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Comment Kongregate
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Talk about anything related to Kongregate.

26 minutes ago
by TurkeyPie (view)
Comment Technical Support
14,533 topics, 71,320 posts

Is something on the site broken? Complain about it here, and we’ll do our best to help out.

3 hours ago
by mendelde (view)

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Comment Kongregate-Published Games
406 topics, 2,224 posts

Mobile, web or both! Talk about Kongregate’s publishing program in general, or discuss specific games that don’t have a separate subforum.

6 hours ago
by kontum11 (view)
Comment Kongregate Multiplayer Games
70,115 topics, 1,275,864 posts

Talk about Kongregate’s multiplayer games in general, or discuss specific games that don’t have their own subforum.

6 hours ago
by kontum2 (view)
Comment General Gaming
23,235 topics, 299,584 posts

Discuss games on or off Kongregate — Flash, console, or PC.

6 hours ago
by kontum3 (view)
Comment Bloons TD 5
713 topics, 7,048 posts

Discuss the game [Bloons TD 5](/games/Ninjakiwi/bloons-td-5) on Kongregate

17 hours ago
by ERROR432 (view)
Comment Crusaders of the Lost Idols
1,043 topics, 18,425 posts

Discuss the game [Crusaders of the Lost Idols](/games/Codename_Enter/crusaders-of-the-lost-idols) on Kongregate

33 minutes ago
by gungurran (view)
Comment Crush Crush
160 topics, 1,795 posts

Discuss the game [Crush Crush](/games/SadPandaStudios/crush-crush) on Kongregate

Aug 26, 2016 1:32pm
by KaasChuig2 (view)
Comment Pocket Politics
349 topics, 2,222 posts

Discuss the game [Pocket Politics](/games/ultrabit/pocket-politics) on Kongregate

6 minutes ago
by Vlakedios (view)
Comment Shop Heroes
382 topics, 3,174 posts

Discuss the game [Shop Heroes](/games/cloudcade/shop-heroes) on Kongregate

3 hours ago
by Zahmekoses (view)
Comment Spellstone
4,709 topics, 56,171 posts

Discuss the game [Spellstone](/games/synapticon/spellstone) on Kongregate

41 minutes ago
by Pew_PewDie (view)
Comment Supermechs
267 topics, 3,724 posts

Discuss the game [Supermechs](/games/Tacticsoft/supermechs) on Kongregate

46 minutes ago
by SCGD4 (view)

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Game Creation Link

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Comment Kongregate APIs
610 topics, 1,834 posts

For questions about integrating Kongregate APIs

6 hours ago
by kontum4 (view)
Comment Game Programming
15,029 topics, 145,314 posts

Talk about programming here.

13 hours ago
by hazard_Gamer (view)
Comment Collaborations
5,057 topics, 37,930 posts

Need a partner for an upcoming game project? Seek out talent and offer your own here!

16 hours ago
by arkaeldarknnes (view)
Comment Stencyl
225 topics, 2,107 posts

Discuss the [Stencyl](http://www.kongregate.com/pages/stencyl) game development tool.

Jul 8, 2016 1:10am
by Ak362 (view)
Comment Kongregate Labs
812 topics, 5,378 posts

Discuss the Kongregate Labs and Shootorials

Apr 29, 2016 8:15am
by ED155508lovsRun3 (view)
Comment Game Design
656 topics, 5,683 posts

It’s about designing games.

Aug 21, 2016 5:22pm
by ramenchoji (view)

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Comment Off-topic
139,203 topics, 2,934,733 posts

Talk about anything here. Well, almost anything… our [behavior guidelines](http://www.kongregate.com/pages/conduct) still apply.

8 minutes ago
by mahidils12 (view)
Comment Serious Discussion
9,015 topics, 385,291 posts

The internet is serious business. Talk about politics, world events, and other such things here.

1 day ago
by EroticSpork (view)
Comment The Arts
5,829 topics, 172,973 posts

Show off your art, music, and writing here. Just keep it work-safe.

1 day ago
by littlemike1 (view)
Comment Forum Games
7,399 topics, 806,765 posts

Play, create, and enjoy forum games. Please be sure to check out the guidelines before starting new threads.

2 hours ago
by Lord_Moe (view)