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Comment Kongregate
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Talk about anything related to Kongregate.

14 minutes ago
by Holy2334 (view)
Comment Technical Support
11,320 topics, 56,088 posts

Is something on the site broken? Complain about it here, and we’ll do our best to help out.

22 minutes ago
by omeime321 (view)

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Comment Kongregate Multiplayer Games
28,620 topics, 507,132 posts

Talk about Kongregate’s multiplayer games in general, or discuss specific games that don’t have their own subforum.

18 hours ago
by Forlorngames (view)
Comment General Gaming
19,373 topics, 251,876 posts

Discuss games on or off Kongregate — Flash, console, or PC.

13 minutes ago
by 300fans (view)
Comment Bloons TD 5
398 topics, 3,886 posts

Discuss the game Bloons TD 5 on Kongregate

Jul 7, 2014 2:12pm
by Baconator675 (view)
Comment Contract Wars
5,788 topics, 102,801 posts

Discuss the game Contract Wars on Kongregate

7 minutes ago
by GreekRage (view)
Comment Dawn of the Dragons
2,258 topics, 141,309 posts

Discuss the game Dawn of the Dragons on Kongregate

2 hours ago
by prooskar (view)
Comment Eredan Arena
570 topics, 4,360 posts

Discuss the game Eredan Arena on Kongregate

4 minutes ago
by armyofNobunaga (view)
Comment Galaxy Online
513 topics, 5,091 posts

Discuss the game Galaxy Online on Kongregate

37 minutes ago
by Ganthrithor (view)
Comment Game of Thrones Ascent
737 topics, 5,515 posts

Discuss the game Game of Thrones Ascent on Kongregate

2 hours ago
by Tichigan (view)
Comment Heroes of the Realm
203 topics, 1,553 posts

Discuss the game Heroes of the Realm on Kongregate

11 hours ago
by telca (view)
Comment Inferno Legend
110 topics, 741 posts

Discuss the game Inferno Legend on Kongregate

15 minutes ago
by Salvian (view)
Comment KingsRoad
308 topics, 2,552 posts

Discuss the game KingsRoad on Kongregate

3 hours ago
by bolha (view)
Comment Realm of the Mad God
3,061 topics, 36,060 posts

Discuss the game Realm of the Mad God on Kongregate

2 hours ago
by rc2player (view)
Comment Rise of Mythos
1,919 topics, 25,248 posts

Discuss the game Rise of Mythos (formerly Kings and Legends) on Kongregate

2 hours ago
by blindlight36 (view)
Comment Swords & Potions 2
1,202 topics, 10,443 posts

Discuss the game Swords & Potions 2 on Kongregate

1 hour ago
by Anthonyk747 (view)
Comment The Last Stand: Dead Zone
911 topics, 6,284 posts

Discuss the game The Last Stand: Dead Zone on Kongregate

55 minutes ago
by ImplosionOfDoom (view)
Comment Tyrant Unleashed
8,760 topics, 126,781 posts

Discuss the game Tyrant Unleashed on Kongregate

1 minute ago
by ChongK6 (view)
Comment War of Omens
381 topics, 2,902 posts

Discuss the game War of Omens on Kongregate

1 hour ago
by Daikoru (view)
Comment Wartune
2,812 topics, 31,205 posts

Discuss the game Wartune on Kongregate

54 minutes ago
by ELH351987 (view)
Comment Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM
1,504 topics, 18,772 posts

Discuss the game Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM on Kongregate

3 hours ago
by ThatsANiceGuy (view)

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Game Creation Link

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Comment Kongregate APIs
432 topics, 1,414 posts

For questions about integrating Kongregate APIs

Jul 4, 2014 3:01pm
by Overpanda (view)
Comment Game Programming
14,145 topics, 138,795 posts

Talk about programming here.

6 hours ago
by GuerreroGamerWin (view)
Comment Collaborations
4,766 topics, 37,258 posts

Need a partner for an upcoming game project? Seek out talent and offer your own here!

10 hours ago
by SiliconWorldAD (view)
Comment Stencyl
210 topics, 2,027 posts

Discuss the Stencyl game development tool.

Jun 30, 2014 4:33am
by Thomas (view)
Comment Kongregate Labs
1,351 topics, 33,880 posts

Discuss the Kongregate Labs and Shootorials

Jan 25, 2014 11:44am
by xxxz (view)
Comment Game Design
529 topics, 5,225 posts

It’s about designing games.

Jul 7, 2014 6:48pm
by xxR00ZTERxx (view)

Non-gaming Link

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Comment Off-topic
112,911 topics, 2,518,795 posts

Talk about anything here. Well, almost anything… our behavior guidelines still apply.

5 minutes ago
by superfastjelly (view)
Comment Serious Discussion
8,112 topics, 364,267 posts

The internet is serious business. Talk about politics, world events, and other such things here.

17 minutes ago
by Jantonaitis (view)
Comment The Arts
5,568 topics, 170,916 posts

Show off your art, music, and writing here. Just keep it work-safe.

57 minutes ago
by petesahooligan (view)
Comment Forum Games
6,046 topics, 614,721 posts

Play, create, and enjoy forum games. Please be sure to check out the guidelines before starting new threads.

8 minutes ago
by Spector29 (view)