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I want my Triangles badge.

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Yeah, I know the staff isn’t working much today =P

Still, due to some server problem it didn’t submit my Triangles score to Kongregate, but I have proof:

I’m on place 99 there, I think. Thanks in advance~

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Trotim, good on ya mate to remember to take a screenshot! but, Do not be afraid to contact them via e-mail, try it was a faster reply than I had ever seen for feedback.

However if for some reason they do not respond the forum is a good place as well, just keep in mind that some of the people here don’t like it when people do that, though most really don’t care…

Anyway, Congratulations!!!

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Eh, I usually never use my e-mail except for activation e-mails really… but I’m positive they’ll reply soon enough.

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Alright, that works too then! :-P

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Ah, and while you’re at it:

I know you said it’s unavailable… but, still! cough