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pibedetorres, thank you for your kindness and time to make such great suggestions, but I already played most of these games haha I just didn’t know Tainted Olive and it’s fun. It’s because of that that I asked for new games.

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I thought there weren’t many you hadn’t played yet (since you seemed to know that kind of games pretty well), but it was worth a shot XD

A series I haven’t included in the list (mostly because it gave me mixed feelings in terms of quality) is Vortex Point. If you run out of point-and-click adventure games give it a try, but don’t expect a masterpiece. I would give it a 6.5/10 at best.

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I realize that this is a pretty ancient thread, but since it was bumped anyway I would highly recommend…. Idleplex

Visit us in the chat there and I’ll gladly share some tips for the game, or just swing by my room: Now Entering the Twilight Zone.