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pretty much just use IE7 because I can’t be bothered to change, don’t need the add-ons, and have never had major problems with it.

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Well, some are trying out at least the major browsers to find the one that best fits his needings. Seems not everyone is doing this. Keep in mind that some needs come with the features (this argument is not only browser related). Just think about tabbrowsing introduced some years ago: the WWW was 10 years old and noone though of tab browsing. Now noone wants to miss it after having it tried just once.

I cannot understand how someone can say “I don’t need the features I haven’t tested”, but as I said: this is no offense. Everyone should live and browse as he wants to :)

I don’t understand Microsoft (or Linux or <insert>) purists either :). Restraining to <whatever> because of just believing it is the best (and not knowing by experience) is one big, unmistakable sign of untold stupidity.

To have kong related stuff in this posting:

I need new badges :)

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This has been an issue for a while now; Fold won’t respond to the spacebar. Every other game works fine, but I can’t retrieve anomalies in IE or FF.