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Play Building Rush Building Rush Sep. 15, 2014
Very fun :)
Play Zoe Fish Tank Decoration Zoe Fish Tank Decoration Sep. 10, 2014
Zoe should be in a home for the mentally challenged and not trying to get a fish tank.
Play World of Elgard World of Elgard Aug. 21, 2014
Erhm.. well.. very short..
Developer response from TimoteoVLapa

Its just a demo. We are still making the Game. :)

Play Renegades Renegades Aug. 01, 2014
Why am i unable to save progress on a level? Its super annoying to have to repeat stuff over and over because you want to try something different and tweak things a bit. And again, why do i have to watch the other dudes move?
Play Bloody Night Bloody Night Aug. 01, 2014
Sorry for the double comment. The first one seemed to get lost but after posted the second one it was suddenly there..
Play Bloody Night Bloody Night Aug. 01, 2014
My confusion about the price money explained a bit more: First winning run on level one i win about 12000. I die once and have about a 40 combo. Then i try again and win 20000. This time i dont die and have a bit of a bigger combo. THEN i try level 2. I have a huge combo. Like 150 or something and i never die once. I win 6000. This seems off to me. I also had a zombie hiding/trapped in a corner but dont remember if it was level one or two. It was the lower right corner as i recall. I am very smitten with this. Great graphics and i am a sucker for games where i get to run around killing especiallay if i get to kill zombies :) Keep it up devs.
Play Bloody Night Bloody Night Aug. 01, 2014
My confucion about the pricemoney is this: On my first run of level one i won like 12000. Next run 20000. Then on my first run on level 2 i won 6000 even thoug on this turn i never died and had a huuuuuge combo too. This struck me as weird. A waste of time: I had that happen too but i actually found a zombie hiding/trapped in a corner. The devs should make sure that doesnt happen. Other than that i am smitten.
Play Bloody Night Bloody Night Jul. 31, 2014
Not sure what to think. The reward money seems off. You have to pass a level before you get enough money to buy at least a couple of upgrades which makes for some serious grinding since you dont get to collect that much at first. I do think its fun but waves come at at too slow pace and i would like to be able to call the early. Upgrades to attract coins and healthpacks would also be cool. 3-4 stars from me though.
Developer response from ConquerorStudio

You can call early wave by pressing E button in the keyboard. For the price, the achievement price already give you a big amount of money to buy a lot of upgrades though, and bigger combo give you a change to get more money. For the attract upgrades, we will consider it. Thank you for trying our game.

Play Renegades Renegades Jul. 31, 2014
WHY do i have to watch the other dudes walk around?
Play Dirty Zoe Kids Dirty Zoe Kids Jul. 30, 2014
Zoe needs to call the plumber. The waterpressure is way to low.
Play Dog time Dog time Jul. 30, 2014
What is the point of this?
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 29, 2014
I would like the option to stop a flight mid-way if i feel like it.
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 29, 2014
Something is wrong. I keep hitting bat-gangs. They release me. I fly a bit and hit the next gang. It takes me to the end without me having to do anything.
Play Zoe Gardening Zoe Gardening Jul. 28, 2014
Zoe should just buy her flowers at the store and not bore me with this.
Play Running Fred Running Fred Jul. 27, 2014
Now it doesnt load properly anymore..
Play Escape to Hell Escape to Hell Jul. 24, 2014
He reminds me of Plankton from Spongebob somehow..
Play FISH Inc. FISH Inc. Jul. 11, 2014
Is it a bad sign when your indexfinger is numb?
Play Mosaic Mingle Mosaic Mingle Jul. 09, 2014
I didnt clear any data offline or otherwise.. progress still lost.
Play Membrace Membrace Jul. 09, 2014
DNS error
Play KripperZ KripperZ Jul. 09, 2014
"Its hopeless.. but i hope you can do it."