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Hello Fellow Kongregate memebers and guest,

My name is Eatmycheese. I have recently just joined the kongregate family. I enjor this site just as much as anyone. I love playing the games but most of all i love meeting people of different ethinticity and cultures around the world. I also appreciate it when it when people chat sincerely not Unresponsibly… As a new addition to the kongregat family i want to ask all you to get to know me better. I hope to someday get to know you all. I have actually been chatting with a few members that are rather nice, some more than others. So if you see me in your local chat room drop me a line or somethin welcoming me to the family…….. Im a nice person contray to what you think about my username. ill respond grasciosly. I would also appreciate it if you guys could help me out with some of the games and the cards. Im just starting to get the hang of what we do at Kongregate. So this letter is my official What’s up to every one at kongregate…. I expect responses lol


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hey sexy fella…

looks like no one wants to say hi…
so ill do the honors and welcome you to kongregate. I you have any questions just ask

(now thats kongregate hospitality)
Please take note of this and we will retry later

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wellcome to the site, but try to post it in the introduction section

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I love cheese.

Said by good ol’ stealthsilent. (Note: It’s at the Off-Topic forum).

Enjoy :)

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Reminds me of newgrounds Hi guys im new here post that get locked 10 seconds after releasing