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Maik50. If he is 50, it must have been out of 50. Heck, it must have been out of 10 and he got 30 bonus points and 10 more points he found nobody else knew about.

Thank you for taking me into this interview :)

Do you mind if I ask your real name?

Well, I could give a small sneak peek from my real name. It is, as a matter of fact, Mike, but that is translated version of my original Finnish name

Is that how you came up with your username?

Well, it’s involved with my real name and I cannot recall why I came up with a digit of 50. I consider that it’s random and it doesn’t really matter because everyone calls me Maik anyway :)

So you are Finnish? I assume you are in Finland at the time of this interview?

Whoops, did I already blurt out my location? Just kidding, I’m very open about my nationality. It’s even in my profile, Mr. Sherlock

What brought you to Kongregate? What was the first game you played?

Through platform racing 2. I was playing that game by friends recommendation on outer platform and I saw an advert about fancy Kong hat I could earn if I played pr2 via Kongregate. Well, it took a while until I decided to register (I was 13 years old back then) and then I discovered badges. At that point, there was no turning back

What is your favorite game on Kongregate?

Favorite game on Kong? Argh, my heel of Achiles >.<
I still try to muster something out. I’m a big fan of rhytmic games so I could say Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 (what a name monster) or DjManiax are my favorites… Alongside with 118 other favorites xD

What do you consider your most memorable badge on Kongregate?

My most memorable badge? Heh, this is easy one. My most memorable badge is [drumroll] Imposible badge of MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction because it is my 2000th badge. I was only 5 years old when I celebreted 2nd millenia. This was my chance :)

Your profile refers to model drawing. Is that similar to 3D modeling? Any favorite characters or designs you have?

About model drawing… It’s been stepped aside due music, lately. But when I draw, I usually draw from a picture. My next goal is to learn to draw proper face so they wouldn’t look that bizarre

Do you have any favorite chat rooms on Kongregate?

Well, The Red Bucket is sort of my vacation room. Too bad it’s dead most of the time, especially when some regulars of TRB moved into Labyrinth, where you can find me most of the time chatting with my friends and occasional new faces. I should have updated my profile :P

Do you have any favorite parts of the forums?

Umm, I’m also very keen forum goer. I mostly post in Kongregate forum and sometimes I post in Off-topic, Forum Games, Arts and Technical Support

You’re studying music theory and advanced mathematics. One analogy that can be made for advanced mathematics is it is necessary to have a great understanding of the fundamentals, much like a musician practicing their chords. I’d love to hear about the similarities, and how one may have helped your understanding of the other.

I’m having a hiatus from theory of music ATM but mathematic is starting… I’m scared because I failed my latest course. And yes, Mathematics is like building a pyramid; You cannot build peak before you have built lower layers. Too bad my ‘lower layers’ are “little” insufficient. On a side note, theory of music isn’t like that; You can play and compose music without ever studying theory of music. All you need to know which note resembles certain key and then have them embed as part of your instinct. Rest of you need to know can be achieved through trial and error

My summer has been very busy, more busy than New Yorks daily journals printing presses (Ha!). Wish I could lengthen it. There’s so much I didn’t manage to finish. As a moderator, you could probably silence me for a while so I could focus to finishing my projects
(okay, that was a joke)

Fritz Zwicky had among his work, cosmological theories that were misunderstood until many years later. Most notably, he coined the phrase Dark Matter. Decades later, I still don’t think we are closer to understanding in this picture whether Mr. Zwicky was communicating another idea, or commenting on the taco platter in the cafeteria that day.

I don’t know him, I hardly know any idols/famous persons because of my lousy ability to memorialize individual names :P Ahem, but I assume Fritz was Physicist, theoresizing concepts nobody of his era could not yet fully comprehend. Heh, there’s always persons like Fritz: Ahead of time. In a way, I also consider myself as ahead my time in certain aspects like creative and innovative imagination. For all the other who may or are ahead of the current time; Keep going! While you may be left underappreciated now, your legacy will live on and it may take time when it is remarked and possibly embraced and respected. As for Astrophysics… I’m not an expert xD all I can say is that I consider time as a cycle and universe as an expanding ball

How do you balance between making independent assumptions and a convincing argument?

When you’re intentionally arguing about something, you have to realize that you have to support your argument with true facts so I weight convincing argument over assumptions. Of course, it is fun to imagine, simulate and make independent assumptions but you must make those clearly distinctable seeing they are not proven or (more of a commonly believed) facts. Assumptions can be correct and point out to be truth, but they can treacherously often be wrong so I wouldn’t rely on just them. Assumptions are all about probabilities which means there’s a chance your assumption is false and undermines liability of your argument. The main point should lie in facts while independent and personal assumptions and predictions are on the background to “spice things up”

What would you say if Steve Jobs asked for dating advice?

I would say "Why did you raise yourself from the grave?. You’re not supposed to live- I would say you picked the wrong person. I have no personal dating experience and any dating advice I can read from books or internet, can be read by Mr. Steve himself, too

It sounds to me like you have some large plans. What about the gaming site you have in mind?

Well, in a way I do share similar traits with Steve… Being innovative, having a will to easen up peoples lives and being unspontaneous person who meticulously plans everything ahead. It is close to impossibility for me to do any major decisions on the go, that’s why I like to plan ahead with as precise detail as possible. Otherwise, I’d live in constant panic and indecisiviness. Having a gaming site of my dreams is something I’d really want to assemble together. I am aware that it is out of questions to start to code and host right now seeing I’m a busy student and my leisure time schedule is pretty much full. Maybe I’ll execute my plans later in the future, when I have settled myself and have extra free time. Sometimes, you want to be a leader/host instead of enjoying yourself with the herd that follows some other leader

Do you think money rewards and encourages innovation?

Interesting, I’ve read articles about this subject and I can conclude that YES, money encourages innovation… Or at least gives incentive for all people to actually attempt to create something innovative that could solve problems of humans. Moonwalk may have never happened without innovation contest that encouraged people to come up with an idea of proper space suit. With money reward as incentive, you’ll support humankind by boosting research. You, as an individual, could donate some of your funds into research programs that could eventually solve some of most urgent problems of humankind, like Global Warming (It is true!). It is a risk worthy to take, to invest into science. For science!

Your thoughts about innovations that could be considered as “ahead of time”

This is exactly what you should support with your investings. Innovations ahead of the time are the key because one day, the inventions that are now ahead of time may be mundane in future. However, you need to distinct possibility from impossibility. For example, if an engineer asks you some fundings to build a plasma engine to cover distances between starts in just few light years, you really should think twice seeing there probably isn’t even components to build a plasma engine. Research components first, then the engine. Anyway, if we deny the progress, we’ll be stuck on this type of era until we destroy ourselves. Innovations ahead of the time can be a huge leap towards brighter future. Even if you would live your life happily by leaving only calamities behind, your sons and daughters may not live as happily due calamities you and people like you left behind while you lived. Innovations that could get rid of these calamities are your positive legacy you’ll leave behind, but they’ll be never embraced if smart innovators never gets a chance to put their innovations in action and give a chance for future generations to embrace them. Support innovation. Support creativity. Be unselfish and save others. Yes, I know I that I do believe that evolving technology is the key to solve all locks of problems. Welcome to my mind :)

Would you encourage innovation if you had the funds?

I think I have blabbered and rationalized enough above so I’ll just shortly answer that YES, I would support innovative ideologies, inventions if I had the money… Lots of it *

Is there something else than money that could encourage innovations?

The eternal glory! No wait, it all goes… TO THE HYPNO TOAD! Nonethless, I am sure almost anyone would want to be immortalized into books or have something named after ones own name. Fame is an inceptive… and of course pure gold heartness a.k.a generosity and nobleness which’ aids a person to improve the world by giving a will to at least try to create something productive and innovative for everyones use. I really do hope that money and fame alone aren’t the only inceptives that drives people to innovate. There’s a greed and narcissism on the background, you see. Thankfully, world still knows both living and deceased scientists and innovators who improved the world only because of graciousness to help others

What do you like or dislike about Kongregate?

How can someone who is level 65 and dedicated his life to kongregate dislike something about kongregate?
Okay, sadly, that was just horse play. Even I have my dislikes. And that’d… Activity and community feed! Obsolete, only clutters up my profile and stretches it into abominable size and look, took away clear main lobby for all forums and steals space from main homepage. That is all of my crying

Care to make a prediction when the 9 millionth user sign up?
It’ll happen soon. No more comments

PS: This time I’ll ninja register others and get that 9th millionth account :) Probably not

Cheers! :)

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Thank you for being patient, and such a great, thoughtful interview Maik50!

How is your Math class going?

Kongrats on level 65. Have your goals or anything of note changed from the gaming section of your profile?

Which child cartoon character?

Is it Portia from The Mighty B?

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The question about Steve Jobs asking for dating advice began from talking about Steven Wolfram writing about Steve Jobs’ death here, and Mr/ Wolfram also wondered why he was asking him for advice.

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So you are Finnish? I assume you are in Finland at the time of this interview?

Whoops, did I already blurt out my location? Just kidding, I’m very open about my nationality. It’s even in my profile, Mr. Sherlock


Also, long interview was long o.o

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Also, long interview was long o.o

That’s me :P
I warn you, give me something to think about and I’ll cast all my thoughts on you as evidently proven above

How is your Math class going?

I failed one course so I’m redoing it this year
Right now I’m having Vector studies which is rather easy to learn. I think the worst obstacle in my math classes is that everything is thought too fast and I need to realize solving pattern by myself instead of just copying it somewhere on the notebook. I hope I could at least pass all courses with honor

Kongrats on level 65. Have your goals or anything of note changed from the gaming section of your profile?

I’ve set goals set goals to myself? Blasphemy!
But anyway, nothing has really changed… expect to play through the PC games I bought. Damn Kongregate! Because of you, I can’t get started on them

Which child cartoon character?

That’d be The Groke