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Play Maiden Desmodus Maiden Desmodus Mar. 25, 2012
Currently opened, may have to shut down later in the week though for more repairs depending. For now however, I am around. I can't be during the week days due to work, but will be in the evenings.
Play Maiden Desmodus Maiden Desmodus Mar. 24, 2012
Yeah, no forums because we still can't figure out the problem. As for the game, I probably will unlock it tomorrow afternoon. Maybe, I have to see if RL is going to be busy or not. I think people will need me the first day it is back open.
Play Maiden Desmodus Maiden Desmodus Mar. 10, 2012
I will not be checking KONG anymore. I am canceling my account. I don't want, nor need the crap I am getting here. At this point, it is likely the forums will come back up. If the game is indeed brought back, it will be connected through other means. Also, there is no garentee at this time when it will be opened. This is my last comment here, if you rant and rave, I will not be seeing it after this post. Apparently there are not enough MUDS/RPG games in the world for you to find and play while one very little mud trys to fix bugs and make it halfway decent to play bug free. My only contact now will be with the owners directly, letting them know the status and any updates. Take care all.
Play Maiden Desmodus Maiden Desmodus Mar. 09, 2012
I have done some research, and the current owners state that they have not charged anyone to play their game. Therefore, no money is due to anyone, the game is private property, you choose to play or you don't. Also, With it being private property, they can choose to run it or not. We would appreciate the emails to cease in reguards to the status of Maiden Desmodus. Anything else, any updates will be posted to KONG. As for said base, from what I understand, and was told, it was always a small base to start with. Don't blame the messenger. Personally with all the flack I am getting, I am thinking it was wrong of me to even take on this project for them and maybe I need to tell them so. I only follow directions.
Play Maiden Desmodus Maiden Desmodus Mar. 06, 2012
Thrace from MD here, We are having problems with the forums. It isn't allowing anyone including myself to log onto the forums. We are not sure what is causing this. I have never ran a forum, and the owner of md doesn't really know what is causing this as well. If anyone has ever ran a blog, and would know what would stop people from logging onto the forums, please let us know! Other then that, we are finishing on some little bugs and we ask that you just continue to bare with us. Our goal at this point is to open up sometime this weekend. If you have any personal comments, you can always send me a personal msg here.
Play Maiden Desmodus Maiden Desmodus Mar. 04, 2012
Thrace here again, Staff member on MD, If you attempt to try to use your account to post to the forums, it may not work. MD is starting fresh, new rules and such have been put into place and it forced a pwipe of the accounts on MD. We are attempting to get some minor bugs out of the way, if we went after the larger bugs, MD may not reopen for several months.
Play Maiden Desmodus Maiden Desmodus Mar. 04, 2012
Greetings, I am Thrace, I am attempting to get MD back up and running. I am a staffmember on MD. There has been some changes, and due to the changes, it may chace most of the older players away. Who knows. Gives us another couple of days and then we will unlock the site for people to start creating accounts and starting to play. I will check here sometimes on what people may be saying. I am not familiar with KONG, so bare with me.