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I new to gams on kongergat and how do i no how to ply the gams on the cite that is kongergat [dot] org .. And dotn no how too nagivate cite of kongergat how.? Plees help I make game and play this web cite kongergat org or chat with peple and make freind in chat on the gam side .   I get chat notificat how do i replay in chat to have it no be their in notificats.? Can u play multiplyer with some one els becuse my freinds at scol can play with me at their hose so he doesn have to com over to play the modren warfairs.? Do i need permision to play some gams becuse thats how it is at scol . How do i not be levle 1.? I play but not get levle 2.? Do i need a passcode to play this cite kongergat org.? also i need help making game can i have a team help make a game also with me.? Do i get pade to play gams becuse i see them get dollers on the home page . Also how do i see archivments i have 0 and i want over a billon . Do i have to giv money to use cite becuse i see lots of money to pay on the home page $ dollers.?

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i dunt knaow waht yoarue tryineg to sey

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What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?

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1.) TL;DR

2.) Use spell check, please. I can barely understand what you said.

3.) Over A BILLION ACHIEVEMENTS? Do you even know WTF did you just say? There are ~2000 achievements right now.

4.) It’s, not “”.

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Originally posted by Ffffinet:

I am new to games on kongregate and how do I know how to play the games on the site that is And don’t know how to navigate site of kongregate. Please help, how do I make games and play this website or chat with people and make friends in chat on the game side? I get chat notifications, how do i replay in chat to have it not be their in notifications.? Can u play multiplayer with some one else? Because my friends at school can play with me at their house so he doesn’t have to come over to play the modern warfare. Do I need permission to play some games because that’s how it is at school. How do I not be level 1? I play games but I do not get level 2. Do I need a pass code to play this cite kongregate, also i need help making game can I have a team help make a game also with me? Do I get payed to play games because I see them get dollars on the home page. Also how do i see achievements? I have 0 and i want over a billion. Do I have to give money to use site because I see lots of money to pay on the home page.

Ok fixed.

Now navigation is pretty easy, as you got to the forums you probably have some handle on it. most of what you need is in the Games, Achievements, and Community tabs at the top of the web page. You make games by using several different game programs, not Gamemaker though, you can chat by the chat box that open next to games and make friends by chatting, chat notifications happen to everyone, no need to respond to them. Yes you can play games with other people. No you do not need permission to play the games. Get new levels by getting points mostly through badges. You don’t need a “passcode”. There a few forums that will get you help by making games. You don’t get paid by playing games but you do if you make one and upload it here. You can see your badges on you profile. And you don’t have to give money to this site unless you want kreds or kong+.