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Wiggles96 is…like a big ball of…wiggly woggly…wibbly wobbly…timey wimey…stuff.

Hi Wiggles96, miind if I ask your name?

My name is Douglas Alan Snowden, “Let’s make fun of him” name is Dougie, and short name is Doug.

So, where are you?

In my house, on my street, in my county, in Ohio, in The United States of America

How did you come up with your username?

My favorite pet, Wiggles, he was named that because he was always ultra-hyper, and I was born in 1996. I can not express enough how many people have referenced “The Wiggles” and insulted me, with their idiotic “FRUIT SALAD YUMMY YUMMY” crap. I also have many many names people like to call me. Wigs, Wiggs, Woggles, Jiggles, Wiggies, and Giggles, to name a few. I have since created a new name that I use on other websites, UltimaGW, short for Ultimate Gaming Warrior. YES, YOU PEOPLE MAY LAUGH!

LOL =] What kind of dog was Wiggles? Tell more Wiggles stories!

He was a Corky/Jack Russell mix dog. As for stories, there was this one time me and my parents were relaxing in our hot tub, when wiggles came jumping in, he immediately dog paddled his small self to the other side, jumped out, and went nuts trying to dry himself off with the wooden patio squirming around, rolling on the floor, we could not stop laughing

What brought you to Kong?

I had played gravitee on, and there was a link to it, I clicked it, it took me to Kong, and I saw in the chat, these 2 people calling some guy named roy a 9 year old, and him constantly denying it. I don’t know why, but it was funny, and I wanted to chat to, so I signed up. Funnily enough, my account is the 1516661th account on Kongregate. I think they’re trying to tell me something >:D!

:O! What is your favorite game on Kong?

William and Sly 2, hands down. It is a simply amazing game, and has an atmosphere that makes me melt due to how nice it is, and forget the problems I have in life.

Do you have a favorite chat room?

Favorite chat room? Hard to say, probably Echo Hall as I always had the most fun in there, chat wise.

Do you have a favorite part of the forums?

I really only go in the Kongregate forums

Is September 14th still the predicted date the 9 millionth user signs up?

Yes, September 14th is still my predictions, I actually have to update my thread again, as we’re dangerously close to 100k left till 9 million

Any friends on here you would like to mention or give a shout out?

Zshadow is the only person I feel like mentioning, as he led me to Echo Hall, and was my favorite mod, and is now my favorite admin!

Are you a Brony? Your opinion on Bronies?

No, I am not. As for an opinion on them, I don’t really care. I’ve always lived by a “live and let be” standard. I don’t care what you do or like. Unless you’re a people hater, the exact opposite, then, I got major problems with you!

The witch in Snow White used an apple to cast her spell. The witch in Brave used a cake to cast her spell. Have witches gone too far, and should cake be considered “Switzerland” by witches?

Erm… I have no idea what to say to that XD.. Cakes are delicious though :D

Vampire hunting, Zombie apocalypse, any protips would be appreciated to survive either one.

Rule #1: Cardio! Have fast legs, and have a slow friend with you at all times!

What’s your favorite quote? Fantastic? Harvey Wallbanger?

“I’m fairly certain YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people.” – Jack Black.

Your comments on this photo from the Mars Curiosity rover?

Well, at least we found aliens! Case closed! That’s a wrap, folks!

Poetry. Are you a fan?
Not really, but I don’t dislike it either.

Are you a fan of John Tottenham?

Another Day
Take some initiative…
Do something with your life:
I get up from the sofa,
Walk across to the table
And write these words
Down on a piece of paper.
Then I return to the sofa and
Fall asleep.

Another Day reminds me of myself. Except without getting up, and all that other tedious work!

Season 7 of Doctor Who has just begun, your thoughts on the upcoming season and each episode leading up to the Christmas Special?

The first episode, Asylum of the Daleks was on this past Saturday. What did you think of the episode? And as River Song says: SPOILERS!

Holy hell, this episode is amazing. The ending is very emotional and I was screaming at the wall in frustration! Matt as usual, is amazing, and Karen and Arthur pull off amazing stuff as well.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Since this episode and all others have not happened yet, I can’t say much, other than…. WOOOOOO DINOSAURS!!!!!!!

A Town Called Mercy

Dear god, every single episode is something different… A facility of insane daleks, Prehistoric creatures in space, now a Western town, what the heck! I’m very interested in this episode for the stuff seen in the trailers, such as “FACE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and how the doctor will deal with a town full of people who use guns.

The Power of Three

This one will be mighty interesting. A flash back episode of sorts, you don’t see those often in doctor who. I’m very excited for this

The Angels Take Manhattan

The angels…I swear to god, if they DARE base this on the clip at the end of blink, showing all the statues in modern life, with all statues being weeping angels…well, I’m going to burst out in fear and joy, and thank goodness I don’t live in a city!

One of my favorite episodes of Season 6 was “The Doctor’s Wife,” written by Neil Gaiman. What did you think about learning more about the Tardis(through a human form talking to the doctor), and Amy and Rory exploring more of the Tardis(and no longer having bunk beds. :) ). What more would you like to learn about the TARDIS, or other characters on Dr. Who?

I thought it was amazing, and gave us a true insight to the real relationship between the doctor and TARDIS. We need to see more of the TARDIS innerds, perhaps some day there could be a big story where the gang gets stuck inside the tardis, I’d love to see all the libraries, swimming pools, assorted beds, the wardrobe! (OH, and BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!)

Neil Gaiman’s “dream story” for the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who is to have all 11 doctors. The problem is, some actors have died. Maybe one day technology will be advanced enough to portray the characters better than an actor playing an actor playing the doctor. He trusts Moffat to do a good job. In Moffat we trust? :) What are your thoughts on the 50th anniversary?

I’d love to see all 11 doctors together. Mainly 9-11 will be fun.
The 9th shouting “Who the hell are you 2!?” 10th going “Wot. WOT? WOT!?!?!?!”
And 11th screaming “WHHYYYYYY MEEE!!!”
One day, technology will be able to take a dead man, program his voice patterns, project a hologram of him, and make him say whatever they like. But NOTHING can replace acting talent and emotion. That’s the one place technology will always fail.
The 50th anniversary will be amazing, what with THE FIRST QUESTION!, Jack Harkness HOPEFULLY returning, epicness all around, etc.

Steven Moffat hinted that the next doctor may be female. Who would you like to see as the next doctor?

As the next doctor, I can’t really say, as I don’t know many british female actors. Emma Watson is like, the only british actress I’ve ever heard of who hasn’t been in doctor who, but she’s probably still too young, and she’s technically french anyway.

Who is your favorite doctor and companion?

My favorite Doctor is the 10th. The WOT!?!?‘s, the stories he was in, the raw emotion and the awesome style! My favorite companion is Rory. Ffs, he punched the doctor because he said amy wasn’t as important as the whole universe, he waited 2000 years for her in total solitude just because she would be safer, he’s always ridiculously epic! How can you not love him!

You’re Doctor Who. What I am telling you for, you already know that. What are you like(similar to other doctors), and what companions would you choose?

Well, I’d be very reminiscent of the 10th’s emotion, and the 11th’s fun attitude. My choice of clothes would be a White Pin-striped tuxedo with a black undershirt and white tie. My companions would be someone who was rejected often in school like myself, and someone who was the person everyone knew, and went to the same schools as the other person. To see what would happen, and see both of their attitudes towards people and each other change a lot.

Amy and Rory will be leaving the Doctor soon. What do you think of the next companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman? My guess is her name will be…Suzanne.

I’m sad to see Amy and Rory go, but my major problem was that Tennant as the 10th dealt with leaving companions 3 times, and he can only ever see 1 of them again! Smith as the 11th will only have to deal with it once!

Anyway, as for Coleman, I swear to god, all through Asylum of the Daleks, I was like "Wait, The new companion isn’t going to be from modern day-earth? WAT!!?!?!?!!!??! And then the ending came and I am still very confused about it all. CURSE YOU MOFFAT!!!!!

How many times have you looked at salt and pepper shakers, or held a whisk and a plunger in your hands, and said “Exterminate!”

I have done that too many times to count, Jesse!

A sonic blaster, a sonic cannon, a triple-fold sonic disruptor, a sonic screwdriver. What would you make sonic if the Doctor hadn’t blown up the factory(oops!)?

I would create a Sonic Knife, so I can cut Steak instantly (because doing that is such a pain!)

What is your favorite scene from Doctor Who?
My favorite scene would have to be in the End of Time part one, when Rassilon and all the time lords appeared, that moment gave me goosebumps.

Do you have a favorite episode?

It is probably Gridlock or Midnight. Midnight was scarier than weeping angels, like, jesus christ.

Thanks Wiggles96, You were fantastic.

I don’t want to go. =[

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Thanks for a great interview Wiggles96!

I just noticed that both of your favorite epsiodes center around traffic and being broken down in the middle of nowhere. The next time the TARDIS gets stuck in traffic or needs to call a tow truck, I will think of you. =P

Truthfully, I’ll think of you and probably say WOT!! in chat after each episode.

I haven’t checked if it was updated, but we are presumably less than a week away from the 9 millionth user?

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Too much Doctor Who, which is meaningless for someone like me who has never seen an episode. You had me interested very briefly when you connected Neil Gaiman to the show, but, alas, he only did one episode, so I will continue to faithfully not watch watch every week.

Also, Wiggles is a much better user name than UltimaGW. Blechhh.

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LOL =] What kind of dog was Wiggles? Tell more Wiggles stories!

He was a Corky/Jack Russell mix dog. As for stories, there was this one time me and my parents were relaxing in our hot tub, when wiggles came jumping in, he immediately dog paddled his small self to the other side, jumped out, and went nuts trying to dry himself off with the wooden patio squirming around, rolling on the floor, we could not stop laughing

You… have… a… hot… tub…? 0_0

And yea… basically what Saneiac said about Doctor Who. I didn’t understand any of that. Pip pip cheerio!

Edit: Also, Jenna-Louise Coleman is hawt.

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Okay, fair enough. I put all of the Doctor Who at the end…erm second half LOL. Thanks for the feedback, it helps a lot.

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Originally posted by saneiac:

Too much Doctor Who

Doctor who?

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Manhattan full of Weeping Angels O_O

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like the others have said, I don’t know anything about Doctor Who & have never seen it, so that part didn’t catch my interest that much. Other than that, nice interview.

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Just finished Season 3 of Doctor Who. Now I can fully enjoy this interview. TY Wiggles.

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Mainly 9-11 will be fun.

You’re not Al Qaida, are you? :|

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Originally posted by MaistlinRajere:

Mainly 9-11 will be fun.

You’re not Al Qaida, are you? :|


Nice interview. :)