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This guide contains Kongregate Profile Formatting only (Textile Formatting).
Textile formattings that doesn’t work on Kongregate Profiles, but only in Forums, aren’t in here.
You can find Profile and Forum Formatting information here; Kongregate Forum Textile Formatting
the ones listed below were handpicked by me since I used them the most while constructing my profile.

To see this tutorial in language Spanish CLICK HERE

How to make Italics

Just place underscores at the beginning and end of a paragraph, sentence or word.

_These are Italics_

Result: These are Italics

How to make Bolds

Just place Asterisks at the beginning and end of a paragraph, sentence or word.

*These are Bolds*

Result: These are Bolds

How to make Links

Just place Quotes at the beginning and end of a sentence or word, followed by a colon and the url.

"This is a Link":

Result: This is a Link

How to make Underlines

Just place Plus’s at the beginning and end of a paragraph, sentence or word.

+This is Underlined+

Result: This is Underlined

How to make Strikethroughs

Just place Minus’s at the beginning and end of a paragraph, sentence or word.

-This is Strikethrough-

Result: This is Strikethrough

How to make Headings

Just place " h#. " (where # is any number from 1 to 6) followed by one space at the beggining of a paragraph, sentence or word.

h1. This is number 1 Heading

h2. This is number 2 Heading

h3. This is number 3 Heading

h4. This is number 4 Heading

h5. This is number 5 Heading

h6. This is number 6 Heading


This is number 1 Heading

This is number 2 Heading

This is number 3 Heading

This is number 4 Heading

This is number 5 Heading
This is number 6 Heading

Other Problems?

If your textile seems to break or not work after editing it. This might be viable solutions:

Links are too long. Textile seems to break when there’s more than 20 hyphens. You can use TinyURL to make a smaller link. (Thanks to BotNet7 for this contribution).

Textile is too long. There’s too many characters on your profile. Try making it shorter.

If your links are not working properly. Add http:// before the url when you’re making a link with Textile, otherwise, it won’t work. (Thanks to MaistlinRajere for this contribution).

Now just try different combinations and make a great profile for your account.
Please, if you have any contribution, they WILL be taken, so leave a comment.

Special thanks to:
khixan – for encouraging me to do this
serendipity2009 – the first one I ever taught (I had the idea to do it since then)

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Bolding still doesn’t work for me >:

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put asterisks(*) around what you want bolded. also make sure there isn’t any space between the characters

like this

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I will do that later…

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you wanna see something cool?

like this

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Yeah, BotNet7. Doesn’t work.

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Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

Yeah, BotNet7. Doesn’t work.

oh they changed asterix to
<strong /strong>

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On either end of what you want bolded. Doesn’t work on my profile.

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lol you got it use the strong :P

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I know how to do it.
It just doesn’t work whenever I try to do it on my profile.

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I think you have too much info or something for the bold to work.
I’ll try to mess with it later and see if i can fix it for you.

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Don’t worry about it, man. It’s never worked before, though people’ve tried to help me.

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Okay, if i figure something out, i will tell you.
If not, i will let it be.

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Okay then. I appreciate it, regardless.

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I’ve been getting some troubles with my profile too, I’m sure it’s because your profile is so long.
Try doing it in an alt account or something like that and you will see that the asterisks work.

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Happy, just do what I do.
When the sentence is getting too long I just press enter. Problem solved.

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Okay then, bolding seemed to work on this alt’s profile.
Though, I was sure I’d seen successful bolding on profiles longer than HappyAlcoholic’s.

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I currently can’t make my profile any longer without it going crazy. It just removes all my links, sometimes erases everything. It happened to me twice. So I’m not experimenting anymore .__.

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I recently had to remove a couple of sections from my profile. If it gets too long, it compresses itself into a shitty textwall >:

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It’s to do with your profile having too many ‘-’s. Try shortening links using

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Yah i think for both of you the textile breaks

Textile breaks with more than 20 hyphens (so use tinyurl to make a smaller link )
Textile seems to break on Happy’s profile with more than 14 500 characters.

Look at my profile , Happy, to get an idea when your bold textile breaks.

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So this is for profiles? I have red some other users comments in this thread and it seems like that you still have some problems so this is still incomplete thread

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Thank you very much for that contribution. I added it to the tutorial and gave you credit for it.
Is the 14500 characters limit for all Textiles? or is that only on HappyAlcoholic Profile?

Yes, this is for profiles only, and it’s not an exact science yet. That’s what we’re trying to do here.
so if you have any contribution it will be considered and added to the Tutorial.

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Very interesting. So there is a character limit for Textile on profiles after all.

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I knew all of them except headings already.

Thanks anyway!