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Jul 9, 2015 8:48pm


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May 4, 2015 9:03am

voices of the sea…beautiful work, the illustration and story were captivating…though it’s a shame the options of speech are limited to ‘collect sea sells’ but after a while i guessed since Cantus was so interested in them then it must be the way to progress XD

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Apr 3, 2015 5:18pm

i only have two words to describe Voice from the Sea THE FEELS T-T

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Mar 5, 2015 2:46am

Finished voice from the sea. Dam it some how bough back memories from angel beats and then things got depressing TTT_TTT

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Feb 21, 2015 8:45am

Hello! Just wanted to say that I enjoy your visual novels! They’re very creative, heartwarming, and I can see the amount of effort that you put into each one~ Maybe one day you can create something like Gensou no Idea or Shinigami No Testament :P

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Dec 28, 2014 6:09pm

the voice from the sea… really made me feel sick or weird or some feeling i dont know how to describe it

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zeiva Jan 4, 2015 2:03am

I’m sorry to hear that. ;;;

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girlygamer2005 Feb 14, 2015 2:58pm

its awesome and i liked it thout

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Oct 6, 2014 8:00am

why do i feel such a anger when i see maris? i just despise her, and the fact that her stupid attempts at making him smile actually worked.

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MiantCub Oct 6, 2014 7:39pm

I do not view her attempts to make him smile as inconsiderate, annoying, pushy, or anything in between. Her lack of attention towards the cause of his surliness may make it seem like she was inconsid…

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zeiva Oct 7, 2014 3:16am

Well, I’m not sure why she incites that much anger in you that you have to write 4 messages to me saying exactly the same thing. I think just one comment drives the point home. ^^;

But for the s…

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Zahid41 Feb 4, 2015 10:17pm

Because you’re heartless

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Feb 4, 2015 10:14pm

I just finished A Voice From The Sea, and i have to say, it was a beautiful game.
Will there be a sequel? i have yet to play your other games, but I’m looking forward towards playing them :)

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Zahid41 Feb 4, 2015 10:15pm

also, a tear “may have” been shed at the ending of A Voice From The Sea.

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Jan 20, 2015 11:55am

I simply adore your works and I hope that you keep at it. I think of all these good games I’ve played on here and newgrounds over the years, and I just realised that the one who made my favorites is you. Like, all of my favorite interactive fictions were made by you, and I didn’t even notice! The art, writing, and music in your games cr…show more
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FreddyFazbear01 Jan 20, 2015 12:15pm

I’m very sorry if this message seems like I’m demanding more of you, I’m simply trying to give suggestions that might inspire you to create more wonderful works. A slightly less work…

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Dec 23, 2014 4:17pm

Excellent work with Train of Afterlife and Voice from the Sea! Truly touching and beautiful games.

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Dec 11, 2014 3:35am

Pleaseeee do a sequel to Voice from the Sea. Cantus and Maris have to live happily ever after. ;_;

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TheCrushmaster Dec 11, 2014 3:37am

A sequel to Phantom Seeds would be really cool, too.

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Nov 14, 2014 12:46am

i like Voice from the Sea. i about cried its so moving

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Danielad95 Dec 10, 2014 1:42pm

me too oxo

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TheCrushmaster Dec 11, 2014 3:35am

feels trip

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Nov 30, 2014 12:11am

Dear Zeiva:
i`m your fan and i like Maris very much.I hope more chinese galgame player will know about Maris,so i want be able to translate Voice From The Sea.
I hope you will allow.————from your fan,SanJiu

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Nov 10, 2014 4:40am

love the game Voice from the Sea Thank you for it <3

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Nov 3, 2014 12:30am

Just played Area-X Demo. While it’s a game I’d love to own, I’m also a bit of a cheapskate, so I’m not likely to spend money on it. Perhaps it could be a full game on Kongregate for a month’s duration, badges included, and use that as a jumping off point for your other programs?

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Oct 18, 2014 11:10pm

Will you make a sequel to Voice from the Sea???

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Oct 12, 2014 12:19pm

Yo, zeiva, a few questions for you. Do you use renpy for the VN? It’s a common engine for visual novels, even though companies like Key use their own coding. Also, how do you color in the art? Always been wondering about that. And lastly, how do you add buttons, inventories, etc.? Anyways, I love this VN! You could be on the level of Little B…

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Oct 12, 2014 7:52am

i like the story of ur games, also the music :3
but i dont like the add ons like forecast/blur images u_u
also i suggest more smiles not laugh face, maybe a little opened mouth should be great for conversation :3

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Oct 2, 2014 12:59pm

Will Voice form the Sea have a second season? I loved that game >_<

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TheCrushmaster Oct 2, 2014 11:39pm

Yessss! Cantus and Maris happily ever after must happen.

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Oct 4, 2014 10:33am

You should be doing much bigger things! I think your most recent work, Voice from the Sea, is a perfect piece, structurally. Write yourself a grandiose story to fit inside it, and you can take my money :P Hope to see Zeiva on VNDB!

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Oct 4, 2014 1:29am

I loved voices of the sea (except the fact i get these feeling watching anime and sometimes cry so i avoid them a little)i pressed five stars five times

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Oct 3, 2014 10:12pm

I really enjoyed “Voice from the Sea” amazing work

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Oct 3, 2014 8:18pm

what a beautiful game nice work

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Jul 5, 2014 6:14pm

why must i pay for these amazing games

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CodemperoR Oct 2, 2014 11:43am

yeah, why must i pay for amazing foods… wait wut?

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TheCrushmaster Oct 2, 2014 11:41pm

Because game developers have to eat, too. :-P

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Sep 11, 2014 11:40pm

No dating games for guys? :c

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zeiva Sep 24, 2014 8:53am

OASE is dating games for guys.