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Play Flip'd Flip'd Jun. 17, 2012
The rotational flipping may make the game feel clunky control-wise to those who can't calculate the landing-position offset (non-fluid flip movement they may say, not understanding the unique challenge presented to them by the rotational flipping mechanic) Please don't think of it as something to fix, but without a tutorial puzzle that shows this rotational offset happening the player's flip calculations will be off constantly causing pointless frustration. I suggest placing a big TV in the landing location of the first flip that shows the flip in 3rd person perspective so players can be aware of and witness the rotational offset for their selves. Luckily though, the only place where knowing this makes a big difference in this game prototype is the very last flip. Also, I love the secret area and the VVVVVV character cameo. Again, props on making an amazing game concept come to life... even if it is a disappointingly short prototype... 5/5! Now go make it even better!
Play Flip'd Flip'd Jun. 17, 2012
I had thought something was off in all my flips before, but after 5 minutes of trying to do the last flip I realized my problem. When you flip in Flip’d, it’s not a direct flip upside-down like in VVVVVV, but instead you rotate clockwise causing you to not only be upside-down, but also a small distance to the right of where you flipped from. Those having trouble with the last jump... don't flip towards the last pickup from the orange line directly in front of it. It tricks you into thinking you are supposed to flip from there, but instead flip forward while standing a just a little bit to the left of it you will find yourself collecting the last pickup... then it is all about the timing as you pull back and attempt to use it in time! This rotational flipping is actually a pretty good thing.
Play Flip'd Flip'd Jun. 17, 2012
I wish to see a lot more out of this game. Flip'd is definitely not just 3d V*6... it is so much more. It’s difficulty comes from have to judge where you will land before flipping, as there is often no time to reorientate yourself mid-flip due to the tight precision required in most of the flips. You often have to land blindly. This is not detrimental, in fact it is what makes it unique… the gameplay isn't about flipping and then maneuvering to a landing position, but it is actually about calculating your approach to a landing before attempting to do your flip and seeing if you get it right. That feeling of finally landing on a platform that’s been giving you trouble is the kind of feeling I play games for. The only bad thing was that it took me until the last jump of the last puzzle to see that there is also a unique behavior to the flips…
Play Flip'd Flip'd Jun. 17, 2012
Beautiful game! It’s a simple concept that pulls much inspiration from VVVVVV and Portal, but manages to distinguish itself from them. The atmosphere is just great... I spent almost as much time looking at the cool stuff outside of the windows as I did raging at how precise some of the flips are (for those not finding the secret... I suggest you do the same). Flip’d could easily evolve into a full-fledged game experience with just a bit more attention to interior decoration, a deep background story for both our character and the location, some moving platforms, different hazards such as spikes and turrets to give more variety to the challenge than just "don't fall in the water,” more great music tracks to suit the mood of each puzzle, some flippin' crazy boss puzzles, and some extra features like… well, jumping. Different colored pickups to do different things would flesh out this concept... include a pickup for getting +1 jump in a level just like the current pickups give us +1 flip.
Play SudokuMix SudokuMix Apr. 09, 2010
needs free-play modes without time limit, especially for puzzle-mode... for practice and fun.
Play MegaDrill MegaDrill Feb. 13, 2010
I just got around $299,876 because I decided to go into the pressure area and end it not knowing about loosing like, $6k at the end... ouch... after my careful estimates... ouch...