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I try to stay away from using a definition as an introduction, but I’ll make an exception for Bilious. You can read the definition yourself here. I was eating lunch O_o(not really!)

Bilious, mind if I ask your real name?

Gavin, which I think is a pretty kickass name. It means White Hawk of Battle. If I’d been born a girl I’d be Madeleine. Although I’m sure I’d get used to that eventually, I’m pretty glad to be a boy.

Where are you at?

I live in Dorset, in the UK. I’m extremely British, having a Scottish dad, an English/Welsh/Irish mother, and having moved round a few towns as I grew up.

What is the origin of your username?

So ages ago Warhammer Online was being developed by Climax, rather than Mythic who created the game that got released. Climax were working very closely on making their version of the game like actually being in the Warhammer world, and so a thriving roleplay community developed in their forums. The character I made was an ogre mage, and I thought Bilius would be a reasonable name for an ogre. Later i got tired of people commenting on how there should be an O, and I started making my username Bilious just to prevent hassle. Games Workshop suddenly pulled all their funding from Climax, who went bust as a result having put all their resources into developing Warhammer Online, the forums were closed down, Project Phoenix started and sputtered, and some of the community eventually made Warhammer Alliance. I was long gone by then though.

What brought you to Kong?

I became a regular on the Magic Lampoon forum, that forum got closed down but the community all moved as one to a new forum, and a guy called Belarron linked to Kongregate. I followed the link, and got sucked in by badges.

Favorite game on Kong?

Tough question! I’ve only got ten favourites though, so it’s got to be out of them. Amorphous+, Tower of Heaven, Karoshi, Ghost Hacker, Mardek, Remnants of Skystone, Ring Pass Not, DJManiax, Zening, Epsilon. I’m going to go with Mardek. It’s the best written story on Kongregate, it does lovely things with carrying saves across (bar the change in flash for a while), and it really does just seem more developed than anything else I’ve played on here.

Do you have a favorite chat room? You have any favorite part of the forums? Any friends on here you would like to mention or give a shout out?
I’m the Room Owner of Fancy Adventurers With or Without Pants, so I’m almost obliged to say that’s my favourite room :p I also like The Lair, The Attic, The Abyss, Sloth, and Remnants of Disputed Galaxy, which are the other rooms on my favourites list. I do neglect visiting the other rooms a bit though. Maybe I should hop a bit more often?

I spend most of my forum time in the Kongregate forum. I used to enjoy the General Gaming forum when it was about the latest games on here and new badges, but it’s moved away from that long ago now, and I just don’t find it interesting anymore.

Shout outs to ParaNoir, chunky_monkey, Asezat, slvrfsh, mzkaylee, MonsieurLeFox, BriarKing, cassiez, uzzbuzz, Clepbringer, Mr_Gulible, R0cky, BlinkyUK, Kolhrafn, Necropotence, Gaka, Ines, strangebloke, em_ily, and koswo.

What do you do when you’re not on Kongregate?

I work in a place I loathe, I exercise, I read, I sleep, I eat, I climb trees… I’m a tiger!

Why do you game?

Because I must earn every badge and complete Kongregate! 33 left to earn at the time of typing. It’s just fun :)

Are you a Brony? Your opinion on Bronies?

I find My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic a fantastic show. I’m looking forwards to the next season coming out, and the ethos of love and tolerance is pretty cool too. Some people can, as ever, get somewhat overbearing in their like for it though.

The witch in Snow White used an apple to cast her spell. The witch in Brave used a cake to cast her spell. Have witches gone too far, and should cake be considered “Switzerland” by witches?

It’s a witches duty to make her plans succeed, and a competent witch will research her target and enchant whatever her target likes most of all. Cake is no exception! I believe the gingerbread house story predates Snow White’s apple, and it certainly predates Swiss neutrality, so for cake to be an exception now would go against well maintained tradition.

Do you play any sports?

I enjoy taekwondo, which I’m currently a blue belt in. When I was at university I also did fencing, archery, and jiu-jitsu, but unfortunately I’ve neither the time nor money to do these any more. I’m also a keen runner, I’ve managed to do a half marathon in 90 minutes. As I ran that though my cold medicine fell out of my pocket, and the full marathon took 4 hours 15 minutes as all my symptoms came back. I’ve been a bit unlucky with my running. Asides from the cold I was tripped (accidentally) at the start of the Leeds half marathon and injured my knee, and I’m currently unable to run due to acute tendinitis. It’s been better for a month now though, so tonight I’m trying a really easy jog, wish me luck!

Anything you would like to say to all of Kongregate out there?

Be lovely, and make yourself morally superior to all those who are inconsiderate. And then don’t brag about it.

Vampire hunting, Zombie apocalypse, any protips would be appreciated to survive either one.

Find the protagonist as quickly as possible and become their romantic interest. If you are the protagonist don’t worry, everything will turn out okay, but spend time until everything’s okay with people you don’t like, because your non-romantic companions have no chance.

What do you think of roleplay in chat?

Chat is a poor medium for roleplay. Messages are too short, the pace is too fast, and there are too many participants. Keep it to other places.

What are your thoughts on global warming, especially considering this most recent piece of questionable visual evidence?

Global warming is inevitable, the only thing we affect is the pace. Those bears had better save me some of that penguin though, I’ve never tried it.

What’s your favorite quote, something you say or from someone else. Here’s a few if you want one/some to talk about:

“Your mother ate my dog!” – from Braindead, a Peter Jackson zombie film. I think he did better before he moved onto grand epics.

Megaman is actually malware? Is this propaganda from Dr. Light, or is Megaman a terrorist?

Dr Wily clearly built Alibiman in order to spread that story, and all those who believe it are already primed for his control. Incidentally, I’m certain linedancing is a form of mass brainwashing.

Your comments on this photo from the Mars Curiosity rover?

Very reasonable, they clearly want to join the Commonwealth instead.

Kongrats on level 65 Bilious. What are some of the high moments or low moments along the way to getting there?

The highpoints were getting the Frantic impossible the first time I ever played the game, and the Clockwords hard without ever repeating or losing a level. Also from level 61-62 was done entirely on impossibles (and BotD) in about a month and a half. Low points were when I found myself playing games I didn’t like because they have badges. I found that if that was the case I needed to take a step back and see why people enjoyed them.

How did you get into marathon running? Would you say running long distance and reaching level 65 require the same persistence? How do you prepare yourself when setting to accomplish long-term goals like these?

When I was at university I had a friend who wanted to join the TA, and was trying to get her running speed up. I provided company, and found I quite liked it. Then my sister got into running, and we went from 10k to marathon together. She’s given it up now, but I’m still very keen. I’ve been missing it hugely, and really hope that everything keeps working when I next try it.

Have you ever played in the tournaments on Kongregate, or considered doing so?

I’ve been in a few, though I’m only a middling competitor. I normally get through the first 3-4 rounds. In the Kongregate Olympics though I reached the finals, which was fantastic, and I was voted by the other competitors as the people’s choice. It really made my day :D

I know you are dying to give some badge suggestions. =] Give me a few for Kongregate, and badges you wish you could see in real life.

I would love to see more Unity badges. Yes, I know not everyone can play them, but since Kongregate are willing to badge them at all I feel there are a huge number of games which are now being overlooked. In real life there’s enough to feel proud over without being given little patches for it. Besides, I’m sure they’d get devalued quickly. Grinding out the 5000 poops badge, anyone?

What are some ideas for impossible badges, that would seem impossible for you, if that is possible….I need to sit down, too many possibles at once…

There are already badges that seem impossible to me: Zunderfury, Moby Dick, Z-Rox, Chaos Faction 2. But really, I’m a badge earner, not a designer of them.

What is Fancy Adventurers With or Without Pants like for people that haven’t been there? Are you with(, or without =O…I had to ask).

Right now I’m entirely naked. As for the room: it depends a lot on which regs are around. Some of them can be a fair bit meaner than I’d like to new people. When it gets away from being a tad lewd though it’s a great place. The regs tend to be pretty intelligent people, we’ve got a couple of badgehunters but mostly people just come there to chat with their friends. You’ll see a lot of people playing Anti-Idle, Grindquest, and just Chatting :)

What is that girl in your avatar doing?

My best guesses:
1. Men and women find her armpits sexy.
2. She jumped off a building and is trying to fly.
3. She just ragequit on ShellShock Live.
4. She is dancing…to the sounds of sneakers on a basketball court.

She’s very excited because she’s just got a new puppy.

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Thank you for a great interview Bilious. Puppy was going to be my 5th guess(not really, I was going to guess sexy armpits again.)

You sounded like you wanted to talk more about your favourite games besides those listed on your actual favourites. Is there anything that sets Mardek apart for you besides the save features the storyline, and the depth of development. Do other games come to mind you might not call a favourite, but have something specific that you enjoy in a game from your experience?

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Right now I’m entirely naked.

Best interview eva~!

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Ah, Chaos Faction 2. I think I spent 6 months of playing it at least every third day before I finally got that one.

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Now I know too much about you; two interviews at once XD

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Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

Now I know too much about you; two interviews at once XD

I am the vainest of them all!

You sounded like you wanted to talk more about your favourite games besides those listed on your actual favourites. Is there anything that sets Mardek apart for you besides the save features the storyline, and the depth of development. Do other games come to mind you might not call a favourite, but have something specific that you enjoy in a game from your experience?

Mardek also has a high nostalgia facctor. It reminds me of games like Crusader of Centy and Phantasy Star 4 which I really enjoyed as I grew up.

So long as I’m in the right mood I tend to enjoy the long, grindy, not much to think about games. I’m not going to call them good games, but they are pretty good for just relaxing. It’s almost meditative.

As a rule though I like a game to have an objective, to have a point where I can say I’ve finished it. Too big a sandbox and I might as well be playing the sandbox of life. There’s as much direction, and the rewards mean more.