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Perhaps someone who works at Kongregate can answer this question for me. Is there some kind of function on Kongregate’s servers that continuously changes the names of uploaded swfs?

Telepath RPG Chapter 2 has a save function that works perfectly well on my own site,, yet seems to undergo periodic “wipes” here on Kongregate, where all saved games are inexplicably purged. It’s causing a lot of people playing my game to be very unhappy, and if someone knows why this is happening, I’d like to at least have that explanation to bring back to the players.

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You will find some info on that here

Please note there are the programming and technical support forums for these issues (forgive the lack of the ability to move threads).

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Ah, sorry for posting in the wrong forum! Well, either people are still complaining about losing their saves from a couple of days ago, when I last updated the file, and claiming that it’s some kind of ongoing bug in the save system; or something else is going on. Hopefully you’re right and it’s just people dramatic about losing their old saves after each update.