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Music Catch

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Mar. 30, 2014

Rating: 0

I'm not a real fan of games that dont have a story and with not that good graphics, but this game made me think a LOT about my concepts of good game. I just love how the music gets calming and lovey. I would give 6/5 but i cant, i'm very excited for a second one (ifhe will exist =S).

You Have To Burn The Rope

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Jan. 22, 2014

Rating: 0

I would play this game over and over again, just to hear the song another time LOL

Knightmare Tower

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Jan. 31, 2013

Rating: 7

i was going to give this game a 4/5 but the last princess is so beautiful that i cant.5/5 good game man


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May. 13, 2012

Rating: 2

Why the esmeralds are blue?

Mastermind: World Conquerer

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Oct. 19, 2010

Rating: -1

more badges from the people