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Unofficial Kongregate Contest - Win a Developer Mug! (Developers Only)

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Developers. They make the games we all enjoy, slaving over a hot keyboard writing up code to bring entertainment to our fingertips.

To show a bit of love, and to give you something to put your coffee in, IAmTheCandyman and I present to you the…

Unofficial Kongregate Developer Mug Contest!

Yes, developers rejoice. An official Kongregate Developer mug for you. How do you win one you ask? Two lucky developers will be randomly chosen from this thread to win.

How do you enter? If you’re a developer, just tell us about your favorite game on Kongregate and why! It can be your own, or someone elses – just tell everyone why you enjoy that game. Your post counts as one entry, and one entry only per developer. :)

So let’s hear it, devs!

Two winners will be chosen on August 4th. All entries must be in by August 3rd 11:59 PM PST.

The winner will be required to provide a name address for shipping. Alternatively, you can opt for 200 Kreds instead without needing to provide an address. This contest is not officially sponsored by Kongregate, but by IAmTheCandyman and myself!

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brb, I am going to upload my new HIT GAME Just Talking.

Its Just Chatting, but with a TWIST!!

90’s fire.gifs EVERYWHERE!!

I hope i win this mug :)

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Favorite game on Kong? Now, that’s a really tough choice… But I guess I’m gonna go with Mardek 3. It’s simply incredible how much content / depth, playtime and enjoyment that game provides – all done by one single dev, including the music, the art and the programming. It’s so incredibly polished that it could probably easily sell on Steam or other platforms for 20+ bucks (in fact, it beats some AAA titles for available for much higher prices bucks out there), but Pseudolonewolf decided to put the whole game on Kong without charging a penny. Plus, I love pixel art.

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Aaaaawwww, there is no fancy D next to my name
Good luck to all other contestants

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Clearly it’s developer-only so that there won’t be a chance for a dual winner of this and the shirt contest. Good luck to everyone who enters, and to those who read this thread but don’t think about posting, you might as well, because there’s always that chance that you’ll be randomly picked.

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my favorite game is zillix’s ’ endeavour’ although i was a big fan of the original game ‘summit’ (even went as far as making my own knock off ‘cat mountain’ based on it….) when i played endeavour i was blown away, although the game has a rather small plot, i became totally immersed in the world and thinking beyond the story as to what went on before this (even subbmitted a lackluster idea for a prequel to zillix……. I have played, and completed the game many, many times but i have never opted to go for the ‘evil’ ending (awarded for killing an amount of the games inhabitants) simply because its not in my nature too, even though they are simple lines of codes and an image, they still deserve the right to exist.

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I’m a dev but my games are unpublished. Does it count? :P

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Hey Z. Can we enter on alts as well? I have this account (6 games on this) and a team account (5 games on that). I guess it won’t because the “one entry per one developer” technicality.

Also, I will redirect all programmers from the GiTD contest to this thread.
The prize for that contest is probably going to be like 90 kreds, so if they randomly get the 200 it would be something nicer.

I really enjoyed Flood Runner 3. Its prolly a good epitome of a true casual flash games. It can be played quick, it’s entertaining, and it was well rounded over all. The game was definitely one of the firsts that I played repetitively that wasn’t a war game.

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Right, alts won’t be counted. ;D

@uuu2: Sure, that’d be fine.

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Oh boy! I want one so bad.

It’s impossible to choose a favorite, but one game that often comes to mind is Road of the Dead. I just think it’s a solid 5/5 when it comes to flash games; the gameplay, graphics, sound, etc. all come together to make a truly amazing game.

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Originally, I was going to say Mardek 3. But then I said, “Wait you silly and yet unimaginably woolly llama! There are games about llamas on this site! As well as other llamas.” So I thought, and I thought, and I looked through my PM’s and, lo and behold, a PM from Moshdef to a link to this game: That game is objectively the best game on kongregate, because it has llamas that spit in people’s faces! It reminds me so much of my herd.

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Originally posted by Zshadow:

@uuu2: Sure, that’d be fine.

Awesome! It’s just that my games are really bad. :P

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My favorite game is Everybody edits because I can edit to make minigames for people and art.And I am playing with my friend !

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There are a lot of games on Kong that I love, but I have to talk about just one. So I will talk about Raze.

Raze is the best Flash shooter I have ever played. Sadly, the sequel wasn’t nearly as good.

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Although Music Catch was pretty good too.

Actually, I think my all-time favorite game would have to be the Submachine series. The art was simple and appropriate, the story was engaging, and conveyed simply (no huge walls of text). The puzzles were tantalizingly devious, without being obscure and weird (I’m looking at you Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula; “combine bread, butter, and cat” to make an anti-gravity device and attach it to a plane).

The Submachine series possesses all of the qualities of a good point and click adventure.

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Favorite game? Ouch hard choice… but a game that comes to my mind is Onslaught 2 – played that alot. Imo it’s the best TD game out there – great graphics, love how you can combine turrets!
But Boxhead 2Play Rooms is by far the game I’ve played most, it’s so fun to play with friends. I like it because you need to cooperate, and you work your way up to the best weapon by scoring combos. My best combo is 999 lol. And there are many creative arenas.
But still that’s not my number one favorite, because now I recall playing Coma. <—- Favorite
It has a great story that’s a bit abstract; it has another meaning. There are so many graphical elements that make the atmosphere in the game kind of mysterious and idyllic, and it all looks so smooth! Like when you run past flowers, they bend in the direction you are running, as if they were affected by the undertow. There are also small glowing bugs flying around, a fog, foregrounds and backgrounds. Also, the music fits perfectly, and in general, the art is great! The controls are lovely and well – I just love the game!

I’m not that much of a developer on kongregate yet – my first main project is still not uploaded, but it’ll be finished soon! Here’s a pretty old version of the game if you’re interested – I don’t bother uploading the newest version right now as I’m in a hurry. I’ve also just started another big project that’ll take some time to finish, that is about genetics and breeding a vector-based species that can survive the best. Might also be multiplayer so you can choose some of your organisms to fight others :)

Btw, is there some way to buy a cup if we don’t win?

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Rebuild/Rebuild 2.
At least partly because of the devs idea of how to cheer up men: get them a pet dog, get them porn, hire strippers, hire prositutes, see dead little girl.

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In my four or so years here, I’ve seen and played more games than most of my friends combined. And through that quest to satiate my urge for the one perfect game to the fullest, I have been slightly disappointed. Although I play amazing games, I rarely find one worthy of a favorite. (Ignore the fact that over 100 are on that list)

Anyways, I’ll cut the crap. My favorite game on Kong Period: Hide Ya Kids!

My reasoning? Everything is spot on. Simple game play, with repeatable options. (Save your family or don’t.) It has real consequences which can help kids mature and develop into real, responsible adults. It also teaches us a grimmer, more sinister lesson to life: What if you can’t go fast enough?

You DIE.

To reiterate on my point, this game taught me that only the best and fastest succeed. The slowest lose everything meaningful to them. The only difference is that this game lets you restart for maximum fun.

Also, the music. Simply genius. Autotuning a news interview is revolutionary in today’s business, much more original than all of this retro music. The art while we are on topic. The lush, vivid, mesmerizing images I witnessed flowing into my eyes were unprecedented by any game I’ve played then and now. A simple yet loveable style; you can tell they didn’t spend 1 million dollars on an artist.

Lastly, the realism and how it hits home. This game is based off of a REAL news story. Not about some whacky made up fantasy. And with a rating of 3.64 as of posting this to boot, I can assure you it is great (yet severely underplayed.)

The author of this game, nathanielmilburn deserves praise for this genius of a game, and I have not yet rewarded him. I’d like to ask that we all whisper into his left ear “Thanks for the game, buddy. People like you make Kongregate the best gaming site around.”

A close second would be Cyclomaniacs 2. With Robotjam’s art, any game is transformed into something fun and interesting. Apart from that, it is also the funnest racing game around.

EDIT: Oh yeah, if you are interesting in seeing what I made check out The Chatroom Thinking Game. For bonus points, flag it and rate 1 like the others who don’t understand art.

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Zshadow, nice plan.

I mean, making people upload more games for a chance to win a $2 mug is brilliant.

You will be making thousands off of ad revenue, but you only lose $2 so you still profit!!

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Wow, hard choice. I really like Tower of Greed and Elona Shooter. (That impossible badge is soooo hard though.) Antimatiere is really cool and 1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg is great to link unsuspecting people to. Also, KOHCTPYKTOP: Engineer of the People is a great game.

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Random chance for free stuff? Count me in!

One of the games I keep going back to (on and off, admittedly) is Amorphous+

Music Catch 2 is also very good but I’ve completed it so I don’t play any more!

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Favourite game would be Submachine 4, I like the whole series but this is my favourite game out of all of them, the ominous feeling through the game, the mysterious notes, the variety of locations, and that this was a big step up from the first Submachine games and started to get into the story line. Immediate replay value is small but great to go through the series when there is a lack of the badges out.

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My favorite game is play this if you like rocks.

Between the top-quality graphics, in-depth plotline, and truly new-age soundtrack; the game has everything you could want in a platform shooter or RPG. In addition, this game has many other pieces in the series, allowing for well over ten minutes of ear-shattering epilepsy-inspiring strobe lights. Sadly, this game has become one of Kong’s true ‘lost gems’ and has received a far lower rating than it truly deserved.

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My favorite game is Flash Trek by VexXiang.

Despite it being in space, I like the combination of exploration and economy management. The ultimate goal is to get the best ship and conquer every star system. Unlike most games with a single meta there are multiple ways to achieve this goal of galaxy domination whether it be by trading, building your own system, destroying other systems, or a combination of the three. The game has a high replay value because you can choose different races and playstyles.

The user interface is extremely simple and easy to pick up. There are no menus within menus within menus that most games suffer from and the UI is very streamlined. The graphics are modern yet retro and the overall game is aesthetically pleasing.

The game does have its bugs. The game itself was never completed fully. Sometimes your buildings disappear without a reason. Despite the other minor bugs, the game was genuinely fun and fresh.

It is a game that I enjoy from both a person and development standpoint. It is simple yet fun and I want to try hard to combine both of these factors into all of my games.

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My favorite game is Pew Pew Pixel

I love this game because it manages to be legitimately challenging (rather than being easy, or having the illusion of being challenging, like a lot of popular games do) while managing to keep the player’s anger and frustration to a minimum. The music is also pretty awesome, and the gray graphics work well with it, causing the game to feel a bit emotional. Lastly, it’s a long game, with hand placed enemies and bosses, so it doesn’t bore easy.
I <3 Pew Pew Pixel almost as much as I do its sweet name!

On a side note, it’s really impressive, considering Byrono made it, because he had previously only made terrible, terrible, newb games.

Unrelated: Still waiting for somebody to pick one of Zshadow’s games in and effort to brown nose him, lol