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Seesine, by far the best reason to do these interviews is to get to know people I recognize by name, but not much past that. There is so much more to ask you, and thank you for making this a lot of fun. That said,

Seesine, mind if I ask your name?

Not sure about telling my family name but my first name is Octavian, a name used in the time of the Roman Empire, meaning eight and infinite. I also have a third name, Felix, which is also from the Roman Empire, meaning always happy.

Where are you from?

Eastern Europe – Romania. Also, eastern Romania. Living in a small city that lost like 30.000 people in the last 9 years.

How did your small city lose 30,000 people in the last nine years?

Well, I guess that lots of people left it and went in other countries to work for some money. Most of them go to Italy, it becomes kinda mainstream if you’re asking me. Some of these people never actually come back. It’s kinda sad to think that they left their home only for some money and a language I can’t stand.

How did you come up with the name Seesine?

I don’t really know how I thought of that name, but I remember when and where. I was playing a browser based online game which allowed having more accounts, so I decided to make some more accounts too, I was running out of names and got this. That was like 5 years ago. Then I started using it pretty much in every place I registered.

How did you first find Kongregate?

It was August-September 2008 when I got here, I was playing games on another flash game site. Guess I found one game that redirected me here, and I’m pretty sure it was Warlords: Call to Arms.

What are some of your favorite games on Kongregate?

Well, ugh, I have many favorites. I really liked Epic Battle Fantasy 3, Book of Mages: The Dark Times was awesome, Dawn of the Dragons, Clarence’s Big Chance, Hero’s Arms, Dragon Boy were awesome too. I can’t really decide.

Do you have a favorite chat room?

I’ve been hanging out in Bucuresti (Romania’s chat room) and Labyrinth lately. Off-Topic is pretty awesome because of the all-around randomness you can find here.

Gaming or otherwise, what are some differences between Romanian and American culture that you have experienced, that may surprise others?

Lots of Americans I’ve met have/had gaming consoles and stuff in their childhood, it’s not like I’m sad because I didn’t have such things, it’s really annoying because they overuse nostalgia and say things like: “I remember the good old times when games were good”, some of these guys never actually tried playing any of the games that got released in the last years. I mean, it’s true that lots of games lost greatness by sequels with better graphics and less gameplay, but they’re just overdoing it.

I see from my investigative reporting(I read your profile…), you are a Brony. Any favorite songs from your list on Youtube?

Hmh. My first song is obviously the one from the top, Twilightlicious, I don’t even know why I like it that much.

What are your favorite words in Romanian and English. Do you have a favorite saying or phrase in each?

My favorite Romanian word is protocipitoricescovici, it doesn’t mean anything but it’s used by the kids from lower grades as a challenge: you have to say it as fast as possible. I think I can say it in less than ½ of a second. I don’t have a favorite English word, but if I had, it would have probably been the longest word.

What is a favorite Romanian meal or dish you enjoy others may not have heard of?

My favorite food, you say? Brânză cu smântâna și mămăligă (cow cheese, cream and something somewhat similar to porridge) or ardei cu sos (pepper and vegetable sauce – onion, tomatoes and other things).

What do you do when you’re not on Kongregate?

PC games, other stuff on Internet and other not-so-special stuff.

How do you like Kongregate+? Any features you enjoy more than others? Betas, no ads, private chat rooms, etc.?

I don’t find ads annoying, it would be a nonsense to block them. I’m mostly happy because of the beta games that are actually pretty cool.

What is your favorite animal?

I really like Narwhals, they’re pretty awesome.

What is the first life experience you can remember?

I can easily remember things I’ve done 10-15 years ago, the oldest thing I can remember now is how I was at my grandma’s (mom’s side) house. I was getting old cans, some dirt, some water and my favorite knife. Then I was mixing up the water and the dirt with the knife, to fill the gaps in the sidewalk. I was around 2 when I started doing that.

Have you ever broken any bones?

About a 5 kgs rock fell on my little hand finger when I was around 8, I lost my nail and I think that the bone is still broken, as it is more flexible than the other fingers (it also hurts if I move it around too much).

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T to the W-I. L-I-G-H-T, and ain’t no other…hi!
Thanks for a great interview Seesine! I wish I had a favorite knife.
In ardei cu sos, are the peppers spicy!, and is it a sauce for noodles, meat,…?
STUPID QUESTION ALERT: What makes Narwhals awesome?

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Seesine, I know that word too, those kids are extremely stupid if they say it that way. It’s " Protopopicitorescovici",not " protocipitoricescovici" and it’s actually the name of a former russian scientist that made experiments in Siberia before WW2. His wife was Romanian, that’s why the name is so bizarre for kids.
Also, to answer Jesse’a question, Narwhals are awesome because they are like underwater unicorns. They have that big , pointy horn ( which is actually a tooth!) on their forehead.

Also, Seesine, how come both me and you have the same game that brought us to Kongregate? We should thank DJStatika and Ben Olding Games for making that awesome game. Also, off the record, found out that on a top 20 countries with kong users, Romania is 5th. Kongregate is around the 600th most visited website for Romanians.

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I am convinced, Narwhals are awesome. I should edit the above to an INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS STUPID QUESTION. :)

Cool facts about Romania, with the background on the word and the visitors to Kongregate. Seesine or AlexFromRomania or both, do you know a lot of other Romanians that play games on Kongregate, outside of hearing the numbers?

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Tons. The Romanian chatroom always has 150-250 people in, but I find Romanians in other chatrooms too.
Also, many Romanian Developers and users don’t even know there’s a Romanian Chatroom, not to mentions Romanians that live in other countries and get automatically sent to that country’s chatroom. Strangely, though, Nobody in my homwtown knows about Kongregate.
Also, Jesse, I’m amazed you didn’t see that Seesine made a special game for Kongregate when it reached 40 k games.

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That’s cool, a very lively Romanian community. I know you had an idea for me, but I might have an idea for you now that I know that. :)
I definitely should have asked AlexFromRomania, there is always more to ask, and I noticed that especially with Seesine. I tried to touch on that in the introduction.

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What is your favorite animal?

I really like Narwhals, they’re pretty awesome.

Seesine easily has the quote of the day!