Kongregate Weekly & Monthly Game Contest

Each week, we'll be giving away $250 to the top-rated game and $150 to the second- and third- place games uploaded on Kongregate. These weekly contests run Saturday to Friday and must have a minimum of 10 votes to qualify. The current weekly contest will run from May 21st to May 27th.

Any game first published during May is eligible for our monthly contest. Voting will last through June 3, 2016, and we'll be awarding $1500 to the highest-rated game, $1000 to the second-highest, $700 for the third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. Games must have a minimum of 30 votes to qualify.

To be eligible for our monthly prizes, games must also implement our statistics API. Instructions can be found here. We promise it's fast and painless, and it'll also make your game eligible for challenges and non-time-limited achievements/statistics in the future.

So here's the breakdown:

  Weekly:   Monthly (during May 2016):
1st: $250 1st: $1500
  2nd: $150   2nd: $1000
  3rd: $150   3rd: $700
      4th: $500
      5th-9th: $250 each

Placement is determined by user votes, but we retain the right to exclude votes that we feel were made in a fraudulent manner (mainly, through the creation of multiple accounts). Feel free to encourage your friends, family and fans to vote for your game(s), but encouraging fans to create multiple accounts or downvote competition will not be allowed.

All uploaded games participating in our contests are also fully eligible for ad revenue share.

For more information, read through our official contest rules:

Monthly Contest
Weekly Contest


  • Top prize: $1500
  • Ends: May. 31, 2016

The highest rated games uploaded in May win, so vote with your ratings.

Contest Leaders
Game title Rating
Factory idle
What's inside the box?
Medieval Cop - The Princess and The Grump
Hero Simulator:Idle Adventures
Bear in Super Action Adventure 2
Down is Up
Deterministic Dungeon
Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Top prize: $250
  • Ends: May. 27, 2016

The highest rated game uploaded each week wins! Vote for your faves by rating.

Contest Leaders
Game title Rating
What's inside the box?
Robots Continue Work Sequence
Brothers Treasure Recovery 15
Epic Battle of Medieval Fighters