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Waiting for Aurora to take first place*

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I appreciate finally getting and update, but I feel like this is a small bandaid on a big wound. I never check the forums here (just not much of a forum-goer), I was directed here by a friend. If I hadn’t been so fortunate, I would have no idea what was going on with this.

The whole contest has been weirdly low-key. Apart from the initial announcement on the front page when the contest started, it’s been almost invisible. There was no mention of it when the entrance closed and people were supposed to vote on games. There hadn’t been any mention at all of this delay to the judging, and certainly not in a prominent location.

I don’t want to sound like a grouse, but a contest like this is a chance for everyone to win, by drawing attention to Unity, to the developers, and to give Kong a new avenue of appeal for players. But by keeping it so low key like this, no one is really benefitting. It seems strange compared to the other contests I’ve participated in, both as a developer and a player.

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I agree, Kongregate has been amazingly unprofessional.

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Originally posted by Danaroth:

According to the rules, the time used to make the game isn’t a factor to be considered by judges, as it isn’t stated anywhere that the games should have been made during the time the contest was on, so “Sarah’s Run” should get its well-deserved victory.

Yea, but how can you objectively judge games which had months of time to make textures, gameplay and content with some who just had merely 6 weeks to make the game from scratch? It’s like having a contest about the a game and EA coming and submitting their game which was 6 months in development, has AAA quality graphics and 100 of people were working on it.

Beside that, games who are in development for many months already have a bigger or smaller community around it which can be “directed” to vote for their game, destroying any kind of “objectivity” such a contest could be. Which is acutally kind of stupid to have the players to vote the games in the first place, since long established games can direct their fanbase to vote down others and vote up theirs.

Imho there is no point of having a contest, if not all participants start/enter under same conditions. That being said, there should be always a theme given for a contest, so people can’t submit already finished games

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I’m agreeing with Ipsquiggle, with so much funding at stake, I would have thought Kong would have pushed and promoted all the Unity games.

But in all actuality, the Unity games have been kept in their own little box.

You have to hit “view all latest games »”
and then all the way near the bottom “Unity”

And then if you do get to the Unity list, it’s the Top 15 list, populated by the oldest Unity games (Which are rather good, but still…)

Kongregate makes more effort with their collection of badges and achievement packages then with promoting new and interesting Unity games.

I get that advertising is super important, but you didn’t even have any of your editor picks or little blog posts from your staff recommending players to have a hunt.

But then, it’s not like the prize money is from Kong’s pockets. From the sound of the Unity team, it’s seems like Kong dragged their heels with supporting Unity in the first place.

I do have my own motives, (My game has 600 plays :P ) but I do think I’m speaking some truth here.


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*Points at wrist-calendar*

It stops being the 8th in 24 minutes.

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It’s been the eighth for two hours and thirty three minutes.

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It’s 5:50am at Kong HQ. I’m sure Greg is still hibernating.

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Originally posted by StackOvflwGames:

What really put me off was the attitude of some contesters. Ten minutes after my game was published it dropped to the bottom of the list. As I track the progress of every player in a database, I could see that no one had really played it that much yet. So they just gave it a bad rating to push it down.

Everyone has different tastes, I remember your game well, at first I found the graphics off-putting then I hated it as the mouse lost focus and wouldn’t lock back in properly making the controls useless as clicks weren’t registering properly. I may have given it 1 star right then. The next day I came back to it and had a much better experience with it as it worked as intended.

You cant know for sure that someone has given you a low rating to be malicious or because they genuinely didn’t like it. After my 2nd day on your game I gave it 3 stars. It could be worth more than that but I didn’t continue playing as there were just so many other games to get through.

Frog Fall (the game I entered) also missed getting any attention due to being released during the deadline tidal-wave. However, I updated it yesterday with a new character model and a few other bug fixes only to see it drop by 50(!) places without anyone even playing it. I think the huge drop was due to games below Frog Fall getting new more positive ratings added. So keep in mind it is not just low votes to your game that can give you a drop but also higher votes to other games, sometimes even legitimately.

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I think it’s about time the results are posted right?

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Originally posted by uroboros311:

I agree, Kongregate has been amazingly unprofessional.

It’s now March 9th in my part of the world, and they still haven’t announced anything.

Well, it’s a good lesson learned. I will be a little smarter next time about the sites and contests I decide to participate in. I had no idea when I started this project that I’d be up against already established games, or that my game would end up buried in a list of 500+. I thought this was a sprint for all participants, but apparently I should have read the rules a little more closely.

It’s not even that I intend to win anything. This was my first game developed solo, and I wanted to see what people thought of it. I’m curious to see what the average rating for it is, but there wasn’t enough people looking at it. And even if it did generate enough ratings to show an average, I now have to question how many people were voting down all of the games without playing them?

Like I said, lesson learned.

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Ok finally the WINNER!!
2th place is a shame!!!its a horrible game!
BUt I understand the reason why they ve changed the day for 8 march, WOMEN DAY!!so fair enough to give the 2th place to a girl! Honestly women can do much better!

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Originally posted by Nintari:

Well, it’s a good lesson learned. I will be a little smarter next time about the sites and contests I decide to participate in. I had no idea when I started this project that I’d be up against already established games, or that my game would end up buried in a list of 500+. I thought this was a sprint for all participants, but apparently I should have read the rules a little more closely.

There are more than a few unsuspecting contestants feeling 100% the same as this. As you stated it was our own mistake, believing the rules to be like previous contests you may have entered that usually have a base rule that states “your entry mustn’t have previously been uploaded elsewhere before the contest’s start date”. I don’t understand the reason behind throwing thousands of contest dollars at games that are 1-2 years old. :/
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While I agree Kongregate could have given some more exposure to the whole Unity scenario during this contest, it seems like that this plugin has caused same hate between users, mostly because of the unability to be used under Linux and because it generally needs more system resources to run properly, but also because having 3D games that could be as polished as the existing stabilized Flash games requires a much bigger effort that indipendent developers still can’t manage efficiently.

About the fact that older games are allowed in the contest, I suppose that Kongregate’s target was to be able to gather most of the Unity games that were already around in their database and making developers understand how to access to main feature of the website, the highscore tables; if they weren’t allowed to the contest I suspect we would have had less Unity games and less implemented APIs. It was more of a choice finalized for the userbase than for the developers, but I can understand it has been frustrating for you guys.

Also, for people who think that their games had too few gameplays, please consider that there are a huge amount of games that are uploaded here on regular basis and for most of you it may be the very first experience to be faced with so many competitors in game developement. If your game had not much exposure it is MAINLY because your own game didn’t stand out: market is saturated with Match 3, Escape the Room (I personally enjoy those tho :P) and Falling games , so to be able to compete it isn’t enough to use fancy graphics, but you have to work out more original and compelling features.