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Please consult these pages before creating a new thread.

This thread contains some links to useful threads and information generally discussed around the forums.

The official FAQ is here. PLEASE CHECK IT.

Table of Contents:

   ▪ Important Pages
   ▪ Moderators
   ▪ Points
   ▪ Tools & resources
   ▪ Games
   ▪ Forums
   ▪ Chat
   ▪ Badges & Cards
   ▪ Kongai – Kongregate Card Game
   ▪ Social
   ▪ Fan Sites
   ▪ Facebook Beacon
   ▪ Other threads of interest

Important Pages

   ▪ Report thread
   ▪ Badge & Challenge Problems


How can I become a mod?

   ▪ Read this

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h1. Games

How do I make a game for Kongregate?

   ▪ FAQ – Making Kongregate games

How do I implement High Scores and Statistics in my game?

   ▪ Kongregate API

Why did a game disappear?

   ▪ It was probably uploaded by someone who wasn’t the author. More info.

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How do I search the forums?

Update: Kongregate search has been fixed and you can now search the forums from the site. Its only an exact word match search though, so if you need more results you can still use the search provider listed in the next paragraph.

Install the Kongregate forum’s search provider into your browser, found here. You can then search the forums right from your browsers search bar, by setting the provider to “Kongregate Forums”. Note that the provider is just a simple xml file, not an application, so there is no need to be concerned about installing it.

If you don’t wish to install the provider, another way to search is listed below.

Someone is spamming, trolling or flaming in the forums, what do I do?

Please do not feed the trolls. Posting “mods lock please”, “stop spamming” or even “geez nice bump” does not help. Instead, report the post here or point it out to one of the forum mods.

How do I quote someone?

Type bq. at the beginning of a line before the text to be quoted, or use the > character instead.


bq. This is a quote

Useful Links:

   ▪ Reporting Inappropriate Threads
   ▪ Formatting Guide (by Phatcat)
   ▪ Guia de Formatação em Português (by xklamation)


Can I make my own chat room?

No, only admins can create new rooms at this point.

Can I have an existing room?

Only moderators and admins can be room owners for now.

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Badges & Cards

Please remember that Kongregate cannot create a badge for a game if the developer hasn’t implemented the Kongregate API.

I want to suggest a badge!

Use the badge suggestion thread.

I didnt get a badge/card!

Follow the instructions in the Badge & Challenge Problems and tech support General Information stickies.

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   ▪ The Introduction Thread
   ▪ Ultimate Kongregate Photo Topic
   ▪ How’d you find Kongregate?

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Fan Sites

   ▪ Unofficial Kongregate Wiki

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Facebook Beacon

How does Kongregate know my Facebook info?
What does it send to Facebook?

This page has all the info you need.

bq. How do I turn it off?

Use your Kongregate notifications page, or your Facebook privacy page under “External Websites”.

Other threads of interest

   ▪ PAX cards
   ▪ Making Money From Your Game

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Thank’s for making this thread arcaneCoder. It could really help new user’s a lot.

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well this is a really nice thread, it answers all the questions i asked 1 month ago

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How to search the Kongregate forums

The user “dazzer” recently said:

Why is there STILL no way to search posts in forums? :(

Short answer: You can search the forums. Skip the “long answer” and use the link below it to search the forums.

Long answer: It’s true that Kong provides no decent forum search features (note to the Kong team: Please finish the card game first. Thanks). I’m sure they’ll have them eventually, but in the mean time, Google provides you with the ability to search the Kong forums without having to download something for your browser.

To search the forums simply use this link.

Just be sure to change the radio button from “Search the Web” to “Search www. /forums”. Unfortunately you have to do that every time you load up the page, but it’s a small price to pay for quality Google search functionality.

Google for president.

- Bruce

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Can you make this post available here..

it is a compendium of Kongregate resources

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Just a link to the post?

PS – Another resource is the Kongregate Forum search provider listed in this thread, if you wan’t to add that to the list.

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yea I’ll add it

Edit: yea just the link unless you want to compile it somewhere else.. :/

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Nobody reads this. It should come up upon going to the forums for the firts time or something…

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Nice post Arcane

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Well, i think this video should be posted here, because i think it’s awesome:

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Seriously, Momose, I hope you realized you just posted a youtube video of a flash video when you could have just embedded the flash video.

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Uh… my bad. I’ll fix it someday

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The Kongregate Sidebar is also very useful and should be added. And also, for any reason, there is also a different Kongregate Wiki.

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Why are some users names in gray and others in black?

Edit: Think I got it. Treadmaker, right?

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thats nice thread, anwsered most of the questions long time ago :)

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does this really work?

Thank you for this information, I’ve been looking for a long time.

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I suggest taking COCAK out of the first post.

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I think KCCG should be there as well.