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This is probably a bit premature, but does anyone know what a W-9 form is? It is mentioned here.

Presumably it is some sort of American tax submission or something. Will Kongregate still need it doing if you are not in America?

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I remember that Armorgames won’t ask you to fill the W-9 form if you live outside the America,but I’m not sure.

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Armor games does that to

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That’s implied in Kannushi’s post. DUH!

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>That’s implied in Kannushi’s post. DUH!

It can be found in Armorgames’ game contest page.

>Winners of over $600 located within the US, must fill out a W9 form before prizes will be awarded. 00192

But I’m not clear about sponsor games.

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W-9’s apply only to those living in the US for taxes. They are similar to a W-4 that you fill out if you become an employee for another company. Essentially, W-9’s mean that a company has paid you money but has not withheld taxes on that amount, so come tax season they’ll have to report how much money they gave you, and I think you should get a 1099 form from them as well.

Amounts over $600 you’re supposed to report as money earned and pay taxes on at the end of the year if no taxes have been withheld.