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Play Elements Elements Apr. 04, 2011
I am afraid that I was not clear enough: accounts are deleted only when cheating happens, not randomly, using any cheating program (I will not name those here since I feel Kongregate would not appreciate it) gives you a good chance to get your account deleted, without notice. Even if I roll back a deleted account, it will be deleted again within a few days again.
Play Elements Elements Apr. 03, 2011
There are filters that periodically remove corrupted accounts from the database, if your account was deleted you also get a "wrong password" error.
Play Elements Elements Feb. 16, 2010
I am moving the pvp system on a new server, the "PVP duel" function might not work for a few hours if you are looking for an opponent still playing on the old server.
Play Elements Elements Feb. 11, 2010
If the game is not loading use refresh (F5) When the server is overloaded a few files requests are ignored and the game needs a few files from the server after it finished loading itself (100%). Adrenaline behavior on malignant cells is intended
Play Elements Elements Sep. 19, 2009
Elements is moving to a new server... it will be down for a few hours
Play Elements Elements Aug. 12, 2009
Version 1.13 just got uploaded, it is a platform for future new cards, I am still working on the pvp system as well, so please be patient, what seems like cheating is most of the time just a disconnection.
Play Elements Elements Aug. 10, 2009 Quote: "The shape of your legends symbol is exactly the same as the MTG symbol" See it for yourself. And I am not going to waste any more time on this, please DO contact: EA games, maxism, MTG, Pepsi (I used a sphere!!!), Yu Ghi Oh, and any other company that used anything that resembles a pillar, a skull, an infinity symbol or crated any game card before me... oooh also Corel Draw and Adobe, I used their textures, fonts etc.
Play Elements Elements Aug. 10, 2009
@travcm Symbols and geometrical shapes (typefaces) are not subject to copyright. Please, read about copyright laws on that webpage and if you find anything in my game that does not comply with copyright laws… just sue me already. Beside, I designed that pillar symbol myself (the top of it is just the earth element icon! plus 3 rectangles) and it just happened to resemble the MTG one. I didn’t even think about it until I read your comment. And you should take a closer look to the MTG one, they are not the same in color or shape. According to your view of copyright laws every time I press a button on my keyboard it is copyright infringement because I am creating a copy of a font someone else designed. And again, according to your point of view, I should sue you because you are using a Hershey’s Kiss as an avatar... and by the way, according to "§ 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use" your avatar is perfectly legal.
Play Elements Elements Aug. 02, 2009
Version 1.1 is about to be deployed, it should happen instantly and with no bumps for the players.
Play Elements Elements Jul. 29, 2009
Elements should now be working, a few people are still sent to the old server but the problem should disappear within a few hours.
Play Elements Elements Jul. 29, 2009
The server finally gave up on elements and I had to move it to a new server today, there might be a few problems and database rollbacks while I am re-configuring the game for the new server. Thank you for your patience.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 07, 2009
Awesome, I wouldn't call it "create an account", you just have to pick a username and a password, so that the game can save your progress. It takes about 5 seconds.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 05, 2009
Every time you quit a match after you got to know who your opponent is you lose score and point. Otherwise you could just go back and forward until you play against whoever you wanted to... picking your opponent can be exploited in too many ways.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 05, 2009
dimensional shield had a bug but it is now fixed: it should last 3 turns now. There are several ways to counter a dimensional shield deck, use destroy, or steal... or finish you opponent with spells (those are not blocked by that type of shield)
Play Elements Elements Jun. 05, 2009
That "error" is intended, it keeps player from abusing the cancel function. I know you are not one of them, but there is always someone trying to get at least part of the card effect, cancel, and re-use it.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 04, 2009
@travcm: I am not "stealing" images from sporepedia or using any part of the spore game, the images you see in the game are made for the game by a group of artists that use spore as a TOOL. The Last time I checked the copyright belongs to the artist, not to the company that created the tool: The copyright of this game is mine and not property of Adobe, or Macromedia. Even though I did use Macromedia flash to create it.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 01, 2009
My server have been down for about 10 minutes today, during that period of time the auto-save requests have been ignored. It should be fine now.
Play Elements Elements May. 29, 2009
Thank you icecue I don't know what I would you without you on kongregate :) Deja vu is an interesting skill that only a few people use: let's say I have a deja vu and a blessing, if I play blessing on a deja vu BEFORE I make the duplicate I will get TWO blessed 4/4 deja vu. If deja vu would be able to duplicate itself indefinitely you'll get a horde of 4/4 deja vu's in a few turns, sounds wrong to me.
Play Elements Elements May. 27, 2009
And if he does it again I'll just ban him... It is unbelievable how much people like to cheat and how creative they are about it.
Play Elements Elements May. 27, 2009
Well, it looks like war3001 is bugged because... he does not even exist in my database, which leads me to believe he is just submitting a non-existing score with some kind of trick. I'll just delete his score