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Chaos Faction---new badge!!!

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i thin k that the game chaos faction, really needs some badges, it’s one of the bestest games on kong (i think)………………………………..

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Red light in chat = no badge possible

The story of the Chaos Faction “badges that never were” is an epic tale of grand proportions, but the summary is that the version of Chaos Faction with our API kept resetting itself, so we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong.

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(Greg is Wrong!!!)

What about you’re Johnny badges? I know this is an exception however because there couldn’t be any highscores for a Point and Click game.

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The light is red in Johnny Rocketfingers because the developer chose to connect to our server once the game is complete, rather than at the beginning. I’m not sure why the developer chose to do this, but it doesn’t really matter because there aren’t any scores to keep track of.

The light is red in Chaos Faction because the game isn’t connecting at all (since the version with the API is unpublished). You’ll notice that the light turns green in Johnny Rocketfingers (both games) once you complete them, whereas the light NEVER turns green in Chaos Faction.