, 2011
rag-doll physics needed
Play Sushi Cat 2 Sushi Cat 2 Mar. 05, 2011
When is Bacon Dog coming out?