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I have a few questions which I haven’t been able to find answers to so I’m posting here.

1. How much ad revenue does Kongregate generate..?

- How many hits/plays does my game need to achieve to make say $100 a month? (on a 25% revenue share).

I’m only looking for ballpark figures…

2. ‘surpasses $600 in a year, we’ll ask you to fill out a W-9 form.’

What is a W-9 form? As a UK citizen will that still apply to me?

3. Is it possible for you to make payments to a paypal account?

As a UK citizen I get charged for cashing cheques in dollars, some banks as much as £4! ($8) per cheque. If you end up sending me $25 cheques I’ll could be spending nearly 30% in bank charges!

I love the idea behind this site but as much as I enjoy creating games I don’t want to spent several weeks building something which only returns $25 a month : )

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As far as the first few questions, I’m sorry I can’t help you get with Emily Greer she’s pretty knowledgeable about how many hits the site gets and what it takes to get $100 a month on a 25% revenue share. As far as getting payment from paypal I believe you have the option between paypal or a check. You do this after you upload the game (maybe before if your not on file, I’m not entirely sure) But, yes I do believe you can choose paypal. Hope this helps

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The question about the W-9 form has been posted before.

Fortunately it won’t apply to you, as it’s a US only form.

I’m sure there has been a thread somewhere that also discussed the ad revenue issue (* cough* we need search! * cough*) and I’ll try and see if I can find it.

EDIT: Well, here’s a little something something that is hopefully useful to you.

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Can I tell them not to send money immediately when I got 25USD?

And you can get 25USD if your games get about 110000 pageviews. (under 35% setting)

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cool, thanks guys

Emily, are you out there? care confirm these figures?

How much game playing traffic does Kongregate get a month?
It would be nice to see how 110,000 plays fits into the big picture..

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Under 35% setting I’d say you need around 90K gameplays to get to the $25, though it varies with the ad rates we get. Ad rates dipped lower in July, for example, but have gone back up again. Though we don’t have an automatic way to “hold” money above $25, if you send me an email I’ll do it — just tell me what amount you want.

That being said, we are just starting to work on increasing the amount of ad revenue we get. We expect to increase both the rate we get for ads, and the number of ad units on the site, both of which will change this equation and substantially lower the # of gameplays you need to get to $25.

Right now a game with 90K gameplays would be in the top 30-40 games on our site. (Most played is Castlewars at more than 600K) But we’ve been growing pretty fast so that should change.

And finally, I would highly recommend implementing the APIs — not only does that put you in the 35% ad share range, but allows us to put a badge and possibly a card challenge on your game, which drives a lot of gameplays.

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>hough it varies with the ad rates we get. Ad rates dipped lower in July, for example

Duh,the 110K pageviews thing is based on the money I got on July. (I always calculate the worst (lowest) case.)

And basically having a lot of very good games on Kongregate = Money booster. lol

>I would highly recommend implementing the APIs—not only does that put you in the 35% ad share range

I’m sure that in the future it’s more difficult to get the extra 10% from APIs,because according to the rule you have to put all the APIs in your game to make it work.

And not all the games have to use multiplayer API or level editor API. :S

By the way,make a game for Kongregate only or get your game sponsored by Kongregate let you get another 15%. :)

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Thanks Emily,

Kannushi_Link makes a very good point regarding API’s… hopefully those rules will change as API’s increase.


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The API rules are going to change…we haven’t finalized but I’m thinking along the lines of first high score or stat gets you 5%, 1 or 2% for each additional scores/stats up to 10% total for high scores/stats. Other APIs will be calculated separately for additional % tbd for exactly the reason you mentioned. What do you think?

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>What do you think?

It’s a good idea,as long as it won’t effect the old games. =P