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Play Glean 2 Glean 2 Feb. 11, 2015
the length of the vine does not really affect the amount of cellulose (nor does the amount of other res displayed) - on the other hand solar cells never cease popping up if you keep hovering above the capsule ... placing dynamite seems to be especially hard on the cpu (boom). "viscera hunting" would make me skip planets fast to cowardly kill "indigenous" turtles if i wasnt enjoying this game so much. oh, the schizophrenia of cybernetics ...
Play Mickey and Sister Adventure Mickey and Sister Adventure Feb. 04, 2015
copyright violation? plus really bad game? plus SHE AINT HIS SISTER!
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Feb. 01, 2015
floor 75 and i just found out i can CHOOSE enchanting properties ... argh.
Play Global Assault Global Assault Nov. 05, 2014
... a one-time pack has been authorized to help me get started. nice. only 60 kreds. hmmn (looks at developer) OKAY! thx for the laugh and bye.
Play Flash's Bounty Flash's Bounty Nov. 04, 2014
if you dont take the "sacrifice peasants" quest from the undead in underia, you are apparently stuck. and your walkthrough is in real time? lol. liked it so far, but why do this?
Play Zombo Buster Rising Zombo Buster Rising Nov. 02, 2014
boss health was down to zero for quite a while, then he lunged forward and insta-death... 1/5 for that - nice game otherwise
Play Escape Eternity Escape Eternity Oct. 29, 2014
nice idea for an escape game.
Play Eras Kustier Eras Kustier Oct. 27, 2014
ah no. not games8 again.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Oct. 21, 2014
okay - lots of bots underway for platinum generation. easy solution is: dont give out plat from players with negative ratings. the one bot i ve seen today generated at least 2k platinum with auto surrender. this has to be stopped.
Play Human 2048 Human 2048 Oct. 17, 2014
score 2208. but i dont get it.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Oct. 15, 2014
fighter yard: i dont really see a problem in pvp, there will always be the one o.p. unit/aux/etc. anyway balancing seems necessary because: 4 fighter bays with miners make about +14 metal, a fy with the same miner does +45... boss fights are now doable with fy rush - not very epic i think... as mentioned before fighter > med ship > cap ship is a bit odd to say the least... Ideas? lower fy spawn rate just a bit. limit miners. most of all: laser costs 200 energy which makes it useless: decrease cost to 150. also: nerf SD just a bit - i got most of the good SD units: it has been too strong since the game started. maybe too much controversial stuff in this post, but hey: better than mistaking this for the chat box, no?
Play Eien Eien Oct. 08, 2014
seems i have missed out on 1 battery somewhere. i am kind of annoyed now.
Play Redshift Redshift Oct. 06, 2014
okay, i think i really gave this one a fair chance. always love a space setting strategy game. also i really like the mindless grinding part. but zero strategy here. upgrade - upgrade and then the battle runs auto. i place the units and clickedyclick some heal or dps boost. why? this would have some potential...
Play The Gate The Gate Oct. 01, 2014
been playing this a few days and the concept seemed nice. too many of the typical MMO feats (cmon, spam some invite codes etc.) and a lack of strategy are disturbing but acceptable. its the penalty on leveling and getting good rares what ultimately ruins this game. balancing a game isnt easy but punishing progress is not the answer.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Hopefully we've added enough free stuff (Gold, Hope, Crystals, Isla Mare, Captus) that will enable players to still improve their decks and get better and find good stuff simply by playing, that the energy based systems don't seem too mean and punishing for you.

Play Elventales: The Arcanery Elventales: The Arcanery Sep. 25, 2014
go to the nearest flock of monsters. hit 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, done. really easy and not the least bit challenging. okay. halfway promising story at the beginning turns out to be only continued by the stupid papyri you find. okay. then the necromagi appear, and every 3rd or 4th will ignore your carefully placed stun and kill you. so all you can do is dash your way to the end which works 100% ... after all of this: no ending? to be continued? hopefully not.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Sep. 02, 2014
guys... pincers are far from impossible - it just depends on the map: enemys/build space/metal available. my highest lvl for a successful pincer was lvl 12. just dont expect you can do it with the very same strategy you use for a lvl 3 flank ...
Play Castle Guard 3 Castle Guard 3 Aug. 29, 2014
this dev needs to be kicked off kong!
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Aug. 23, 2014
the balance problem is not the exhumer. its naval yard x long range maps x 3 or 4 carrier racks x extra ships tech. this stuff doesnt add up - it multiplies! speaking as one who got the pbay sd exhumer and a good corv and a good tremor: the only way to really balance this is making carrier racks NOT STACK. cheers
Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Aug. 23, 2014
overall: 100% kingdom rush ripoff without even trying to add or change sth. to gameplay. lacking: the nice details minigame-like achievements and graphics. on top of this: this game has everything i hate about online games - P2W, MMO, energy system, gating literally everything, VIP, stupid clickediclick reward system, annoying neverending tutorial ... -> FAIL
Play Fantasy Kommander Fantasy Kommander Aug. 21, 2014
okay. after all this upgrading etc. i just got wiped out in 2nd turn. no alternatives to continue. fail.