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Do developers pay for their games to have badges?

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I was reading the comments on Johnny Rocketfingers 2 and crimeZ had a comment that said developers pay for their games to have badges. Is there any truth to this?

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I doubt it.

But it certainly should help.

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To my understanding
from what I know the developers place whats called an API in their games
which is short for application programming interface
that means its a way for games,programs ect to access another program or whats in that program

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I doubt it as well. Many of the badges that are made, are badges requested by the people in here, Seven Deadly Sins and Johnny Rocketfingers 1 and 2, being recent examples of that.

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Other way around dude. Kong pays the developers to make badges…. Or actually, if a game is in the top 10 weekly or monthly, they have to put in the API which gives Kong free rein to make badges.

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I remember hearing that the main limting factor is, as atmoic1fire said, the programing. There was something about one or more types of flash or java or something of that kidney not being supported (badgeable). Easyflash maybe? It’s hard to remember passing comments from a few weeks ago.

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yay! everybody is wrong! its awnser time!
to summarize first

CrimeZ:Wrong, dev’s never pay kong for any reason..(excepting bribery, of course)

milskidasmith:nope, but they do get a 15% bonus on ad revenue for it…. also, the api is NOT required for weekly/mothly prizes. (super crazy guitar maniac deluze 2, anyone?)

yes, the API is additional code in a game that allows it to connect with the kongregate servers, and isn’t actually that hard to do.

and to finalize, NO the developers do NOT pay to get badges for their games.

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No, developers do not pay us to have badges put in their games. Very rarely does the developer of a game even know when I’m putting a badge in the game. You can see from the comments in Tactics 100 Live that, quite often, I don’t even tell developers when their game is going to be made into a challenge and featured for a week.

Implementing our stats API is a requirement for monthly contest prizes. This API makes games eligible for challenges/achievements. We did offer a bit of money ($100 – $200) to some developers to implement our API, and this offer was made to developers of games with high ratings (at least 3.5) that already won contest money before we made the API implementation a requirement. (In other words, I contacted developers of older games on the site and said, “Hey, your game already won money on our site before our API existed, and implementing it now won’t help you win any more contest money. So how about if we just pay you 100 bucks to put it in so that we can make a badge in your game?”)

So in a sense, you could sorta argue that we paid some money to put badges in games like Seven Deadly Sins or Warbears. But that money is more for the time the developer takes to implement our API. We’ve never taken money from a developer in exchange for a badge in his/her game. Long-term, I think that would hurt the site far more than it would help it.

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also, the api is NOT required for weekly/mothly prizes

It actually is required for monthly, but not for weekly. Games in AS3, which we don’t currently support, are exempt, though, on the condition that they’ll implement the API once we support it. This is why Jelly Blocks won monthly contest money even without the API — expect to see a badge or two in that game as soon as our API supports AS3! (Same goes for Ball Revamped 5 in Flash 9.)

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I bet greg takes under the counter bribes to hand out badges >.>

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Note to self: BenV and Greg double-posted.

Note to Greg and BenV: You have no chance to survive make your time

CrimeZ is just making it up. And besides, what happens if Rockettack and Let’s Massage Greg has a badge?

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>what happens if Rockettack and Let’s Massage Greg has a badge?

The world may explode.

But come on,Greg. You should make more badges for the games that have no badges to avoid being complained.