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Play 400 Years 400 Years Feb. 15, 2013
the badge should've been labeled as an endurance badge, it took me 400 years to get it!
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution Jan. 26, 2012
and also, the evolutions of the strength and agility duck shouldn't look akward
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution Jan. 26, 2012
in duck life 4 (if you keep the whole eveloution thing), you should be able to have, say, a flying type duck, but make it evolve with more aquatic traits, or something. so you could have an epic flying-aquatic-agile-muscular duck!!
Play Pingy the Ping Idle RPG Pingy the Ping Idle RPG Jan. 26, 2012
the first fish i caught was a whale... ._.
Play Super SOPA Bros. Super SOPA Bros. Jan. 24, 2012
if you added all of the other (censored) bros. levels, people would probably rage quit after beating the first, because i doubt they really remember most of the other levels.
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Oct. 09, 2011
at first when the other shop opened, i got the 500 coin limit and saw that there were a LOT more coin limit upgrades. i thought "how could anyone get over 500 coins at one time?" and then i bought the uzi and figured out why
this game is so bad, but the terrible animal noises make me wanna keep playing it. :)
Play Button Search Button Search Sep. 30, 2011
that applause at the end scared me :( anyways, this is great for a first flash game!
Play Harvest Ranch Harvest Ranch Sep. 30, 2011
this is a good game, but could you please move the kizi logo somewhere on the bottom? i keep clicking on it, and i get really annoyed.
Play CellCraft CellCraft Sep. 26, 2011
so, apparently, platypuses can make their own food like plants. because they put a chloroplast in the cell, put platypus DNA in it, and sent it to earth, the cells still have the chloroplasts and grew into an animal, thus proving my statement. makes sense, right?
Play :the game: :the game: Jun. 25, 2011
on the troll level, i figured out what the prize is for being the 1,000,000th visitor. rofl
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 24, 2011
shouldn't there be a way to stop your propeller for a moment? or is there?
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Jun. 23, 2011
it would be kind of cool that after you beat the game, you get to make a new dungeon, with the option to place the monsters and stuff on your own. that way you could be a bit more creative with your dungeons! also , maybe there could be multiple kinds of monsters for the different floors, not just one kind, because it's nice to have a bit of variety.
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer May. 23, 2011
two suggestions about dungeon crawl mode. 1) it shouldn't end when you touch a blue portal, because then it would just end there and you would have to start all over again. 2) the red dragon should have less health because if you die, you die, and you have to start over. you could either change these two things, or give you more lives, because those things are annoying me, and maybe others.
Play Billys Big Adventure Billys Big Adventure May. 19, 2011
billy likes walking! ok, let's walk to the park. no u make billy sad! but you just said he likes walking!
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution May. 15, 2011
um, i came back to the advanced league with everything at lv 150, i beat the last race there, and it said i came in last.
Play Enough Plumbers Enough Plumbers Apr. 15, 2011
@flashgamesrock what's more original than billions of plumbers spawning from coins? and so what if it's like mario?
Play You are a... You are a... Dec. 04, 2010
totally disgusting, i'm a zany dragon who likes to nibble women. blech...
Play GOBTRON GOBTRON Nov. 24, 2010
how could such tiny humans kill a giant, pink, fuzzy, beast?!!?!?!? still, good game, faved. :)
Play Doodle Devil Doodle Devil Nov. 23, 2010
hmm... water+demon=cthulu, and cthulu+fire=wrath. that last one doesn't make much sense...