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[Archive] Badge of the Day (2011)

Originally posted by Vizuna:
Thought it would be cool to keep records of the past badges of the day, so that any user can check it if he needs to for whatever reasons, or simply to rage at the fact that he had missed his bonus points for a particular day.

BotD stats in 2012:

Total bonus pts = 4150
Average bonus pts per day = 11.3
Easy × 164 Medium × 182 Hard × 20

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2012-01-01 Pandemic 2 Apocalyptic Optimist
medium Infect 2/3 of the world population in realistic mode

2012-01-02 Red Remover Gravitational Innocence
easy  Complete the first 10 levels

2012-01-03 The Light Temple B Student
medium Complete 10 levels with a B rank or better

2012-01-04 Flaming Zombooka 3 : Carnival Score to Settle
easy  Score 50,000 total points

2012-01-05 Aether A Boy and His Blob
medium Complete your dream

2012-01-06 Shopping Cart Hero Dropping Loads
easy  Load your cart up with 3 groupies, then crash to the ground

2012-01-07 Bubble Tanks Bubble
medium Kill the biggest, most evil bubble monster of all the land

2012-01-08 Deadly Neighbours Debt Management
medium Complete your quest for $25,000

2012-01-09 Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Moon Landing
medium Complete the campaign

2012-01-10 Blockage Block, Drop and Roll
medium Complete level 20

2012-01-11 Scriball What Is Love?
easy  Complete level 7 to find out

2012-01-12 My Little Army First of Many
easy  Claim victory in one battle

2012-01-13 My Pet Protector Teacher's Pet
medium Train up your apprentice to have 500 total skill points before he turns 18

2012-01-14 ESCAPE Junior Jumper
easy  Ascend 100m in a single run

2012-01-15 Legend of Kalevala Kuriiri Memento
easy  Unlock 5 memories

2012-01-16 Smoking Kills Too Cool for Light
easy  Complete all 9 missions while wearing sunglasses

2012-01-17 Pirates of the Undead Sea Ultimate AAA Service
medium Repair your ship and complete your adventure

2012-01-18 Cargo Bridge Overflow Funding
medium Rack up $2,000 in unused funds across all levels

2012-01-19 Mushroom Madness 3 Bunker Down
medium Reach wave 40 in survival mode

2012-01-20 3 Slices Slash and Turn
easy  Complete level 10 in 3-slice mode

2012-01-21 Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Momentum Mayhem Master
 HARD Complete all 30 levels of "Scenario" mode

2012-01-22 Amberial Amberial Ace
 HARD Collect all 15 Aces

2012-01-23 Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Kudos
medium Complete every campaign challenge level

2012-01-24 Caravaneer Apocalyptic Entrepreneur
medium Get your business rolling with $10,000 worth of assets after exiting a town

2012-01-25 Kingdom Rush Bucket of Bolts
medium Defeat the Juggernaut in the 6th mission

2012-01-26 Achievement Unlocked 2 Button Masher
easy  Press the first 3 buttons

2012-01-27 Cat God vs Sun King Purrninating the Peasants
easy  Kill 200 of the Sun King's minions

2012-01-28 Accelerator Terminal Velocity
 HARD Reach a speed of at least 1,000 in 'hard' difficulty

2012-01-29 SHIFT 3 Black Hole Son
medium Explore the vastness of space

2012-01-30 Two Rooms Itty Bitty Baby
easy  Shrink your way past level 8

2012-01-31 Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Assassin's Arsenal
easy  Purchase 2 upgrades

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2012-02-01 Penguinz Carbon Offset Funding
easy  Earn $10,000 in a single game

2012-02-02 Wake the Royalty Commander in Sleep
medium Complete level 25

2012-02-03 CycloManiacs 2 Cartographic Crust
medium Unlock the first pizza slice

2012-02-04 Doodle God Doodle Demi-God
easy  Unlock half the category groups

2012-02-05 IndestructoTank! AE Free Flyer
medium Launch yourself 90 feet into the air

2012-02-06 RPG Shooter: Starwish Double Deuce
easy  Reach character level 5

2012-02-07 Trap Master OM NOM NOM NOM
easy  Eat 50 delicious humans

2012-02-08 mini Tower Defence (mTD) Tank Destroyer
easy  Destroy 2,000 tanks across all maps

2012-02-09 Monster Arena Monster Masher
easy  Defeat 5 monsters

2012-02-10 UPGRADE COMPLETE! "Now What?"
medium Upgrade everything you can, including the final mystery upgrade

2012-02-11 Splitter Rolling Star
 HARD Collect all 25 stars

2012-02-12 Get Off My Lawn Darned Whippersnappers
easy  Kill 200 goos

2012-02-13 Wasted Youth, Part 1 Hello Stranger
easy  Meet 30 different people by interacting with them

2012-02-14 StormWinds 1.5 When Kongregate Attacks
medium Destroy the evil forces of Kongregate before it's too late

2012-02-15 Creeper World Training Sim Key to Odin City
easy  Complete the "intro" planet mission

2012-02-16 Snail Bob Slow but Steady
medium Finish all 20 levels

2012-02-17 Seven Deadly Sins Born Again Sinner
medium Complete each of the 7 deadly sins

2012-02-18 Flaming Zombooka 3 : Carnival Score to Settle
easy  Score 50,000 total points

2012-02-19 Treadmillasaurus Rex 25,000 Calorie Diet
medium Burn 25,000 calories during a single exercise session

2012-02-20 Feed the King Cake for Coins
easy  Earn 100 coins across all games

2012-02-21 Mardi Gras Mayhem The Girl with the Dragon Snafu
medium Travel 1,000 meters

2012-02-22 Heavy Weapons Six Figure Salary
medium Achieve a high score of 100,000 points

2012-02-23 light-Bot Stairway to the Light
easy  Complete level 5

2012-02-24 Vector Stunt Rock the Stanza
easy  Earn the in-game 'Spectrum-Runner' achievement

2012-02-25 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Ice Cream Gotten
medium Defeat the evil bunny thing and reclaim your frozen treat

2012-02-26 99 Bricks Conservative Constructionist
medium Create a tower with 33 blocks without losing a single one

2012-02-27 Sushi Cat Mercury Love
medium Complete your quest

2012-02-28 Museum of Thieves  The Night Museum Cometh
easy  Complete your museum tour

2012-02-29 Pixel 2 Outlast the Madness
medium Complete story mode

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2012-03-01 Papa's Taco Mia! Hard Shell Hero
easy  Reach rank 5

2012-03-02 Dibbles 2: Winter Woes Taking Cover
easy  Complete 5 levels

2012-03-03 Epsilon Advanced Wormholes
medium Complete the 4th module

2012-03-04 MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction Duck and Cover
 HARD Use the most effective means imaginable to protect yourself from an onslaught of missiles

2012-03-05 Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Phantasmal Parcel Delivery
medium Deliver the package and do good deeds

2012-03-06 Cardian Feeling Blue
easy  Obtain a blue (rare) card

2012-03-07 Monsters' Den: Book of Dread War Profiteer
easy  Earn 10,000 gold

2012-03-08 BioGems Shark: Weak
medium Beat up the first five enemies

2012-03-09 William and Sly 2 Happy Thoughts
medium Obtain the power of flight

2012-03-10 Earn to Die Get to da Choppa!
medium Find your way to da choppa and escape

2012-03-11 Focus Rocket-Powered Jungle Gym
medium Complete the 'Normal' level pack

2012-03-12 Zombies Took My Daughter! Parents vs. Zombies
easy  Kill 20 zombies

2012-03-13 Pillage the Village Village Bully
easy  Pillage your way past level 5 and rack up $3,000

2012-03-14 Boss Battle Scores of Bullets
easy  Score 30,000 points

2012-03-15 300 miles to Pigsland Went to the Market
easy  Earn 500 coins in a single adventure

2012-03-16 Spacecraft Little Dead Corvette
easy  Destroy 100 enemy ships

2012-03-17 Mushroom Madness 3 In It to Earn It
medium Earn 20 In-Game Achievements

2012-03-18 XenoSquad Welcome to the Roughnecks
easy  Kill 15 enemies

2012-03-19 Flaming Zombooka 2 Spin Master
easy  Complete level 10, "Spin"

2012-03-20 Cell Warfare Matryoshka
easy  Earn achievements to earn 5 badges

2012-03-21 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 Band Camper
easy  Rack up 10 awards points

2012-03-22 Arachnophilia Fly Trap
easy  Eat 25 flies during a single game

2012-03-23 Bloody Fun Day Hatching a Plan
easy  Complete the tutorial, then ignore its advice by crushing 10 eggs in a single game

2012-03-24 Time Kufc Conjoined
easy  Meet Steven by completing level 9

2012-03-25 Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! It's a Trap!
medium Complete all 9 campaign chapters on any difficulty setting

2012-03-26 Legends of Kong Kontingency Plan
medium Earn 3 pacifist ratings and 3 wipeout ratings

2012-03-27 Z-Rox Elevator Eyes
medium Unlock "random attack" and "limited view" modes

2012-03-28 Belial Chapter 2 Through the Gates of Hell
medium Complete your adventure by going through the final gate

2012-03-29 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Underground Cleaning
medium Kill the giant worm boss

2012-03-30 Cuboy: Cubeture 2 Ram Buster
easy  Get the ram out of your way

2012-03-31 Arkandian Revenant Tomb Raiding
medium Loot 5 artifacts

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2012-04-01 Kingdom Rush Kingdom: Rushed
 HARD Complete all heroic and iron challenges in normal difficulty

2012-04-02 Trigger Knight Run Fast, Die Old
medium Live to see Day 10

2012-04-03 Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy Heroes on Duty
medium Complete your adventure

2012-04-04 Dude and Zombies AAA Associate
medium Fix up your truck and get out of there

2012-04-05 Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Deck the Balls
medium Complete all 16 levels

2012-04-06 Exorbis 2 "It Puts the Orbs in the Basket"
easy  Achieve 10% overall progress

2012-04-07 Battle Beavers "One Does Not Simply Battle Into Moira"
 HARD Defeat Rangor atop Mt. Moira

2012-04-08 Gravitee Wars No One Can Hear You Achieve
medium Unlock 25 awards

2012-04-09 Cactus McCoy 2 Going Up?
easy  Launch 5 enemies skyward

2012-04-10 Zilch Makin' Bank
medium Bank at least 3,000 points in a single turn

2012-04-11 The Great Siege Stimulus Package
medium Employ 150 fine countrymen

2012-04-12 The I of It The B of
medium Reunite with T to complete your adventure

2012-04-13 Prizma Puzzle Challenges I'ma Chargin Mah Node
easy  Light up 50 nodes

2012-04-14 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 Compulsive Box Opener
easy  Open 20 treasure chests

2012-04-15 Burrito Bison Revenge Buffalo Wings Midnight Snack
 HARD Travel 25,000 meters in survival mode

2012-04-16 SCGMD4 Somewhat Crazy Guitar Multiplier 4
easy  Reach a 4x score multiplier

2012-04-17 SeppuKuties Screw the Pooch
medium Complete all 21 levels

2012-04-18 Learn to Fly Achieving the Impossible
medium Complete the final 6,000-distance achievement

2012-04-19 Flagstaff: Chapter One Fearsome Foursome
easy  Complete the first floor of the dungeon

2012-04-20 Drift Runners Overdrift
medium Score 2,000 total drift points during any single race

2012-04-21 Bubble Tanks Arenas Bubble Redrum
medium Plow through all 25 arena levels, slaughtering red bubbles as you go

2012-04-22 Chuck the Sheep Rings for Things
medium Unlock 10 cards

2012-04-23 Super Stacker Stacktacular
medium Complete all 12 levels

2012-04-24 Edmus Kilometer on the Odometer
medium Run 1,000 meters

2012-04-25 Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Library Science
easy  Level your librarian up to level 3

2012-04-26 Mushroom Madness 2 Spiritual Adventure
medium Complete the final mission in "adventure" mode

2012-04-27 Sugar, sugar Spoonful of Sugar
easy  Clear level 5

2012-04-28 The Visitor Always One Survivor
medium In every classic horror story, there's always exactly one survivor. Make this story no different

2012-04-29 New Star Soccer League of Your Own
 HARD Achieve a career star rating of 8

2012-04-30 Crush The Castle 2 Crush Mania on Crushtania
medium Crush every castle

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2012-05-01 A Small Favor Out of Office
medium Assassinate the senator

2012-05-02 Little Red Riding Hood "Some Things Never Change"
easy  Complete your adventure with a positive score

2012-05-03 Tactical Assassin 2 Professional Cleaner
medium Complete missions 2 through 9

2012-05-04 Hands of War 2 Thinning the Ranks
easy  Kill 30 enemies

2012-05-05 Warbears Polar Bear Rescue
 HARD Thwart the evil groundhog bank robbery

2012-05-06 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Meta Medal
medium Earn any 10 in-game medals

2012-05-07 Hedgehog Launch Pygmy Pioneer
easy  Enter space in 50 days or fewer

2012-05-08 Infectonator : World Dominator Infectious Gold Digger
medium Collect $2,000,000

2012-05-09 Defend your Honor! Scrooge
easy  Bank 1000 gold

2012-05-10 Pwong 2 Master Paddler
medium Achieve at least 90% accuracy during any game

2012-05-11 Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll They See Me Rollin'
medium Complete your adventure

2012-05-12 Fixation Blowing Smoke
medium Triumph over the EHUP

2012-05-13 Exploit .Sol Editor
easy  Complete the tutorial

2012-05-14 Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Cap and Diploma
easy  Complete your training

2012-05-15 The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy Human Devoured
medium Eat all 10 campers

2012-05-16 Dolphin Olympics 2 Junior Olympian
easy  Score 50,000 points

2012-05-17 Sydney Shark Land Blown Under
medium Nuke Sydney

2012-05-18 The Legend of the Golden Robot Hot Streak
easy  Beat Andy and Brian in a game of chance

2012-05-19 Super Villainy Villainous
medium Defeat all the other villians

2012-05-20 Fracuum Going Deeper
medium Find your way to the inner-most level and complete the game

2012-05-21 Papa's Burgeria Delicious Decorator
medium Purchase 10 upgrades

2012-05-22 Factory Balls Faberge Factory
medium Complete all 14 levels

2012-05-23 Mechanical Commando 2 Trooper
easy  Kill 100 enemies

2012-05-24 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloon X-ing
medium Complete all 60 waves of the first 2 maps on at least the "medium" difficulty setting

2012-05-25 Haunt the House Possession Aggression
easy  Possess any 31 objects

2012-05-26 Champions of chaos Pretty Pink Princess
medium Beat the second boss

2012-05-27 Axon Nerves of Steel
 HARD Build a neuron that is at least 75,000 micrometers in length

2012-05-28 Epic Coaster Precision Engineering
medium Get a perfect jump streak of 5

2012-05-29 Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Finish What You Star
medium Collect all 34 stars

2012-05-30 The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 2 Complete Cowardice
medium Achieve the double coward ending

2012-05-31 Rage 3 Mortal Strikes
easy  Slay 30 foes

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2012-06-01 Bubble Tanks 3 Outside the Domes
medium Explore 50 different bubbles

2012-06-02 Perfect Balance 2 Tipping Points
easy  Score 10,000 total points

2012-06-03 Shadowreign RPG Bloodied Blade
medium Slay 100 enemies

2012-06-04 Reincarnation: Out to Sea You Die Catch of the Month
easy  Complete your mission

2012-06-05 Do You Know Flash Games? Consolation Prize
easy  Earn any 10 in-game achievements

2012-06-06 Sonny 2 Be Kind, Please Rewind
easy  Acquire the tape

2012-06-07 Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Pierce the Heavens
easy  Reach the first checkpoint

2012-06-08 Protector: Reclaiming the Throne Gruesome Death
easy  Finish off an enemy with a poisonous infection

2012-06-09 Indestruct2Tank Cliche Conquest
medium Follow the gripping tale of Dirk Danger through its completely unexpected ending

2012-06-10 Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Golden Acorn
medium Complete 4 forest rooms with a gold rating

2012-06-11 Bubble Tanks 2 Bubble Bully
easy  Destroy 100 enemies during a single game

2012-06-12 Ether War Empyreal Destroyer
medium Defeat the evil sun

2012-06-13 Feudalism Errand Boy
easy  Every great leader needs to start somewhere! Earn 1000 gold

2012-06-14 Kill the Heroes Blinded Me with Science
easy  Purchase 3 upgrades

2012-06-15 Epic Combo! Shell Shocked
easy  Complete "original" mode

2012-06-16 Zomgies 2 Undead Daydreaming
 HARD Complete level 14

2012-06-17 Civilizations Wars "I Hate Turtles"
medium Kill the giant turtle

2012-06-18 Dino Run Dinosavior
easy  Rescue a dinosaur

2012-06-19 Monster Slayers Player Slayer
easy  Defeat any other player's army with the multiplayer feature

2012-06-20 Raze 2 "Ah! My Groin!"
easy  Get 3 groin-shot kills

2012-06-21 Epic War 2 First Blood
easy  Kill 100 enemies

2012-06-22 Reincarnation: ADDO Closet Skeletons
medium Complete your adventure

2012-06-23 Crush the Castle Castle Crushers
medium Destroy all 24 castles

2012-06-24 Orbital Decay Paranoid Android
easy  Destroy 50 enemy ships

2012-06-25 Learn to Fly 2 Frequent Flyer Bonus Points
medium Earn 3,000 bonus points

2012-06-26 GemCraft chapter 0 Paying Your Respects
easy  Activate a shrine

2012-06-27 Straw Hat Samurai Steel Samurai
medium Charge through 5 enemies with a single slash

2012-06-28 Help the Hero Yes Sir
medium Aid your good sir through all 9 levels

2012-06-29 Sprout Magnoliophyta Master
medium Complete your journey and transform into an acorn

2012-06-30 Viricide Heart of the Problem
medium Complete all 17 levels

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2012-07-01 Hood Episode 2 Hoodwinked
medium Continue your investigation into Hood's disappearance

2012-07-02 Phage Wars 2 Dish Networking
easy  Unlock the second set of experiments

2012-07-03 Bullet Heaven Can't Outsmart Bullet
easy  Kill 300 enemies

2012-07-04 LARRY and the GNOMES Gnomes No More
easy  Kill 25 gnomes and 5 while enraged

2012-07-05 Frantic Frigates Churning the Water
easy  Kill 100 enemies

2012-07-06 Effing Meteors Effing Extinction
medium Wipe out the dinosaurs

2012-07-07 Balloon Invasion Huge Manatee
medium Defeat the first boss on any difficulty

2012-07-08 The Last Stand: Union City Read a Book
easy  Find and read a skill book

2012-07-09 Vector Conflict: The Siege Hero of SOTER
medium Complete all 10 levels on any difficulty

2012-07-10 Legend of the Void Suited Up
easy  Equip a piece of armor in every non-artifact slot

2012-07-11 ZunderFury Scrap Metal Supplier
easy  Kill 100 enemies

2012-07-12 Icy Fishes The Octopus's Garden
medium Collect all 54 stars

2012-07-13 Pandemic 2 Darwin Award
easy  Earn 50 evolution points in realistic mode

2012-07-14 Hands of War Helping Hand of War
medium Complete 10 quests

2012-07-15 Alice is Dead Episode 3 Out with a Ding
medium Complete your adventure

2012-07-16 Elephant Quest Brave new Elephrontier
easy  Discover 20 unique areas

2012-07-17 Castaway Island TD Shrapnel Shot
easy  Kill 2 enemies with a single shot

2012-07-18 Mushroom Revolution Uprooting Evil
easy  Score 500 kills across all games

2012-07-19 The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 Path of Least Resistance
medium Complete Liam's preferred path

2012-07-20 You Have To Burn The Rope You Have to Earn the
easy  Defeat the Grinning Colossus

2012-07-21 Frontier Big Business
medium Hire on 4 employees

2012-07-22 Ghost Hacker Core Power
medium Save 50 data cores

2012-07-23 The Tickler Coochi Coochi Coo!
easy  Slay 100 enemies

2012-07-24 Paladog Wagon Wheel
easy  Beat level 1-6

2012-07-25 Music Bounce Feeling the Rhythm
medium Complete the first 20 levels

2012-07-26 endeavor Fruitful Gains
medium Obtain 15 endurance fruit

2012-07-27 Demons Took My Daughter Have No Fear, Daddy's Here!
medium Rescue your daughter

2012-07-28 My Pet Protector 2 No Place Like Home
medium Raise your village quality to 15 before your 19th birthday

2012-07-29 Adventure Story Blade Sharpening
easy  Kill 50 enemies

2012-07-30 GunBot Powering Up
easy  Reach character level 3 to unlock the fire fury

2012-07-31 Kamikaze Pigs Make It a Combo
medium Get an 80x combo

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2012-08-01 Diamond Hollow The Trophy Life
medium Earn 8 in-game achievements

2012-08-02 Valthirian Arc No Student Left Behind
easy  Accept 10 total students

2012-08-03 Bunny Invasion 2 Hey Big Spender
medium Spend u00a3100k

2012-08-04 [Visible] III Powered Up!
medium Fully upgrade your powers

2012-08-05 Creeper World: User Space Viral Gaming City Settler
 HARD Complete The Gamer, Virus Attack, The City, and The Settlers

2012-08-06 Meat Boy (map pack) Way of the Ninja
medium Unlock a very special ninja by collecting 4 band-aids

2012-08-07 Hanna in a Choppa Bake a Pretty Cake
medium Prove that the cake is not a lie by completing all 21 levels

2012-08-08 Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Bubble Rubble
medium Complete any 15 levels

2012-08-09 Granny Strikes Back Retirement Plan
easy  Open 5 chests

2012-08-10 Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood Sunburn
medium Solve your niece's murder

2012-08-11 Red Remover Player Pack 2 "I Like to Watch"
easy  Complete the first "auto" level

2012-08-12 Reincarnation: The Clergy Of Unholy Blood-Stained Glass
medium Complete your mission

2012-08-13 William and Sly FoxDie
medium Activate all 13 runes and kill the non-solid snake

2012-08-14 Zombotron Parting the Undead Sea
easy  Slay 100 zombies

2012-08-15 Reachin' Pichin Reachin' for the Stars
medium Launch into the depths of space

2012-08-16 Theme Hotel Twin Cinema
medium Build a cinema

2012-08-17 This is the Only Level 3 This Is Three Only
medium Complete all 30 stages

2012-08-18 Bunny Flags Colonel Hurtz
medium Get at least a colonel rank on at least 5 maps

2012-08-19 The Company of Myself Solitary Refinement
medium I complete all 20 levels

2012-08-20 Sushi Cat 2 Kitty and the Sushi Factory
medium Collect all 60 pieces of gold sushi

2012-08-21 Upgrade Complete 2 Don't Crap Your Pants
easy  Purchase the heart rate upgrade to improve your short-term resting BPM

2012-08-22 Cube Colossus AMU Learner's Permit
easy  Rack up a damage combo of at least 15,000, then successfully complete that level

2012-08-23 Clockwords: Prelude Sesquipedalian
medium Deal 100 damage with a single word

2012-08-24 Super Samurai Sweeper Blood-Splattered Blade
easy  Kill 100 enemies

2012-08-25 Desert Moon More Ways to Skin a Runner
easy  Establish your base defense

2012-08-26 Pirate Defense I Won! I Won! At Pirate Defense
 HARD Complete The 101

2012-08-27 Enigmata Enigmata Armada
easy  Destroy 100 enemies

2012-08-28 Civiballs Basket Case
easy  Complete any 5 levels

2012-08-29 4 Differences Left 4 Differences
medium Find every last difference

2012-08-30 Battalion: Nemesis Field Training
easy  Destroy 10 enemies, produce a unit, and capture a resource structure

2012-08-31 Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Addict
medium Unlock 200 Achievements

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2012-09-01 Maze Stopper 2 You Lag, You Drag
medium Accumulate 1 minute of lead time

2012-09-02 Treasure of Cutlass Reef Bloody Buccaneer
easy  Crush 10 enemy vessels across all games in any difficulty setting

2012-09-03 Theme Hotel Twin Cinema
medium Build a cinema

2012-09-04 Feudalism II "Only a Flesh Wound"
easy  Man up and have your hero take 100 damage from a single hit

2012-09-05 Amorphous+ Special Prize Winner
easy  Unlock your first reward

2012-09-06 Rebuild Zombie Wrangler
easy  Kill 50 zombies

2012-09-07 Boss Slayer Who's the Boss?
medium Slay every boss

2012-09-08 Balloon in a Wasteland Great Balloon Escape
medium Escape the perils of the ground with your balloon

2012-09-09 The Several Journeys of Reemus  Legendary Ant Poisoner
medium Use brains to defeat the ant queen

2012-09-10 Coma Ding Dong Ditch
medium Complete your adventure

2012-09-11 Neon Race 2 Neon Asphalt
easy  Get a kill streak of 10

2012-09-12 Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Fear Factor
easy  Use an upgraded undead tower to scare an enemy

2012-09-13 Closure Welcome to Purgatory
medium Complete level 10

2012-09-14 Pixel Purge Gold Level Climber
medium Reach level 15

2012-09-15 Bunny Invasion: Easter Special Second Killing
 HARD Rid the world of the evil Easter Bunny once and for all

2012-09-16 City Siege 2 Bunker Buster
medium Clear level 15

2012-09-17 Epic War 5 Clearing a Path
easy  Slay 300 enemies

2012-09-18 Boom Town It's Good to Have Land
medium Buy all the plots

2012-09-19 Multitask 2 Switching It Up
medium Unlock Switch mode and score 40 points on it

2012-09-20 Thing-Thing Arena 2 Path of Pwnage
easy  Load up "Ultimate Survival" and slaughter 20 soldiers, robots, zombies, and, uh, bean things

2012-09-21 Insectonator Insectocalypse Dawn
easy  Complete 5 levels

2012-09-22 Microbe Kombat Microbial Menace
medium Split the 12 levels in half, then devour the first section

2012-09-23 Wings of Genesis Dream Fisher
easy  Defeat Pisces

2012-09-24 ClueSweeper Case Closed
easy  Solve a case

2012-09-25 Ninja Painter One Coat, Two Coat, Red Coat, Blue Coat
easy  Paint 100 walls

2012-09-26 Penguin Overlords Cactus Crunch
medium Reach the desert

2012-09-27 Lucky Tower Dubious Descent
medium Escape the tower

2012-09-28 Icy Gifts Icebreaker
medium Achieve a 3-star ranking on all 36 levels

2012-09-29 Belial Chap. 2.5 When Ends Meet
medium Complete your adventure

2012-09-30 Hexiom Connect Making Connections
medium Complete any 20 levels and complete a random level of size 3 in 1 minute or less

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2012-10-01 I Love Traffic Just Friends with Traffic
easy  Complete level 10

2012-10-02 Bloons TD 5 Gibbon Kempo
easy  Reach rank 6 and unlock the ninja monkey

2012-10-03 Chronotron Paradox Shmaradox
easy  Survive an early encounter with a potential paradox in level 6

2012-10-04 Decision 2 Kills for Bills
easy  Save up $2500

2012-10-05 Flood Runner 3 Dragon Rider
medium Catch a ride on the elusive dragon in the sky

2012-10-06 Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Damage Dealer
easy  Deal out 200 damage to enemy wizards

2012-10-07 Alice is Dead - Ep 2 Something Fishy
medium Escape from prison

2012-10-08 Man in Gap Safety Dance
medium Successfully find 20 gaps in one game

2012-10-09 The Final Death Wish Getting There
medium Complete the first 10 story maps

2012-10-10 Zombies Took My Daughter! Curfew Enforcement
medium Rescue your daughter

2012-10-11 Thing-Thing Arena 3 Casual Killing
easy  Score 50 kills on "casual" or "quickplay" mode

2012-10-12 Papa's Wingeria Closing Time
easy  Serve all the closers

2012-10-13 Electric Box 2 Power from the Players
 HARD Complete level 40

2012-10-14 CycloManiacs 2 Easy Rider
easy  Unlock 5 riders

2012-10-15 CellCraft Sneeze Play
easy  Fend off the snot-dwelling viruses on level 2

2012-10-16 Sugar, sugar 2 Sweet Sweet Teleportation
easy  Complete level 7

2012-10-17 Hacker vs Hacker Hack Back at 'Em
easy  Create 100 malware units

2012-10-18 Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Color Theorist
medium Finish all of the puzzles

2012-10-19 Vector Stunt Ruby Tuesday
medium Earn the in-game 'Ruby' achievement

2012-10-20 Reincarnation: The Final Happy Hour Bartender on the Rocks
medium Complete your evil mission

2012-10-21 Zilch Small Savings
easy  Bank 10,000 total points

2012-10-22 Demonrift TD Geared for War
medium Purchase any 5 upgrades from the training camp

2012-10-23 Papa's Taco Mia! Curly Mustache
medium Earn a blue ribbon from Jojo the food critic

2012-10-24 Hack Slash Crawl Creature Crawl
easy  Kill 50 enemies

2012-10-25 Knightmare Tower Man on a Mission
medium Complete 30 quests

2012-10-26 Versus Umbra Master of One
easy  Level any weapon up to level 5

2012-10-27 The Visitor Returns Trailer Park Terror
medium Complete your adventure with any 3 endings

2012-10-28 Trigger Knight Dragon Age Endings
 HARD Slay a dragon

2012-10-29 Vector Runner Blue Runner
easy  Earn 5,000 points

2012-10-30 Effing Worms 2 Get in My Belly!
medium Reach a 100x combo

2012-10-31 Gravitee Wars Where's the Kaboom?
easy  Knock 10 enemies out of bounds

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2012-11-01 Hands of War Tower Defense Embattled
easy  Finish any 3 battles

2012-11-02 Bloons TD 5 Dusting off the Bloons
medium Complete wave 50 on any intermediate track on 'easy' difficulty

2012-11-03 Fairway Solitaire Par for Course
easy  Complete the "Echo Echo Canyon" course with at least 1 star

2012-11-04 Tower of Greed Scaling the Ivory Tower
medium Reach the 25th floor, then successfully exit the tower

2012-11-05 Get Off My Lawn Big Goo Hunter
medium Earn 15 trophies

2012-11-06 Warlords: Heroes Heads Will Fly
easy  Score 50 kills during any episode

2012-11-07 Solipskier Colors of the Wind
medium Lose your headphones by reaching a speed of 70 km/h

2012-11-08 All That Matters Caught in the Wind
medium Complete all 25 levels

2012-11-09 Bowmaster Prelude Death From Above
easy  Kill 100 enemies

2012-11-10 Creeper World Training Sim Bowl Patrol
medium Complete the final planet mission

2012-11-11 The Trader of Stories Story Weaver
medium Piece together the story of Derrida

2012-11-12 Fade Chromatic Camelid
medium Discover a fully-colored world by running at 50 mph.

2012-11-13 Deadly Neighbors 2 Won't You Be My Neighbor?
easy  Find a special item

2012-11-14 Arzea  Keys to Success
easy  Find 2 keys

2012-11-15 Cell Warfare Autoimmunity
medium Score 5,000 points in any mode

2012-11-16 Effing Worms Gargantuan Graboid Gigasmash!
easy  Score over 10 million points

2012-11-17 SeppuKuties Upstate Farm
easy  Complete the first world

2012-11-18 Sierra 7 Special Ops for Dummies
easy  Complete the training mission

2012-11-19 Cursed Dungeon Slash and/or Burn
easy  Deal a blow that does at least 500 damage

2012-11-20 Pirateers Davy Jones' Pantry
easy  Collect 1 golden treasure

2012-11-21 Colourshift Multicolor Mix Master
easy  Complete the first 6 levels

2012-11-22 Punk-o-matic 2 Waking the Neighbors
easy  Earn a "good" or better rating on any song in the garage

2012-11-23 Bloody Fun Day Reap What You Sow
medium Complete 5 level mode

2012-11-24 Relic Of War Real Estate Tycoon
easy  Capture 25 buildings

2012-11-25 Defend your Honor! Chinchilla Villa
medium Complete your adventure

2012-11-26 Coins Ch-ch-ch-ch-Change
easy  Beat the first 10 levels

2012-11-27 Reactance Flak Jack
medium Achieve at least a 21x multiplier

2012-11-28 Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Sniper in Training
easy  Get 3 stars on 'Scouting Easy'

2012-11-29 The Visitor Super Happy Adventure Time
medium Guide your lovable visitor through his quest to destroy all in his path

2012-11-30 Papa's Pizzeria Pizza Lover
medium Rise the ranks of the pizza shop, reaching Rank 10

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2012-12-01 Great Dungeon in the Sky Dungeon Cleaning
easy  Kill 20 enemies

2012-12-02 Agony: The Portal Demise of Species
 HARD Reach a Darwin level of at least 82 on at least the medium difficulty setting

2012-12-03 A Small Favor Blind Ambition
medium Fail your mission

2012-12-04 Battalion: Ghosts Destruction Derby
easy  Destroy 10 enemy units

2012-12-05 Burrito Bison Revenge Mission of Mayhem
medium Complete any 40 in-game missions

2012-12-06 Sarah's Run (preview) Gravitational Orientation Orientation
easy  Complete any two levels

2012-12-07 Bot Arena 3 Roboslayer
easy  Lay waste to 10 opponents in career mode or challenge mode

2012-12-08 Warlords: Call to Arms Field of Corpses
easy  Score 100 kills during a single campaign

2012-12-09 StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns Scrap Metal
easy  Defeat 100 enemies

2012-12-10 Whiteboard Tower Defense Marker Sniffer
easy  Defeat 100 enemies during a single game on any difficulty setting

2012-12-11 Wonderputt Putt Putt Pass
medium Complete all 18 holes

2012-12-12 Papa's Burgeria Ladder Climber
easy  Obtain rank 3

2012-12-13 Epic War 4 Geology Studies
easy  Conquer the volcanic third stage

2012-12-14 Jacksmith Trial by Ore-deal
easy  Collect 100 ore in combat

2012-12-15 Knightmare Tower Evil Ender
medium Destroy the evil lurking at the top of the tower

2012-12-16 Not To Scale Stretched Pixels
medium Piece together every image

2012-12-17 Vox Populi, Vox Dei(a werewolf thriller) Howler Prowler
medium Complete your rescue mission

2012-12-18 Rebuild 2 Skilled Survivor
medium Train up any skill on any survivor up to level 10

2012-12-19 Flagstaff: Chapter One Wineries for Everyone
medium Discover the secrets of the dungeon

2012-12-20 Innkeeper Bed and Building
medium Build 3 fully-upgraded amenities

2012-12-21 W-Zone The Harder They Fall
easy  Defeat the first boss

2012-12-22 Bubble Tanks 3 Popping with Firepower
medium Defeat the final boss

2012-12-23 Super Stacker Half Stack
easy  Complete the first 6 levels

2012-12-24 SHIFT 2 Still Alive
medium Escape the research facility with trophy in hand and limbs intact

2012-12-25 Epic Coaster Smile!
easy  Have your picture taken 10 times total

2012-12-26 The Adventures of Red Haturday Celebration
medium Collect all 7 hats

2012-12-27 Vertical Drop Heroes Tasks for Masks
medium Collect any 20 masks

2012-12-28 Battalion: Vengeance Pearl's Vengeance
medium Complete the bonus map

2012-12-29 The Enchanted Cave Viva La Revolucion!
 HARD Stick it to the capitalist pigs by defeating the final boss on the 100th level

2012-12-30 Road of the Dead Great Escape Survivor
 HARD Complete "The Great Escape"

2012-12-31 filler Filler Up
easy  Complete level 3

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Glad to see someone’s taken it up.
You’ll be able to stick with it for the whole year, Gomo_Psivarh?

Also, it might be a good idea to see about getting 2o11’s locked.


yup I’m quite free this year :D


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Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

Glad to see someone’s taken it up.
You’ll be able to stick with it for the whole year, Gomo_Psivarh?

Also, it might be a good idea to see about getting 2o11’s locked.

yup I’m quite free this year :D

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Great to see someone took care of this issue. I expected BlackBone or SamsterSamster to take care of this but as long this thread keeps getting regular updates in time, I’m satisfied enough

Damn happy alcoholic Ninjas

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Nice seeing this is back. One more year of badge hunting!

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Awesome sauce! Also good to see pictures too :)

I’d have done it but I was too lazy with the formatting :L

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Like vizuna did, could you also bother to calculate total points and average point from all BoTD’s?

Kudos for you if you’re noble enough to do so

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I should have done this. :o

Anyway, nice to have another person continuing the idea. I don’t mind about total points or such, I think this is fine like this is now. :D

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It’s fun to see people complaining they don’t have enough time when it takes at most a few seconds. The truth is: Vizuna doesn’t want this boring responsibility and gave an excuse.

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Awesome, thanks so much for this :D

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Sweet! Thanks for putting this together!

Originally posted by velricreize:

It’s fun to see people complaining they don’t have enough time when it takes at most a few seconds. The truth is: Vizuna doesn’t want this boring responsibility and gave an excuse.

Vizuna didn’t just copy and paste the info. He had to make sure the formatting was correct and update the spreadsheet(My estimate is about ten minutes at minimum. It adds up). Lets just thank him for the work he did in 2011 and welcome Gomo!

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Block, Drop and Roll Badge (medium – 15 points)

Complete level 20 in Blockage