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Play UMAG UMAG Mar. 01, 2010
Play UMAG UMAG Jan. 29, 2010
There was a problem with the database in the last 12 hours that caused some stats not to save. It's been fixed now and everything should work again.
Play UMAG UMAG Jan. 11, 2010
@UnholyxCrusader Where does it say that you should enter your kong password? The current text is: To improve the safety of your game profile, please enter a password below. \nDont use the same password as one that you use for a sensitive account! \nOnly the characters: a-z, A-Z and 0-9 are valid, password must be 3 or more characters
Play UMAG UMAG Dec. 31, 2009
The game reqiures port 843 and 5005 to be open, if they are not you are likely to get a security error.
Play Arcuz - Behind the Dark Arcuz - Behind the Dark Dec. 21, 2009
lovely ingame graphics.
Play UMAG UMAG Dec. 20, 2009
if youre getting the "You have a old client version! " error, clear your browser cache and reload, should work then. The stats/leaderboards have move to the server now, before they was stored in flash cookies, which is very unreliable.
Play UMAG UMAG Dec. 11, 2009
Notice that the game is work in progress :) more detailed stats are avail. at (this will be integrated in the game later) however it's only been collecting wins and deaths for a few days.
Play UMAG UMAG Dec. 11, 2009
ah, thanks for reporting that bug Denninja.
Play UMAG UMAG Dec. 04, 2009
arceusdude: yup! xD
Play UMAG UMAG Nov. 27, 2009
halfbro: check the top right corner :)
Play UMAG UMAG Nov. 26, 2009
Just implemented the quit-game function. The problem HaydenYi and Deeplight reported should be fixed now also. (I hope :D )
Play UMAG UMAG Nov. 25, 2009
I'm going to bed soon, there still is some serious bugs on the server, if the game is unplayable, bookmark it and check back in a day or so, should work better then :)
Play UMAG UMAG Nov. 25, 2009
asddsa76: Thanks, I'll consider it, my original plan was to name it UMAG, but I like the GOAT ending.. ;)
Play Steam of War Steam of War Oct. 09, 2009
reikkiman: could you tell me what level and aprox. where in the level this problem is?
Play Steam of War Steam of War Oct. 09, 2009
I'm unable to reproduce the problem some people have with selecting units, possible it's a issue with an older release of the flash 10 player, are you using the latest flash player?
Play Bouncy Ball Rider! Bouncy Ball Rider! Jun. 08, 2009
just draw a circle around the ball and it will bounce in infinity...
Play Tilt Tilt Mar. 12, 2009
TheSoft: If people want it, and I get some left over time I will integrate the kongregate API and badges. :)
Play Tilt Tilt Mar. 12, 2009
Thank you for you comments. ThePerson42: Yes :)