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Games posting in Front Page News Feed.

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I just noticed this. I got a message from Race The Sun and when I hovered my mouse over, it was a link directly to the game. I’m just wondering if this has happened before and if it’ll be a more common occurrence?

Besides blocked games (I should hope so) do all games have the ability to message us? Or just badged games? Or games we’ve earned badges in? I don’t have RTS favourited.

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I’ve seen Fantasy Online and Dream World do the same notices, usually in private messages but I’ve also seen Dream World post a shout on someones wall before. Not sure about what allows them to or anything like that, so I guess this doesn’t help at all.

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This is right in the front page newsfeed, not PMs or shouts.


/community showed it better.

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Games that fit certain requirements can send out mass private messages to players.

For public messages, the games would need to be approved for the Feeds and User Messaging API, where games can post User-to-Feed, User-to-User, and Game-to-User messages.

EDIT I’ve only implemented the Game-To-User message, which looks like this:

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Ah, thanks UG. Again.