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Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Sep. 02, 2014
guys... pincers are far from impossible - it just depends on the map: enemys/build space/metal available. my highest lvl for a successful pincer was lvl 12. just dont expect you can do it with the very same strategy you use for a lvl 3 flank ...
Play Castle Guard 3 Castle Guard 3 Aug. 29, 2014
this dev needs to be kicked off kong!
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Aug. 23, 2014
the balance problem is not the exhumer. its naval yard x long range maps x 3 or 4 carrier racks x extra ships tech. this stuff doesnt add up - it multiplies! speaking as one who got the pbay sd exhumer and a good corv and a good tremor: the only way to really balance this is making carrier racks NOT STACK. cheers
Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Aug. 23, 2014
overall: 100% kingdom rush ripoff without even trying to add or change sth. to gameplay. lacking: the nice details minigame-like achievements and graphics. on top of this: this game has everything i hate about online games - P2W, MMO, energy system, gating literally everything, VIP, stupid clickediclick reward system, annoying neverending tutorial ... -> FAIL
Play Fantasy Kommander Fantasy Kommander Aug. 21, 2014
okay. after all this upgrading etc. i just got wiped out in 2nd turn. no alternatives to continue. fail.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Aug. 16, 2014
suggestion: a naval yard for fighters ofc has already been suggested. my idea for this is that you cant choose the fighter it builds, but it would have a fixed cost, and all three fighter types selected in players armory are launched in sequence. it could look like a mobile runway circling players base not taking away build space and maybe only possible to have one at a time. miners ofc wouldnt add up to more than they do with a fighter bay.
Play Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Aug. 05, 2014
that ai aint dumb! great game!
Play Super Defence Super Defence Aug. 04, 2014
Wings seem quite useful in Space, no? Didnt like one single aspect of this Game, sadly.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Jul. 30, 2014
boss fights as they are, simply are not fun. i managed lvl 13 o.k., but the speed at which they cap is impossible to keep up with. i liked the suggestion with stronger def and less/slower cap. replaying levels just to get lucky with the setup is boring.
Play Viking Clan Viking Clan Jul. 24, 2014
sry but i cant think of any game less entertaining
Developer response from kanoapps


Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Jul. 10, 2014
@ fate: combining aux and turret slots is, in many ways, a very bad idea. our needed space for inventory would explode. mono builds would be the only way. use 9 primers? or 9 carrier racks? 9 bat backs? hope you were just trolling. and a med ship that one-shots another med ship with shield A? seriously? kinda like your "build in the open" idea, but you´d just have to use base cannons tech - and for that your idea is kinda difficult to implement.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Jul. 09, 2014
dear cww: we need a SELL button for the mission reward screen. would make things sooooooooo much easier. thank you.
Play FlashTrek II FlashTrek II Jul. 09, 2014
controls are $§%"!
Play Hut Take Control Hut Take Control Jul. 02, 2014
another bugged crap game by thegames8
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Jun. 29, 2014
umm idle game it seems... *clicks on enemy, waits* and i got wings, really? *clicks on enemy, waits* level 15 and still in tutorial? *clicks on enemy, waits* oy, zero strategy so far *clicks on enemy, waits* pretty linear, feels like walking down a loooong narrow corridor *clicks on enemy, waits* 1000 flashy component thingie upgrade stuff, lets just auto-equip whydontwe *clicks on enemy, waits* hmn wankan means green tea or sumpn, irony here? *clicks on enemy, waits* nah i think evil won this battle *quits* (1/5)
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Jun. 25, 2014
since maxime is right about the spectre/primer thing in multiplayer, ONE solution could be to nerf and balance again (and then again ofc). ANOTHER solution could be (random) variations in multiplayer, such as: battleground effects (poison or freeze zones, locking caps, meds, fighters, turrets etc.) capture the flag variation with a neutral base set as ship destination and whoever manages to keep 10k armor points there for 1min wins. can also be defended by ai etc. POINT IS: if you add variations to multi, different ships/turrets/builds will become useful and minimize constant balancing issues.
Play Locomania Locomania Jun. 01, 2014
why do you keep uploading the same shitty game? flagged. blocked. baibai no re
Developer response from cop2077

Have you ever played Mario or Rayman? It's the same concept and gameplay, but different levels with different enemies. However putting all in one game would make the loading time too long for online gamers, so that's why I split up the levels :)

Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 13, 2014
after finishing and starting again with higher difficulty, difficulty hasn´t increased. so no replay :( wasnt able to find the "master of wisdom" - bug, feature or my fault? otherwise fun game, i like that lockpick 3 skill is kicking stuff in...
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 May. 09, 2014
yay its out!
Play The Wolf Beneath the Surface The Wolf Beneath the Surface Apr. 29, 2014
kinda like pacman, but...