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Play Wall Pong Wall Pong Sep. 06, 2014
Softhard is mad because he's a man and can't sleep with "journalists" to get a good review.
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Aug. 06, 2014
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Aug. 06, 2014
Play Wall Pong Wall Pong Aug. 06, 2014
creator buttmad over criticism lol; game is shite btw
Developer response from SoftHard

fuk up u shit let see u creat a game then u camel humper

Play Yep Another Breakout Yep Another Breakout Jul. 03, 2014
As far as breakout clones go, this isn't a very good one. First of all, it could be prettier. MUCH prettier. Not only the sprites, the text font and colour is badly chosen, at times even unreadable. Music would be nice, too. There's no clear distinction between good and bad pickups. I saw no difference between the large paddle and small paddle pickups. Also, the lasers should move faster. The screen flip effect, however, was interesting and original, though it could last longer. The physics are flawed: sometimes the ball goes in a seemingly random direction it shouldn't, and sometimes it even goes straight through the paddle! Also, the paddle moves way too slowly. There seems to be no way to advance to level 2. I get the game over screen on top of the second stage with no way to close it but to return to the first. The first level is pretty well designed (I wouldn't know about the rest). Overall, 2/5.
Play CS Portable CS Portable May. 11, 2014
Try a knife only server, it's very fun. Good game 4/5.
Play Go Under Go Under Dec. 29, 2013
Nice game. The character controls well but, when jumping, moving sideways is momentum-based, stops at peak height, and continues without momentum, which can be confusing. It would also be nicer if the boxes had mutual friction. The mechanic introduced in level 10 was hard to figure out and non-intuitive, though necessary for 2 or 3 of the levels. I like that the level design allows for you to be able to go to the same place but with different gravity without using the magic circle thingy. The music is nice but gets old after a while. The jumping sound effect is slightly unpleasant and the death one is underwhelming, but sound is otherwise great. Though simple, the graphics are enjoyable. The game runs very smoothly. The big problem with this game is the menu and options: they're not the best. There's no level selection screen and you can't turn sound and music off independently. The game's also too short and quite easy. Everything not mentioned feels good. I give this game 3/5 stars.
Play SkullFace SkullFace Dec. 15, 2013
No quality settings (8y/o lappy, getting horrible fps at times). Otherwise, great game. One of the best I've played, in fact.
Play The Quiz The Quiz Dec. 15, 2013
god this is awful
Developer response from bcdg55

i said this is my 1st game didnt i + this is a work in progress

Play Captain Nutty Captain Nutty Oct. 31, 2013
simply awful
Play Cock Advemture Cock Advemture Jun. 09, 2013
Great game.
Play A Duck Has An Adventure A Duck Has An Adventure Jun. 01, 2013
10/10 like Skyrim with ducks
Play FPS-MAN FPS-MAN Mar. 14, 2013
scarier than slender
Play Anchor Ball Anchor Ball Feb. 18, 2013
Simply awful.
Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Dec. 31, 2012
First comment of 2012 GMT+1
Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Dec. 29, 2012
@Below Well, yeah. You bought an iMac.
Play Proximity Proximity Dec. 28, 2012
What the shit? I have no words.
Play Super Contra Super Contra Dec. 28, 2012
How does one mess up so badly? 1/5
Play First Person Shooter First Person Shooter Dec. 28, 2012
Simply fantastic. 5/5
Play A blocky Christmas A blocky Christmas Dec. 20, 2012
Bonte never disappoints.