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Metal Arm Fawege plagiarism

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Okay, guys…I know this is in regards to a game, but I wanted to put this in a place where it’d garner, perhaps, more attention from both moderators and administrators.

The game this links to is one called Metal Arm Fawege, submitted by a user named Move. It was posted today, and I was able to catch this while seeing what games people in my chatroom were playing.

Outright, this game was not created by him. It is by a gentleman/group named Net Terminator, whose homepage is here. As a major fan of NT’s work, I absolutely refuse to let this sit quietly. So please, someone, do something about it, because this is indeed a terrible injustice to someone who I consider one of the best Flash game designers today.

Also, I do believe that the other game he has uploaded is by someone else as well, but this, I am not too sure of.

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I was going to simply leave my comments about this issue stay in the comments section of the game. But as a writer (hard copy novels, not programming) the topic of plagiarism is important to me on all sides of the issue. The allegation of plagiarism is often just as bad as plagiarism itself.

What made me decide to post here is that after looking at the two games Move has credit under his/her profile it is apparent to me that these games are likely not from the same author. They are so dramatically different in style. In litterateur it would be like JK Rowling writing a Shakespearian play. It is possible but highly unlikely.

I am not suggesting that Move had any ill intent. But I am wondering if Move has misunderstood the point of Kongregate. As far as I understand things, this website has as one of its purposes being a platform for developers to showcase their talents. I think Move may be simply trying to share cool games found on the Internet. Again, no ill intent, just mislead.

Anyway, my two cents.


PS: My first forums post. Too bad it had to be about something like this.

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BTW: Move responded in comments and has stated he/she has the developer’s permission to post Metal Arm Fawege.

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The problem is that doesn’t matter. That’s very specifically stated in the Kong guidelines. If you are not the owner/creator, you cannot post the material.

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Oh, I did not know that. As I am not a developer I never bothered checking the developer quidelines. I suppose I understand why the stipulation is there. I am just glad that there was no purposeful intent on Move’s part to claim credit for work he/she did not do. I suppose my advice in comments to Move that she/he in the future give credit in the description is kind of mute under the stipuations of the guidelines. I hate being caught with my research down.

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Hee. Phoenix cut me to the chase. Ah well.

But let’s see here…Absen. Honestly, the two games he posted, I’m perhaps 99% certain are from different sites, if only because of the different creator name within said games…and because neither of them have the other game in their websites. ((Like NT doesn’t have Stairfall and Kynetic doesn’t have MAF.)) But regardless…yeah, you’re right. The way I put it does sound slightly abrasive. I’ve just always seen NT as the person who got me into flash gaming, though, when I first played his Naked Hero 3 on some gaming website. ((No, it’s not some form of nudity. In fact, I highly recommend it…it’s a great game. :D)) So I guess that when I saw it, I was just a bit more…well…enraged than I should have been. So for that, I’m quite sorry. That, and I’m sorry you had to start out with something like this. xO Start over anew. :D Go post on some other topics. Don’t worry—we’ll count those as your firsts. ^^ Welcome to the community, Absen.

Kovec: I actually did send a feedback report as well. Like I said, I was absolutely angry at Move at the time when I saw it because of my respect for Net Terminator. So…I covered like all grounds except personal e-mail. xO

Renny: Hah. Thanks, dear. As a sidenote, however…do moderator flags have more weight over regular user flags?

Boooglymeister: Nice first post there yourself. laughs

Absen: For some reason, I honestly doubt it. Unless Move can speak NT’s language…I’m guessing it might’ve been a slightly difficult connection. That, and after three attempts, I’ve yet to ever hear a reply from NT within the past number of years…and as I said before, Phoenix is absolutely right.

::edit for Absen’s post::

Oh, absolutely understandable. Not many do read the developer guidelines…especially if they’re not one themselves. And meh. Still good advice in other sites. I think the problem here is how developers can make money from their games on Kong…so…well, exactly that.

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Hey guys, sorry about the delay in addressing this, but I’m going to contact the original owner and try to get it transferred over to his account. If that doesn’t happen, the game will be removed.

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Fair enough, Renny. Thank you again. smiles And thanks, Greg, for the reply. No problem with the delay, we all know the staff is busy. :D