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Hi every one, i saw many time on the forums or on the chat that many people don’t understand english guides because they don’t speak english. I’m making a forum with guides, hints, descriptions and other. As a fan of Kongregate i will put some links to Kongregate on the forum, but, can you will put a link for my forum for other french speaker? =)

if you have some questions, ask me. =)

(i make this because i’m french ^^)

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i can’t have an answer ? =(

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Game guides are posted in the Games forum. You can feel free to do what you want there, I guess.

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Degreredone : Deja, pour la pub du Forum, tu peut utiliser le Chat, La Fameuse Room Grenouilles et Escargot est la pour reunir les Fr :p

Ensuite, tu peut mettre le lien dans ton Profile

Et pour Terminer, Tu peut tres bien poster ici tes guides en Francais suivit un petit lien vers ton forum dans la section “Games”