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Make Badge Level. [DON'T RAISE LEVEL CAP... yet] You can get to Level 65. !!AMAZING DISCOVERY!!~~~ page 3

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I don’t care how much experience you have.

Why not? I can say for a fact those hundreds of thousands of long-lasting users (those who actually bring income to the website) pay a LOT of attention to badges, points, levels, etc. – precisely BECAUSE I have talked to thousands upon thousands of people and been active in at least a dozen chats.

Since the site began, the admins have been adding features and bug fixes at the same time. – your argument is based on the premise that they can only do one at a time (either an awesome feature, or an awesome bug fix).

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Because time doesn’t really matter. Someone can be on the site for 5 years and not have a sweet clue what’s going on or someone can be on the site for 6 months and know the ins-and-outs like a pro.

That’s not my argument. Re-read my first post. Are you a programmer? Is that what you do for a living? Otherwise, you – me too – have no real idea how much work would go into building the features that you mentioned. Even something like a leaderboard would seem simply, just add a few more columns and be done with it. But what about the additional server strain, to poll those numbers? For a level cap, we don’t know the architecture behind it. Hell, they had to raise it to 65 from 64 because of a bug. What if it’s designed so that it needs to be re-written to increase the cap again? That’ll take months and months of work.

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Just so you know, the admins know that the vocal minority does represent the will of the majority. The number of active Kong users who use the forums is an extremely small percentage. Doing anything to the level cap would only effect a small portion of the active users (even smaller than the number of people on the forums.) Whereas implementing Cinematic Mode is a feature that has the potential to affect literally every user on the site.