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I hate to be ‘that guy’ but…

What’s going on? I came to this site months ago and thought it was a revelation. A fountain of free entertainment, and a community of sharing material with feedback and incentives, that, unlike Youtube, didn’t require me to be less than 15 years old and/or be in the process of injuring myself slash getting naked.

I completed all the challenges religiously as soon as they’re updated. Now this once a week task takes a couple of minutes.

I played and rated games lovingly until this only reaped 1 point (circa 2 months ago? See: badge introduction). Now the relentless game clones and lack of new quality independent games sourced out by you (Kongregate, you) leaves a bitter aftertaste at every point earned.

Yes, I completed achievements to earn my badges until it sucked the fun dry – every new badge either a 4 minute walk in the park, a 40 minute RSI-inducing repetition or an (explicit) impossibility.

And, finally, and foremost, where the *%#^ is this card game? I would be willing to say i love kongregate, and would happily procreate with it were it not ethereal and I not a homosexual. But my patience runs dry when I wait for an ‘amazing’ ‘revolutionary’ ‘card game’ made my ‘some famous guy’ that was meant to be released ‘three months ago’.

At least give us more badges!? How hard is it to pick a game with Statistics API, type a few lines of half-witted prose and click the enter key. Repeat five times in a day and you’d have a hit!

What about a kongregate blog!? It would be lovely knowing what 10 (-ish?) employees are doing with their days other than laughing at their unsuspectingly bored patrons while they sip lattes and discuss how terrible shockwave was. I’m sure something is happening, but reassure us!?

And finally, keep us posted with this card game thing. I need a little more fun in my life than typing up complaints on internet forums.

I’m looking at you, greg.


Now that’s over, let me just say you’ve got something great here. Run with it. Faster.

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I don’t think this is a place to bitch and moan, or that anybody cares if you bitch and moan. The Kongregate staff already knows about the bitching and the moaning, so shut it.

Also, some badges being an impossibility? Have you ever seen me post?

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Apologies if said bitching and moaning is misplaced, feel free to move me elsewhere on forums if needs be.

(one thing: I understand that the site is in beta and so maybe it’s too soon to yelp ’i’m bored!‘, considering we’re not using a finished product. I don’t think that’s a valid excuse to denounce a call for a bit more community involvement and maybe a few new developments? Maybe I’m flying solo on this one.)

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I think you’re blowing it a bit out of proportion due to your own boredom.

Also, remember that this site is mostly a user generated site; so the content in general is due to users, not Kongregate.

Also, yes Kong is in beta.

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I’d have to say that to me, this site has gotten boring too. I remember a month or two ago I was on here all the time (The 100 DTD badge had a lot to with that however), but nowadays I come on a couple of times a week, make sure I get the card and then go and do other things.

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Oh come on, don’t you ever read the other threads in this forum? There’s one that said that the Card Game had a few problems and are being recified!

And why bother looking at the games and blaming Kongregate for it?The users submitted it, not some Kongregate submitting all those games!

And for the badges thing,I mean, WTF, the reason the badges aren’t coming out is because there’re bugs that come with it! I prefer a non-bugged badges to 5000 Bugged Badges! And not that much good games come with the API equipped, so why are you blaming Greg for all of this?(This applies to challenges too.)


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I’m working on more damn badges! Expect to see a few more tomorrow (or technically later today). In fact, I want to do one with your game. Maybe that’s what this is all about! You knew of my plans, and you’re trying to hurry me along…

Also, you complain about the balance of the badges on one hand, then do a side rant about how little time they take to create. Believe it or not, I actually spend quite a bit of time trying to make them unique, non-repetitive, not too easy or difficult for the skill level, non-bugged, and free of possible exploits.

Lately, I haven’t been very successful. The last half dozen badges or so have had tremendous problems or exploits, even after they were successfully acquired on our test server. Wreckanoid, The Last Stand, Mezzo, Boxhead, Terrascape, POD, Streamline, Dark Cut and Gamma Bros. are all games that have had (or still have) gamebreaking problems or exploits. I literally spent about a week dealing with issues from the Boxhead badge alone (there are several threads dedicated to this). And as proof that there is no justice in the world, Damijin is the one who has to clean up after my mess when a badge goes wrong — in other words, answer emails and award them manually. I now wince each time I release a new badge, even if I have every reason in the world to believe it’ll work perfectly.

All of your points are actually more connected than you think — we’ve all been working on the card game a ton lately. I’ve even played a few games with a few members from the community, though it’s still in very early stages of playability. I’d love to do a full-blown writeup, but the paradox here is that so much effort is currently being put into it that we’re too busy actually working on the game to keep everyone updated on what we’re doing. After the game debuts at PAX, I think you guys will have a lot more information. Maybe I’ll release the official rules of the game tomorrow (technically today) if that’s something you guys would be interested in…

The blog idea sounds interesting, but it would be a little weird, at least for me. My life basically consists of Kongregate, my girlfriend, and World of Warcraft. You guys already know all about the first, and I’m not sure if anyone really cares about the second two. But in case I’m wrong, Alison is awesome, and my 5vs5 arena team has been performing really well lately; our rating is back up to 1550!

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Well said Greg. And I hardly think it fair to blame people like Greg for games that users have submitted.

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OK well i feel a little bad now.

It was silly of me to assume that badge creation is a simple process – i know too well from making my first game (which I attribute to inspiration form discovering kongregate) that a very simple product can take many hours of effort.

greg: I think learning a little more about the card game would be a move most users would really appreciate. I’m really interested to see how everything kongregate has to offer links together, and to see how the cards and points that I’ve blindly acquired are going to be used. And don’t think I’m in any way blaming you (personally or professionally) for these alleged shortfalls. I do think that perhaps kongregate could push further toward attracting quality flash developers to make some sweet games, but you’ve obviously done that with this card game and that’s what is in the works. Thanks for replying to my whine. Hope it’s all going well, keeping us more in the know – blog-styles – would be muchly appreciated. (and good luck with the gf and the WoW)

Sylicas: Sorry, my experience with the badges thus far have been completely unglitched, didn’t even realise there were lots of issues (haven’t been a big frequenter of these forums, as you can see, so this thread may have come a bit out of nowhere. And I do think the quality and quantity of submissions is in part the responsibility of the Kongregate. Sure, they are made by users, but Kongregate needs to attract goods users (developers) for us (with cash, prizes, advertising, other incentives, etc.)… Ever been to the hundreds of other crappy flash community sites that try to tie everything together with points and prizes? Why are they crappy? Because the games suck arse.

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Ah, the points system. It’s quite hard for me to complete a fair chunk of the badge challenges on a laptop with a frigging touch-pad mouse. Although I’d always assumed that points for ratings just got nerfed after you hit level three (which is when they went from 5 to 1 for me) as a simple encouragement for new users to keep coming back. I’ll be levelling up at a snail’s pace now. But that’s more my problem than anyone’s fault. So count yourself lucky, dapbot :P

And I’m with you on the Kongregate cards game, to some extent. If anyone has a reason to “bitch and moan”, it’s just ‘cause we have no idea what stage of development / testing the card game is in, and it’s been that way for months and months. A dev’s blog or dedicated section in the news would be very satisfying, and it’d only take a couple of minutes every week or so to keep the community placated.

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I was about to say “At least give us more badges!? How hard is it to pick a game with Statistics API, type a few lines of half-witted prose and click the enter key. Repeat five times in a day and you’d have a hit!” But now I wont because of what Greg said. The only thing that is bad now is that the card game is taking a while. But I understand that it should, as kongregate has lots of other problems to worry about so everyone dont turn against me like in the past.

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Oh, 1 point for only rating games is still too much in my opinion… I tested it; yes, I rated ALL games (or at least 99%… maybe accidentally skipped one or two). You get about 1400 points for that… now imagine 5 points for a rating. For the math-impaired: That’s 7000 points FROM RATING ALONE.
Most of my points are from rating these games… the badges weren’t worth much anymore, heck rather than spending a week on a 60-point badge I just rated 4 pages of games in like 10 minutes.

Hm… and I’d rather not know too much about the card game yet… I dunno, it’s just that “not-Christmas-yet-so-you-won’t-know-what-presents-you-get” feeling.

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Maybe you should try playing less games.

You know… see the sunshine. Smell the flowers.

Then crush more creeps.

(btw I have all the badges, so they’re not impossible ^^ )

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More Impossible badges please.

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So greg, what happened to that badge you said was comming out today?

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He was writing up the metagame rules. Give the man a break.

Sorry guys, we’re all frantic preparing for PAX, and other things are sliding a bit…

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>It’s quite hard for me to complete a fair chunk of the badge challenges on a laptop with a frigging touch-pad mouse.

Notebook (or laptop) are not designed for games that require heavy mouse action. If you want to play games that require to have a mouse,go to a computer store and buy a USB mouse,it’s cheap and easy. ^^

If you laptop has no USB socket……then I’m pretty sure that you should buy a new laptop first. lol

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So greg, what happened to that badge you said was comming out today? XD =] lol

I stayed late just to fulfill my promise in this thread! Do I get no credit at all?

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Yea Greg You Get Credit, It was about 10 something over here, im not sure about the time difference.

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Yay. But you said badgeS.

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Earn it twice on two accounts. Problem solved.

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Lol. Nice excuse. Butsthatjusttwice theearnings, not twicethe fun :(. I have a question. Kongregate is in Beta. Cmurda said it would come out of it eventully, and some other guy said its endless. Check out my thread: Badges, and tell me which side is true.

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Dx, Learn how to use spaces all the time. Earn it on two accounts. Negative. Some Are Hard Enough. Lol

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Beta isn’t quite endless. This site MIGHT leave beta when all of the pages listed in the Community section are filled in.

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Beta will probably be left behind once all the features are added, i.e. PMs, Card Game, Community Resources, and the premium content comes.. Then some APIs too, that’d be nice =P