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[…] keeping your site a bit private […]

Ah, yes. I don’t like to show off unfinished work, except to a smaller group for testing and critique. My Web site was started as a design project for college, and remains to be completed, but I hope to have it up and running soon.

Pixelate: friends tend to give feedback in a very polite way

Vynx: but not “mom polite” or “best friend polite”.

I think you guys have the same point. Real friends you see face-to-face every day will be more ‘polite’ toward you than friends you meet over the internet, on Kongregate. We critique a lot in art school and it is supposed to be somewhat critical, but not everybody knows how to critique effectively without being personal. The point is to help the person improve their art, but not to protect their feelings, necessarily.

This is why I value Kong friends like Vynx and Pixelate, et al., because they will not be “mom polite” with me. But I will value their opinions, even when critical of my work.

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you could do pretty much everything with a more complicated tag system, category’s and votes could be replaced provided it was tags per user rather than global tags. Doing this is of course rather complicated but I don’t think it is impossible :)

The point being not so much to assign an ultimate rating to a game but a more personal view of each game per user. Preferably with FOAF influenced lookups but that gets even more complex.

With a good and semi reliable tag system, it would then be OK to have say dressup games, provided they are clearly marked as dressup and it was very easy to flag a game as dressup and to flag dressup as a tag that you never, ever, ever, ever, want to view anything associated with :)

unfinished could then just be a tag, supplied by the creator and the viewers…

BTW you could also use a stumble upon style interface to increase the game ratings and taggings, force a selection to move on to next random game.

In general I’d prefer this site treated games the way treats music, rather than trying to rate games on a scale of 1-5 as I just don’t think that works.

I know its tempting and easy to design but it is also somewhat useless.

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