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Hello. I am fairly new here, and am really enjoying the site.

When I first joined, I used my browser to bookmark any favorite game I found, but now I would like to use the favorites features here. I have some questions about that:

1) is there anyway to see a list of games that I have rated and how I rated it, before I add it to My Favorites list?

2) can my list of favorites be sorted? I’d like to be able to browse my favorites like I do the list of games, either by (my) rating, alpha, or date?


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1. This can be seen from your rewards page although it tends to be messy and really useless

2. No. It will be sorted from recent favorites to older favorites.

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It seems like Jude already answered, but I’d like to give you a welcome. I really hope you enjoy our community, it beats Newgrounds. xD

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Newgrounds ftl! Kongregate has prizes and shiny badges and cards with pictures on them that are going to be in some kind of card game that will be released in 3-6 months!

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3-6 months

oh ketchup

so optimistic