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amberial badge trouble

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i have trobule acquiring amberial badge, i have the points but on my badges dont see acquired, still in black and white … i lert you my image probing that… if you want see my points page 2 …

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So, I guess I could make a post about this since it’s currently one of the most prominent bugs on the site. Basically, its a problem on our end and you’re not even close to the only one that’s encountered it. The website thinks you’ve earned the badge (and you have), which means I can’t manually award it to you and make it show up with the administrator web tools that I have available to me.

Right now we plan to get it fixed, and along with the fix, it should suddenly pop up in the profiles of everyone having the bug with no manual intervention by any admins or any extra work done by you folks. I don’t have an ETA on the fix, but I’ll try to keep you updated in case we run into any snags that prevent us from doing it the way we want to.

Other than that, just hold tight, and it should pop up in your profile eventually :)

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i have the same problem with the survivor badge in the last stand