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This thread was created to serve as a reference point for users on the forums to answer frequently asked questions and to provide handy search tools for the entire site. It is also a place where useful links are gathered in hopes that they will help the general population of Kongregate.
Feel free to drop me a shout or post in this thread if a link is broken or if you have any suggestions!

Kongregate Custom Search Engines

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Forum FAQ's/Kongregate How-To's

More to come
Kongregate Tutorials
Changing Your sex with FireBug
Changing Your User Name
Default Avatars
GreaseMonkey Scripts
How To Attach A Hyperlink To An Image
How To Become A Moderator
How To Embed Images In The Forums/Spoiler Tags
How To Enter A Full Chat Room
How To Link To A Specific Post
HTML Formatting Your Forum Posts
Kongregate's Font
Kongregate Symbols
List of Users You Have Muted
Moderators and Administrators(beginners guide)
Profile Formatting
Username Icons

Useful and popular threads

More to Come

Your Save Files And You

Save Data Back-Up Utility
This Ruby application lets you back your save files. Backing up these cumbersome .sol files give you peace of mind knowing that you will never have your progress for a game stripped from you.
Transfering Save Files
A tutorial explaining the location of your save files(.sol extension) and how to transfer them from one website to another and from one computer to another.

Suggestion Threads

General Suggestion
The Mecca for suggestions. All suggestions are welcome.
Badge Suggestions
Suggest and discuss any badges that you would like to be added to the site.
Quest Suggestions
Suggest and discuss any quests that you would like to be added to the site.
Tag Suggestions
Suggest ideas you have for new game tags.

Ultimate Kongregate Topics

Photo Topic
Put a face to the name here on Kongregate. Post picture's of yourself in this thread.
Birthday Topic
Share your birthday with all members on Kongregate. You might discover that you have a long lost twin.
Nationality Topic
Discover users who live in the same country as yourself. No IRL Stalking please.

Kongregate Site Links

Most Players Online
Keep track of how many players are online at the same time. If you think you see a new record post it!
Join Kongregate's WhatPulse team.
View all of the previous versions of the site and all of the new changed to it.
Kongregate Labs
Do you need help to start making your very own flash game? Then this is the place to be.
Kongregate FAQ
Cant find your answer on the forums? Try looking here. This includes becoming a moderator, earning points, and much, much more!
Kongregate Wiki
Just an all around good site for finding information about Kongregate.
Kongregate Dictionary
A thread created to help new users with some of the common terms on Kongregate, such as Mod, Troll, AKF and Badge.

GreaseMonkey and FireBug scripts and add-ons

Kong Sidebar
Better Kongregate FireFox Add-On
Mod Call Script

Useful Links

More to come
What to do in a troll situation
Most users do not know what to do in a trolling situation. Are you one of them?
What was that game called? thread
Forgot the name of a game you were playing? Just post as much as you can remember about that game here are we will try to help!
Room ID's
Ever wanted to join a full chat room? Here's how, just add that little tag to the end of the URL of a game you are playing and you will be shot into the room that corresponds with the tag you added.
List of chat moderators. If you need a mod check here.
Multilingual Modfriends
If you need a moderator in a non-English room look no further. This thread groups moderators by the languages they speak.
List of administrators to the site.
How to clear your cache
Are you having problems connecting to chat? If so, clearing your cache may fix your problem.
Kongregate Wiki
Kongregate's personal wiki.
Kongregate Tutorials
How to do almost everything on Kongregate!

Helpful Sticky threads

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This tutorial is out of date. I will update it when I get home

Changing your sex with FireBug

The first thing you have to do is download FireBug from the Mozilla website. You can download it here

After you have downloaded FireBug there should be a little ‘bug’ in the lower right corner of your browser.

After you have downloaded FireBug go to your profile and click the “edit profile” button.

On this page open FireBug by pressing the little icon in the corner of your browser and go to the ‘HTML’ tab. Once you are there click the EDIT button.

If you did the last step correctly you should be looking at a wall of code. Scroll down about ¾ of the way and look for the line that begins with for=”gender or something like that. Look around in that chunk of code and look for either all of the ‘male’ or ‘female’ words.

Next you have to change All of the ‘male’s or ‘female’s with what you want to be your gender. (ex cybord hamster, badge whore, yes please, buy me dinner first)

Now just close FireBug and click on the option you changed, so if you changed all of the words that said ‘male’ choose male, and for female do the same thing.

Congratulations! You are now an insert gender here!

 Link to this post -

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GreaseMonkey is an open source development tool that allows users to write custom scripts that will affect certain aspects in a web browser.

You can Download GreaseMonkey for FireFox here
There isn’t much really to say about GreaseMonkey. Everything is pretty much done manually.

Once you download and install GreaseMonkey there should be a little Monkey icon in the bottom right or your browser, much like FireBug. (sorry guys, no pic)
Like I said before, there are many scripts that do many things for GreaseMonkey. A very nice user on Kongregate has made quite a few useful scripts and they are all posted here
There is also a very helpful “ModCall” script made by MrSpontaneous which can be found here
There are also quite a few cool and useful scripts and FireFox add-ons here

Congratulations! You can now do cool stuff on Kongregate.

 Link to this post -

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Username Icons

You ever find yourself wondering what the newest little ‘badge’ by a players username stands for? Well quite a few players have been asking this in the forums and I just thought I would make this to set it straight and hopefully make a good reference point.

Friend –
You have added this user as a friend

Developer –
This is a user that has uploaded a game to the site

Moderator –
This user is a chat moderator. They have the power to silence and ban users if they are breaking the rules. How to become a moderator. List of Moderators

Room Owner –
A room owner has the same powers as a regular moderator but is the owner of a chat room. Room owners can also change the description of the room they own. This icon is only visible if the room owner is in the room he/she owns.

Curator –
This user has moderator powers and also is a moderator of the collabs section of the site.

Forum Moderator –
Most forum moderators are also chat moderators, but there are a few forum moderators who aren’t chat moderators. Forum moderators are able to lock and unlock threads in specific forums. Forum Moderators can also make a thread sticky, delete, hide, and edit posts. Note: This icon only shows up by the username of a forum mod’s post in the forum they are a moderator for.

Administrator (Admin) –
These users work for Kongregate. Administrators have all of the powers of moderators, forum moderators, and curators. More info about jobs at Kongregate. List of Administrators

 Link to this post -

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Changing your user name

Many players have asked if they can get a user name change in the forums and I just thought I would inform you guy on how and why you could possibly get a user name change.

There are only two ways that your user name can ever be changed.

1) If your user name is inappropriate.
If you account is banned for having an inappropriate user name you will be asked by Kongregate if you want to change your user name to something appropriate. If you do this your account will be un-banned

2) If you get harassed for your user name.
If you are being harassed for your user name you can just contact and send them an e-mail asking for a name change and stating your reason why you want one.

You are also able to change the capitalization in your user name.

For example, lets say your user name was iSo_LEgiiT and a few months after you made your account you realized that alternating caps in your user name was not so legiit and you really wanted to change it. In this situation just send an e-mail to asking for them to change the caps in your name and give them the user name that you want, like for iSo_LEgiiT you could say Iso_Legiit.

If you are under a strange circumstance and want a name change feel free to e-mail about it and they will give it a look!

 Link to this post - 

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Helpful Stickies

Tech Support Compendium
Is something on the site not working how it should be? Check here for a quick fix.
Kongregate Tutorials
How to do almost everything on Kongregate.
Multi-player Game Compendium
Like multiplayer games? This is your thread.
How to embed an image
The title says it all, how to embed an image on the forums.
The Air-Port
Leaving or joining Kongregate? Don’t make a whole thread about it, just post here!

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Embedding an image in the forums

There is only one way to embed an image in the forums.

1) You can put examination marks on both sides of the URL of the image you wish to embed.
!! will turn into this —>

You can make a spoiler by typing this:

!<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;!

Replace the X’s with your answer, and when you hover over the image with your mouse it will show the thing that was hidden. It will look like this:

insert spoiler here

All credit goes to googoolyeye for the spoiler section.

Link to this post ---
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Default Avatars

Some people have been asking to see all of the default avatars for Kongregate. i.e. the avatar your account has before you upload your own. Here they are, there are 28 in all.

Link to this post -

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How to enter a full chat room

There are two ways to enter a full chat room.

1) If you wish to join a full chat room you can go to your friends list and click the “Join a room” link. This allows you to enter a chat room even if it is full.

2) Another way to join a full chat room if you don’t have any friends in it is by using Room IDs. To enter a full chat room using room ID’s all you need to do is find the room ID that corresponds with the room you wish to enter and put it at the end of the URL of any game on the site.

EXAPLE: If you wish to enter Ivory Tower but the room is full you should put the ?room_id=24103 tag at the end of the URL of the game you are playing. Press the refresh button and you will wind up in Ivory Tower. It should look something like this…

For a full list of Room ID’s you should go here

Link to this post ---
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How to link to a specific post

There are two ways to link to a specific post. I will only post one of the ways to do so. The other way is very tedious.

1) You need to click the date above the post you are going to be linking to.

2) Once you have clicked the date on the post you will notice that the URL in your search bar has changed.
It will be something like this.

3) The link is the URL for that specific post. Once you have it all you need to do is put it in a hyper-link.

Example: This will link to the default avatars post

Link to this post ---
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How to attach a Hyperlink to an image
Making an image into a hyperlink is simple. All you need to do it put the “image tag” !! inside a traditional hyperlink.

So, this…

should turn into this…

If you click it you will be redirected to my Kongregate profile.

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Have an idea on how to use this post?

Tell me…

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So much reserving… I can’t wait to see what’s put here.

EDIT: Wow, I had the first non-OP post in this, and the other thread of yours.
Basically do what you did there, but more details.

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Originally posted by 123aaa789:

So much reserving… I can’t wait to see what’s put here.

EDIT: Wow, I had the first non-OP post in this, and the other thread of yours.
Basically do what you did there, but more details.

That’s what I’m planning on doing, I needed more space. Thanks for the tip.

I am planning on adding a description for most of the links and adding a few more “useful links”

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Cool thread bb

It helped me with a lot of stuff on the site since im new

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Updated August 20th. Update 1
-Added links to the forum FAQ’s which makes it easier to reference them.
- I’m working on making all of the links HTML, not textile(I had this problem with the first version of this thread. ;)

More to come…

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Fix typo please:

A suggestion would be to remove those three “reserve” posts if you’re not actually using them.

I like that list of default avatars, very nice, BlackBone!

Very useful thread, it should be linked to in a sticky.

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But if he removes them, he can never add more. Keep them, just in case.

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thx <3

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In the Firebug section, it probably should be “You are now an insert gender here”.

Also, <3 for linking to the WhatPulse topic :P

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Juame - I plan on using up the reserved posts, and maybe expanding the first post. Once I convert everything to HTML I will be find. Also, I thought linking to the default avatars was cleaver myself. ;)

Sellyme - I won’t remove them and I will fix the gender type.

FrOcYn - You’re welcome.

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Here is one mistake,On what that thing mean you said “List of Administrators” Well that link is broken.Can you please redo it so some of the NEW users can look at it properly.Because I still don’t know some of the Admins on Kongregate.

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Originally posted by Zaxkfirre:

Here is one mistake,On what that thing mean you said “List of Administrators” Well that link is broken.Can you please redo it so some of the NEW users can look at it properly.Because I still don’t know some of the Admins on Kongregate.

The reason it’s broken is it links to “kongergate”

Try List of Administrators

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Updated August 22nd. Update 2
-Fixed the list of administrator links.
-Still working on converting the thread to HTML instead of textile. I was away for the weekend at a family reunion so I had little time to do so the past few days. :)
-I’m going to be adding how to link to specific posts, not just the first post in a thread.
Any suggestions on what to put here are welcome! So please do so!

More to come…