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My school is doing a Stock Market Sim game, so I was Wondering,… Does Kongregate have a stock?

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I don’t think so… but if you’re starting a Kong stocks game, I’ll gladly play. And if you don’t want to organise it, I will :3

Edit: Oh wait, do you mean actual Kongregate shares?

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Yes, I think he meant actual shares.

Please correct me if I’m wrong Kong staff, but I’m going to state this based on my knowledge of business and startups and what I’ve read about Kong. Please note that most of this is just educated guessing, so please don’t quote me on this and say that I was giving the actual ownership structure of Kongregate.

Basically, it is unlikely that they will ever offer “stocks” in the form that anyone in the public can buy them. While this was a little more common 10+ years ago, in this day and age we rarely see IPOs (initial public offerings – where everyone can buy stock). They are risky and extremely expensive, and almost never a good choice for a smaller company.

That said, they do likely have a capitalization table that identifies stock allocation of the various owners. This stock will likely be primarily held by the founders and the VC firm(s) that funded them. Whenever a company receives money from investors, it will either be in a debt form (which is rare in early companies) or an equity form. Thus, Kongregate probably turned over a number of shares (and knowing VCs, quite a lot of them) in exchange for the round of financing.

So, before you ask, no, you’re not going to be able to buy Kong stock. Even if they were looking for further investment right now, unless you are an accredited investor (which I think is defined as having a net worth >$1,000,000 or having an income >$200,000 for the past two years – though the specific numbers might have changed…), they aren’t going to be willing to accept money from you. An accredited investor is considered to fully understand the risks of investing. If you aren’t one, then you could sue Kong if you lost money, claiming you didn’t understand the risks. So any startup company should only accept money from accredited investors if at all possible.

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Phoenix summed things up pretty well. The summary is that we’re not publicly traded, but we did trade shares to investors for t3h moniez.

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Thank you anyway. i would of put a lot of Sim money in Kong’s stocks

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Well, it might have been a decent purchase. :)

In a stock game like this for school, you want to find something that’s going to have large growth in the short term (generally through some sort of product release or business model shift). Normally, I’d say Kong would be better for a 2 – 3 year gain, but with the release of the card game coming up (and the buzz around it), they actually could have seen a nice stock jump. Anyway, best of luck in your game.

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Thank you, i guess i’m going to put it in energy related companies (oil, Electricity) and Sony, Microsoft, etc.

Flag Post must be the stock market sim you’re talking about, I guess?