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New Kongregate Version: Another Round of Tweaks and Fixes

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Here’s another round of tweaks and fixes.

For Users we have the following fixes.

  • The links to the different user’s art and sounds is now fixed. To view them, you just have to go to /accounts/<username>/artworks or /accounts/<username>/sounds.
  • Users with transparent avatars will see the transparent background vs a black background on profile pages
  • The recommended games pod on the homepage is also fixed now and should no longer show you games you haven’t rated.

As for Developers, you should now be able to select “Waiting” as a payment method. That pretty much will let you put your payments on hold until you can get all the payment stuff filled out. Next for international developers, the residence dropdown is now mandatory when filling out or updating your developer payment info form.

You can read more about these changes below or in our change logs here.
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  • Replace the Collaborations forum link with the Game Forums link in the Community dropdown
  • Replace Tower Defense link with Recently Played link in Games dropdown
  • Transparent avatars now show up correctly on new profile pages
  • Fix last page link on recently played games
  • Fixed follow link missing from chat hover menu
  • Fix pagination links on /followers and /following page
  • Links now show up properly on feed post comments
  • Fix users arts and sound paths. You can see artwork by going to /accounts/<username>/artworks and /accounts/<username>/sounds
  • Fix to recommended games pod on the homepage


  • Check to prevent developers from entering empty news feed items
  • Games on developer profiles are now sorted by date
  • International developers, the residence dropdown in the W8 form is now a mandatory field
  • Able to select “Waiting” as a payment method
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Hooray! Finally I can have my transparent avatar back
Thanks for this update… not much of a needed improvement in messy profiles but it’s a small step

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I like the comment simplification on games, but two places where you can leave a comment seems a bit unnecessary.

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you forgot to mention the forum dropdown list being rearranged.

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Verry nice.

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The comment thing is just annoying now, it will make it impossable for GIF users to focus on the game.

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What the bawls… why is there two comment boxes in games now? (Yes, I just noticed)

Oh, and if I had power to decide which comment box stays, I’d say top aligned box. It looks better accessible that way

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Fix users arts and sound paths. You can see artwork by going to /accounts/<username>/artworks and /accounts/<username>/sounds.

So if we visit the Collabs and select someone’s artwork it will still show all their other artworks made in the preview slider under neat because I am still getting that unless it was intended. Having us visit the NEWEST ART “(view all)” page to see all other submissions.

Anyways great fixes. :D

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Mates, if you’re going to keep that horrid profile (which I hope you don’t,) at least most the “change image” link under the avatar on the profile.

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Another problem I found was with the comment box on the comment board under games, Instead of showing 1 it shows 2, 1 at its original spot and the other located at the top comments spot. 3 Other players I talked too also has this problem.

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I like how developers can choose waiting as a payment option. Better than filling in fake info ha ha :D
I did prefer having the games sorted by rating on profiles. Maybe that could be an option somewhere?

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Ah, I thought the forum links were moved around. :P

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I cannot select the waiting as payment option.

Not to mention that my email getting my payment changed from something called “On Hold, contact support to change” to something where I can select payout type has gone 3 months without anything fixing it. (but people knowing about it)

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Originally posted by BobTheCoolGuy:
I did prefer having the games sorted by rating on profiles. Maybe that could be an option somewhere?

Personally, I like having it displayed by upload date rather than rating, but at least you can still go to your games page which has it sorted by rating as the default option.

Other than that, I like the updates. A couple of days ago I was actually wondering about the black background on transparent avatars, and now it’s back to normal. Also, having the textile links working in the feed now is great.

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Oh the feeling when I was happily going to Off-Topic and accidentally clicked on Programming in the drop-down…

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It would be nice if when you clicked ‘Waiting’ for payment method it didn’t require your SSN and other personal info.

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Fix users arts and sound paths. You can see artwork by going to /accounts/<username>/artworks and /accounts/<username>/sounds
Games on developer profiles are now sorted by date

Yay! Thank you for listening, admins :D

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I saw this when viewing a profile, I thought you couldn’t reply to Kongregate Announcements also the comments board bug is still around that I posted above. ._.