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Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jun. 03, 2014
I started in Madagascar and no other countries were infected.....
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jun. 03, 2014
For God's sake, someone build Madagascar an airport!
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 26, 2014
grr I can't get past the south outside quarter, struggling to kill 150 let alone in the time limit....
Play Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Sep. 15, 2013
Level 15 may be the most frustrating level I have ever experienced in any game, took me 12 attempts. The problem is that the boss ninja can only be killed with 5 meteors, even after you have the all upgrades to make them cheaper and more powerful, and you can't rely on the towers to freeze/ scare him, it is literally just quick reflexes clicking whilst using the hotkey. But what I found, is that I was using mana for meteors for the smaller ninjas before, and not having enough mana for the boss. Or, you finally have enough mana and almost get him, but he has 1 health and touches your gem for a second. Also found it annoying you couldn't predict which side he comes from, as for about 5 rounds straight he came from the bottom right, so I focused upgrading there, only from him to enter at the top left the next round. Sorry for the rant, this is a very good game, just a shame about the annoying last level.
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Sep. 14, 2013
I have 15 brilliant ratings after long last, but I haven't received my badge?
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Sep. 06, 2013
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria Sep. 06, 2013
Wish you could hire another staff member with the tip money to work on one of the stations or something
Play Bed and Breakfast 3 Bed and Breakfast 3 Sep. 04, 2013
Challenge mode kind of sucks, lost on the third day as I had no freakin customers
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Jan. 30, 2013
MY DATA HAS BEEN ERASED WTF, I have lost all my money and back on rank 1!
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Jan. 23, 2013
Should be a pause mode for Apocalypse!
Play Shop Empire 2 Shop Empire 2 Jan. 04, 2013
And now my popularity won't rise above 0%.... all my shops are compatible, I hired loads of janitors to deal with the mess, but no customers!
Play Shop Empire 2 Shop Empire 2 Jan. 04, 2013
Should be an option to buy bins. I had about 30 janitors over 3 floors and it was still a tip, even after I brought the upgrade. Still, a good game :) (I also had a women trapped in my supermarket looking for spices for 6 days!)
Play Paladog Paladog Jun. 11, 2012
I love this game, only criticism is the amount of time it takes your units to get there after you summon them, otherwise it's brilliant!
Play Boom Town Boom Town Jun. 07, 2012
Why is this so addictive?
Play Decision Decision Apr. 03, 2012
Can't defeat the boss...
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Mar. 18, 2012
Beating it on seriously hard is really easy: -Play the game on easy until you find the helicopter port, and build the helicopter -Train 5 people to top level in everything -Pick these 5 people to go to new destination, then pick seriously hard -You now have 5 decent people that can build, research, raid more. Then just get any farms as soon as possible, and a bar/ church to sort low morale.
Play Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria Mar. 15, 2012
I would like this game if it wasn't for the annoyingly long process of taking orders and watching them eat it. I have patties burning here, I don't want to see you inspect your burger!
Play Papa's Pancakeria Papa's Pancakeria Mar. 14, 2012
I like this game,but the time it takes to take someones order/ watch them eat it is really irritating!
Play Flaming Zombooka 3 : Walkthrough Flaming Zombooka 3 : Walkthrough Feb. 17, 2012
level 12 you cant shoot the barrel once its in there, the thing you are standing on blocks it...
Play Sugar, Sugar, the Christmas special Sugar, Sugar, the Christmas special Dec. 18, 2011
Ok, how do you do level 4? :L