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After all, it’s the only way to get self promoted like arcane recognized as a good member of the community.

Speaking of trolling… ^

Regarding spam, there is now a discussion open about it. If you have a constructive opinion to share (unlike the above quoted post) please take the time to share.

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Why does everyone try to accuse people of spamming so much, and then point out that someone was being rude, only to cause anger to arise from the original party. I know you all must have heard of the golden rule as it exist through out many if not ALL culture and religions in one way or another. Kongregate has not grown up, to grow up the community needs to stop being so hostile towards each other. And BE grown up by not tattling on everyone for every little childish disagreement, and showing maturity.

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The spammers are getting annoying, but the noobie braggers tick me off more.

Here is a rough reanactment of a conversation.

Noob:Hey, I am only 2 days old and have 18 badges!
Milski: Err… A lot of people get that, I got 20 or so my first day.
N: I guarantee you got all the easy badges, I got all the 5 or so impossible badges and most of the hard badges.
M: Slaps face, checks his profile. He has 12 badges, only 2 of which are above easy(2 medium badges that SHOULD be easy badges)
M: You only have 12 badges and none of them are above medium.
N: Ur stupid.
N: I have the impossible badges
M: People can see your badges in your profile.
N: Well u suck my ball$$ dude! leaves
M: Uggh

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Well this Noob character seems quite misguided good thing kong has ppl like me to keep it all undercontrol