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Play Kuja Kuja May. 23, 2015
This + Banjo & Kazooie Full Soundtrack playing in the background = GOTY
Play The Father Cube The Father Cube Jul. 28, 2014
I actually am strangely addicted to it. To be honest it actually is a pretty good game.
Developer response from darkraider60

Thank you :)))))))))))))))))))

Play Watch Paint Dry Watch Paint Dry Dec. 21, 2013
Tags: ART EDUCATIONAL Much learning.
Play Pond-skater Pond-skater Feb. 11, 2013
Play GunBlood GunBlood Feb. 11, 2013
HahaImDead lives up to his name then. "HahaImDead Feb. 8, 2013 i was killed in the bonus round..."
Play GunBlood GunBlood Dec. 24, 2012
I'm going to hell. I use the cheats 'NOHIT' then 'MOREAMMO' and just torture the enemy by shooting their feet until they die.
Play Orbital Onslaught Orbital Onslaught Dec. 24, 2012
I'm so Lucky. The enemy bounty killed me, but then the Orbital Bombardment killed the enemy team before the results showed resulting in my winning. :D
Play Watch Out We Gotta Bad Ass Over Here! Watch Out We Gotta Bad Ass Over Here! Sep. 02, 2012
Haha, nice idea, Bront.
Play GunBlood GunBlood Aug. 15, 2012
Me: Okay, let's warm up.. 20% difficulty? Shouldn't be too hard. 3.. 2.. 1.. GO! *instantly gets shot in the face* ಠ_ಠ
Play Intrusion 2 [Demo] Intrusion 2 [Demo] Aug. 06, 2012
I remember downloading the demo, and now it's out. :D
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Aug. 03, 2012
There should be an option to where you could place some sort of light or lantern to illuminate dark areas, for example; in the dungeons when it gets dark. And there should be an ability to actually write something in your Journal. There should be alot of cities, and.. Well, over all, it's a very good game, this is the only game I play on Kong, now.
Play Builders Sandbox 2 Builders Sandbox 2 Jul. 27, 2012
I can't wait for you to impliment the zombies.
Play Sugar, sugar 2 Sugar, sugar 2 Jun. 24, 2012
All I can think of when I see the title is 'Sugar sugar. Oh, honey honey!'
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Jun. 13, 2012
No, there seems to be alot of undead movement.. Shit, sir. It didn't work, IT DIDN'T WORK!
Play Raze Raze Jun. 13, 2012
Oh, my lord. It's been forever since the last time I played this... I still love it, even though Raze 2 came out.
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Jun. 13, 2012
I always await the next mode with amasement. Hoping to be impressed. It's always surprising, and I really enjoy this game overall. I've never enjoyed a snake game like this.
Play Kongregate Mini Flash RTS Kongregate Mini Flash RTS May. 10, 2012
Starcraft is overrated, does anyone even remember Command and Conquer?
Play Shattered Colony: The Survivors Shattered Colony: The Survivors Mar. 30, 2012
How do you place Dynamite in the Map Editor? It'd be really helpful! Anyway. Great, Great game. I love it. 5/5
Play Battalion: Arena Battalion: Arena Mar. 29, 2012
GUYS! YOU JUST HAVE TO FORWARD A COUPLE OF PORTS AND DISABLE YOUR FIREWALL. This game isn't broken, i'm playing it right now. Hahaha, I feel so special. All you guys in the comments being held back.
Play Adventure Track Adventure Track Dec. 17, 2011
Awesome game frenchie! I gave it a five by five.